"Tired of it"

Liu Yu polite way
The old housekeeper laughed a few times and left here.
Behind Liu Yu is a depression with a holy spring about the size of a bed, which was dug back together with the whole land.
Chapter 656 Nothing. Don’t pick up my soap.
"This holy spring is really wonderful for practitioners in Yuan Dynasty."
Liu Yu strode closer to the past and drew a water line on the calm water surface with her hands in the water.
If this thing is put outside, it will rank among the most talented people.
But always a demigod!
If there is anything wrong with this water.
"Do you want to misbehave?" Liu Yu touched the bar. It seems impossible. This holy spring can’t be taken away when it can be cultivated for a certain time.
Finally, after much deliberation, he decided to take a bath instead.
After rubbing, it’s almost time to go to Zhongzhou. Let’s do it quickly, and let the man feel confident. Rejoice shampoo holds Lux brand soap in his hand.
"I’m going," said Liu Yu, reaching out and reaching into the cold holy spring.
It didn’t take long for the guards outside to smell the shampoo in the house.
If they know that Liu Yu is taking a bath in the holy spring, they will rush in and beat him up.
"it’s so cool"
Liu Yu rubbed her skin back and forth with soap to make people feel cold and enjoy it.
"The cloud heard that your father brought back a sacred object from the outside. Shall we go and see it?"
Now two women pass by the garden outside this courtyard.
Dressed in blue, Ye Yuner, the daughter of King Wu, is the pearl of King Wu. Relatively speaking, there is another charming girl beside her. She is very capable in dressing and wearing a very refreshing hair accessory, but these simple dresses have not covered up the temperament of being a beautiful woman.
"Yes, but Xiao Er’s sister may be wronged if she wants to see something." Ye Yuner said that her face passed a little queer.
"grievance?" Lin Xiaoxiao doesn’t know why he should be wronged.
"You will know when you come with me."
Ye Yuner took Lin Xiaoxiao’s jade hand and trotted out of the garden. Soon, they sneaked close to a hut in this courtyard.
"See? The holy spring is inside, but daddy won’t let anyone near it."
Lin Yuner pouted and said, the fascinating little face showed a trace of dissatisfaction.
"You can’t either?" Lin rustling frown way
"Me?" Lin Yuner’s brain circuit is a little crazy. She pointed to herself. "I’m a person too, okay? Dad said not to let people in, including me, of course."
Lin Xiaoxiao’s forehead clicked across a black line to help the forehead. "All right."
This big lady is a little nervous. It’s not just talk.
"But we can climb to the roof quietly and have a look."
Although Lin Yuner is sometimes one-track-minded, there are also many schemes.
Lin Xiaoxiao happily promised that it was not a problem for the two men to avoid the sight of the guards. Besides, this is Wu Wangfu, and Fiona Fang Baili people dare to rush into a demigod territory.
Although this house is equipped with a holy spring, this alert will not be too strict.
As the saying goes, it’s hard to prevent ghosts when thieves are outside.
"Gaga brush brush …"
"Cold, cold, dream, dream, crazy, crazy"
"Please take it and send it back to me."