It is only recently that the new technology has been developed, and the failure rate is horribly high. However, this method has been used for many years, and the failure rate can be ignored.

It is impossible for this worm root to control failure.
"Look at me," the alien walked up to the bug man and asked in a low voice, "Do you know the law of stars?"
Worm people shook their heads in confusion.
The alien looked back at others. "I knew it!"
"I don’t know what to keep him for?"
"Keep watching!" The alien turned around and looked at the bug’s eyes. "Do you understand the star weapon?"
Worm still shook his head.
"Star explosion?"
Worm still shook his head.
"Star fragments?"
Worm still shook his head.
The alien didn’t know how to shape it. It took him a long time to put it another way. "What is the most powerful weapon of mankind?"
Worm finally had a reaction after listening to it, but he opened his mouth and said nothing.
The alien could no longer bear to ask, "Do you know or not?"
"I know!" Worm answered "but I don’t know how to say it" very definitely.
Although his mind is full of alien languages, there is no such concept as pronucleus in alien languages. He wants to find a similar concept, but what do you say?
No … It seems that aliens have gone into a misunderstanding about matter, and they have learned about the cellular level from the microscopic level … to be precise, it is the cellular structure DNA, that is, the hierarchical level and the big score, and there is no original concept at all.
But how can cells be understood as the original?
The worm man stunned the alien in one sentence, and the most impatient one immediately asked, "What do you mean?"
Worm humanity "Nulear weapn is called Nulear weapn by humans. I don’t know what to say. I can’t find the right language!"
Speaking of which, the worm suddenly hugged his head and the whole people fell into fear and anxiety
The alien has realized that there is something wrong with his way of asking questions. Ma changed his words, "No matter what its name is, I want to know this thing as detailed as possible!" "
Transforming adult human nuclear physicists really started from the alien’s command but didn’t know how to start.
The aliens know that this time they really caught the big fish, and they know that this man must be under control, and they don’t worry, urge them to wait patiently for the worm to talk.
Worm people thought for a long time and finally decided to start from the beginning. "The first is the original …"
Starting with the original concept and structure, Worm Man first gave this group of LwB aliens the most basic physical concepts, then talked about the expansion, length contraction and mass velocity in special relativity, and finally talked about mass and energy.
Hearing this, all the aliens have their eyes shining and listened carefully word for word.
Real aliens know what the original is and what the prokaryotic is, but such profound knowledge can be mastered by real aliens, and it is impossible for slave soldiers to instill such precious knowledge, which leads to such a full belly of knowledge but can’t find a linguistic oolong.
But when it comes to quality and energy, aliens have never been exposed to the new concept field. Whether aliens understand it or not, the only way is to keep it in mind first
It was not until the bug man’s statement came to an end that the aliens breathed a sigh of relief, and then took out the places they didn’t understand and asked them one by one, even what e was equal to square.
Worm man was almost asked by aliens to collapse. E= square is E= square. Where did you get so much?
Finally, he can explain that quality energy is the greatest and deepest discovery of human beings-this thing involves very advanced mathematical knowledge, and he is not good at the specific process of mathematics.