"Can hurt him! Can hurt him! "

The corner of the square was overwhelmed by the home court. Dai Lin looked at the emperor who was forced out of shape in the distance and laughed and cried excitedly
At that time in the hall.
Give effective damage to the dark emperor in the face of the root method.
Dai Lin was depressed and desperate before.
Being in day order, he is not afraid of powerful opponents.
But in the face of a law touching his opponent and watching his companions die one after another, Dai Lin almost collapsed at that time.
Even Thangka Von sacrificed himself to launch an attack, so that even if a piece of Nidhogg’s body armor collapsed.
This made Dai Lin feel desperate.
He struggled in vain.
But I didn’t expect
The young Lord couldn’t get up, but another ability really hurt the dark emperor.
Even if you look at it.
For the emperor, the injury was not fatal, and probably not much.
But the total ratio can be stronger.
"There is hope …"
"There is hope!" Dai Lin stuffy hum against the home suppression and slowly want to support Tianyang.
Tianyang is not as optimistic as Dai Lin.
After all, there is such a trick to attack the spirit and soul
And this trick does decisive damage.
Plenty can force the emperor out of another dimension.
At this time, the ordinary-looking dark emperor raised his head and looked at Tianyang.
There are more expressions on my face.
He became serious.
Without any warning
The sudden and rapid expansion of the emperor’s body broke the law of conservation of apparent energy bound by physical regulations.
The body became as huge as a mountain peak, and several mysterious symbols appeared in his armor.
His body became textured and no longer illusory.
It seems that it will not suddenly be divorced from reality as before.
Like a giant holding the sky, the dark emperor raised his feet and kicked the sun fiercely.
This set off a hurricane and kicked the earth and stone in the square to crack like a wave of stones.
A huge body brings the same great power.
It became very difficult to suppress the situation at home. The emperor thought that the sun could not escape the kick.
However, even though the home court suppression has quietly started the’ alien’ Tianyang, it still blurs the body.
Stone waves immediately drowned his figure in the residual gas.
Dai Lin flowers at the moment.
The outline of the young Lord emerges
Although the speed does not change, the moving distance of the sun is shortened
Obviously, he is still suppressed at home.
Then the giant emperor looked at him
But Tianyang’s figure is blurred again.
Then a rusty red knife hung on the foot of the dark emperor and suddenly a gully broke out!
Unfortunately, for the black king, whose body is as big as a mountain peak, that gully is just a tiny wound like hair.
"It hurts him again!" Dai Lin ha ha called a.
Just want to cheer for the young duke, he saw that the light of Nidhogg’s rusty knife flashed and staggered constantly.
Every knife light will Nidhogg collapse out a wound.
After thousands of knife edges disintegrated continuously, even if the black king was like a mountain peak, his body kept shaking and suddenly he had the same number of wounds.
When he gets his feet firmly.
These wounds quickly disappeared.
Tianyang figure emerged in the distance of the square.
He gently exhaled a breath.
Just now, he cut hundreds of knives in one breath, and even the real mountain peak was chopped by him.
But for the black king, it only leaves a small wound.
Even the blood didn’t spill
Of course, he may not have such a thing as blood
"After being huge, it can be attacked, but its relative physical strength and strength are also alarmingly high." Tianyang took out the energy ball with one hand and absorbed the star aggregates.
Just now, a big astronomical phenomenon consumed him a lot of stars.
At present, the home suppression must maintain the original speed.
The consumption of star aggregates is twice or even three times as usual.
It may be felt that the speed of the sun can’t be chased after the maximization, and the dark emperor gave up this practice
His body kept shrinking again and suddenly recovered.
At the same time, there is his kind of "if you leave" as if you want to be divorced from reality at any time.
The sun has a headache.
This state is the most troublesome.
It’s okay if the strength is strong and the body is hard and the damage can be limited.
That state is more hands and feet.
If you can’t die with one knife, you can cut it twice, or you can cut it four times.
There’s always a time to die
But Nidhogg is back to its original state, and it will be more troublesome to be divorced from reality at any time
Headache is a headache, but the sun is not idle