A younger brother stood up and said proudly, "Elder, we found a mouthful of Lingquan. After drinking Lingquan, everyone has increased their cultivation, and they have directly broken through to Linghai!"

What! ? Lingquan! ?
The elder’s heart was startled, and his eyes immediately looked towards Li Zhushuang. Indeed, he felt a powerful force from her body. Although there was still some instability, this force was indeed a spiritual sea repair.
Including the place where all the elder brothers’ eyes fell on the crack.
That’s Lingquan! ? My brothers’ thoughts immediately moved.
Go over and have a look at the original face of excitement. The younger brothers are all ugly.
Because the crack is a thing except the spring water that has not been completely dispersed.
"Not to say that found the spirit spring! ?” Big elders sink this face asked.
The younger brother scratched his head and gave a wry smile and said, "I don’t know what Lingquan suddenly disappeared, and even the chief brother didn’t come to drink!" ?”
Chapter 26 Meet the enemy
Qingling Spring has disappeared! ?
Yan Xu’s brothers heard the news one by one like frost!
Looking at half a day ago, it is not as good as your teacher younger brother. Now, it has surpassed the envy and jealousy in your heart.
Heart than regret, if they had followed, maybe now they can take it to a higher level.
Now, instead of drinking Lingquan, I even lost my own bag.
In my heart, Zhou Yue raised a fire of fame. If Zhou Yue had not led them, they would not have fallen into this field.
The elder is an elder, but he still maintains a trace of rationality and does not show a grumpy look.
"Pure spirit spring is gone! ?” What did the elder suddenly think of? Jiang Feng looked at the ring in his hand at last.
Others don’t know that the five elements of heaven forbid the elders, but they know it clearly.
And the disappearance of Qingling spring water is too sudden. If there is no big elder with Jiang Feng, I won’t believe it even if it is killed.
The elder hesitated for a moment and didn’t say much.
"Ha ha! I’ve followed you all the way, Jiang Feng. I see where you want to go! ?” A loud laugh came from the void and resounded through the world.
"Whoo! Whoosh! "
A few more smells rose to the sky, and then a group of pure brothers rushed out of the Woods.
Elder Zifeng’s breath is released, and the sea is soaring, and the blue mark on the eyebrows is even more dazzling.
"Jiang Feng! You and I have a family feud, and today I will repay you! " Bai Qingbi’s eyes are cold and his body is murderous.
Strong breath broke out from her body and embraced Yuan Jing quadruple fighters!
Big elders didn’t expect someone to follow them in the heart suddenly a tight "purple peak elders this is how to return a responsibility! ? We should not kill each other when we look for it together! ?”
"Ha ha! ?”
Purple peak elders face upwards laughing eyes and then a folded "mask virtual elders don’t you think it’s a little late to say this at this time! ? With your little clan, you dare to fight against our pure heart clan! ?”
"Give me the Jiang Feng now. I can be merciful and forgive you for your brother’s immortality. Otherwise, no one will get away alive today! ?”
Elder Zifeng doesn’t want to make things too big. After all, this is Yi Shouzong’s territory, which is forbidden to the demon.
"You! ? ….. This is impossible! " The elder refused without thinking.
"The elders! It’s just a Jiang Feng. If you hand him over, you can’t let us lose our lives! " Zhou Yue suddenly had a brainwave at this time.
"Elder, you can’t return Jiang Feng’s life with our lives. If we die, it will be over for us to cover up Xu Zong!" Zhou Yueyin rang again.
The elder turned his head and glanced at Zhou Yue, and the veins stood out on his forehead. This was the first time he was angry with Zhou Yue.
Now look at Jiang Feng and I don’t know how pleasing to the eye.
"Ha ha! It seems that you cover up the imaginary Sect and have a reasonable person! Don’t you really want to ruin the whole clan door! " Purple peak elder tone gradually some gloomy.
"Want to kill the chief brother! ? Then you must kill us first! ?” A younger brother out angry way
"yes! We can break through the repair because of the senior brother. I can’t be ungrateful! Even if I die, I will accompany the chief brother! "
"Although we are inferior to the first-class clan, none of us are afraid of death. We are willing to be the chief senior brother! ?”
"So are we! I will never give you the chief! ?”
One has two, and with the constant impassioned brothers, the more they are brought to death, the more angry they are, and the younger brothers burst out one by one.
On the contrary, Zhou Yue was the only one who held a dissenting voice and was pushed into public criticism.
Zhou Yue’s face turned red at this time, and his fists clenched in his heart to hate Jiang Feng to the extreme.
"With you guys! ? Trying to kill me, too! ?” Jiang Feng in the previous step was not afraid of the power of a spiritual sea Mushatokoro.
Someone in the place was surprised at the same time. Isn’t he afraid that the elders of Linghai would kill him? ?
Li Zhushuang’s heart is also very surprised. Even she is no match for the elders of Zifeng, and Jiang Feng is just holding Yuan Jing Xiu!
Actually, I have such boldness of vision and courage to yell at Elder Zifeng and wonder if he is really crazy or not!
"Jiang Feng you hurry back! You are no match for him! ?” Big elders anxious mouth said at the moment
Jiang Feng took a look at the elder but ignored him.
"You are pure and courageous enough! Don’t be a man with your tail between your legs and dare to seek revenge. Believe it or not, I’ll flatten your whole clan door! ?”
The elders of Zifeng were surprised and angry, and their faces were ferocious. "Let me be pure! ? With your small environment! ? Ha ha! Don’t make me laugh my teeth off! Today is your death! "
Elder Zifeng, say it!
Suddenly, the arm lifted, and a huge blue handprint fell from the sky and pressed hard against Jiang Feng.