Holding two children out of the family area and coming to the back door of the hospital, I saw Ding Qiunan smiling like a flower waiting for them.

Wen Hui and Wen Xuan also saw their mother and struggled to get their father to let them run to her.
Ding Qiunan saw that the children ran over and squatted down, put their arms around them with open hands and kissed them face to face.
She found that her face was still covered with tears.
"What happened to Xuan Xuan?" Ding Qiunan took out a handkerchief and wiped her face.
"Mom fell and hurt," she said, holding out her little hand for her to see.
The red palm of your hand can make Ding Qiunan feel bad, grab a small hand and blow it for your son.
This is a terrible thing. Xiao Wenxuan was wronged and burst into tears
Wen Hui saw her father coming and running to pick her up and put her in her father’s ear. The novel said, "My father and brother are crying again."
Li Chu looked at Ding Qiunan’s arms and began to wipe tears. It was a headache.
My son is a little effeminate, but this daughter is really honest. They can’t exchange anything.
Ding Qiunan coaxed him for a long time before he took a good look at her husband Nai, who was holding her daughter.
After returning home, Wenxuan has recovered and played with her sister in the happy courtyard.
Ding Qiunan and Li Chuze got into the kitchen and started cooking. Later, after dinner, they will go back to the quadrangle. Today, the uncle asked for a message to let them go in the afternoon and don’t know what happened.
After dinner, Li Chu and Ding Qiunan took the children to the courtyard house.
When Xiaohei goes out with him, Li Chu usually doesn’t bring small white flowers. They are too lively and strung around. Li Chu is not worried about them biting people, but he is afraid that running around like this will scare others. After all, these three dogs are not puppies, and their front paws are almost as tall as an adult.
The food at home is good, and all three dogs are strong and very scary to take out. Blackie is very good and doesn’t run around with his master, so he can rest assured to take him out.
Li Chu felt a little weird when he turned into the hutong here in the courtyard.
It’s hot now, and many people in the hutongs sit at the gate of the courtyard and talk about mountains after dinner.
But what do these people mean when they get together and whisper and point at the quadrangle?
Ding Qiunan also felt something was wrong and turned to look at her husband’s eyes and seemed to ask him what this was.
Li Chu shrugged his shoulders. He’s confused now.
Greeting these old neighbors in the alley, two people walked into the courtyard.
After entering the hospital, the strange feeling became more obvious.
Not only was the strange courtyard strangely quiet, but two people went directly to the Intermediate People’s Court without staying in the front yard. Ding Qiunan led two children to the backyard to see Lou Xiaoe and Li Chu, and asked, "Is it an uncle’s house?"
"Little Chu is here. Come in, come in."
As soon as his voice fell, he lifted the curtain and came out.
Li Chu followed into the house only to find that there were a bunch of people sitting in one uncle’s house, two uncles and three uncles, Xu Damao and the old lady in the backyard.
After sitting with an outsider, Li Chu asked, "What’s wrong with this? What did you call me over for? "
The third uncle took the lead in saying, "Well, isn’t Xiao Chu Zhu a little interested in Qinhuai Ru? As a result, I don’t know how to let her mother-in-law know about her mother-in-law’s trouble last night, and how to persuade her to try to die? I can’t stop tossing for half a night last night."
He’s coming, he’s coming, he’s coming with a strong wind
It’s not normal not to make trouble. Okay, Li Chu muttered to himself
"Why did those three uncles call me here?"
Xu Damao has been quietly winking at him. Li Chu saw the motionless color and asked.
Nobody said anything for a long time. The old lady in the backyard couldn’t hold back and said, "Xiao Chu asked you to come here to see if there is any way you can get her mother-in-law to agree."
"What?" Li Chu stared at the old lady.
He heard it wrong by himself, and the old lady said it again, so he was sure that he heard it right.
Li Chu turned to look at the three uncles who didn’t do it, then at the hard work. Xu Damao couldn’t help secretly scolding him.
Who’s got a bad idea? Let’s see what he can do. He can do nothing.
Persuade the widow to remarry. It’s going to be thunderstruck, okay? There’s a mother-in-law and three children at home.
"You three college leaders can’t help me. What can a teenager do?"
At this time, Li Chu noticed that the old lady gave a big ye a wink.
An uncle hesitated for a moment before he smiled and said, "Xiao Chu, didn’t your family Qiu Nan find a job for Qinhuai Rujia at that time? We just wanted to see if you could persuade Jia Dama."
Li Chu really doesn’t know what to say. Look at Uncle San’s calm attitude and you will know that he won’t get involved in this matter, which is also not cheap. Uncle San is usually rarely involved.
And the second uncle? This kind of thing, Jia Dama, will definitely not affect his leadership, and the second uncle will definitely not be stubborn.
The person who came to see him must be an old lady and an uncle in the backyard. This is digging a hole to jump for yourself.
"I can’t control this, uncle. Don’t say I don’t live in this courtyard now. I just still live here. I can’t control it.
Why should I, a teenager, tell Jia Dama to let her daughter-in-law remarry? I don’t think my face is that big. "
Li Chu refused directly without hesitation.
Xu Damao sat next to him and secretly gave a thumbs-up sign.
Being rebuffed by Li Chu, an uncle was embarrassed to light a cigarette again.
The old lady couldn’t help but say, "Chu, look at the column. It’s about your age. Your child is almost two years old. He’s still alone. Just help him."
"It’s not the old lady. What does it matter if he doesn’t get married? He sees other people’s daughter-in-law, so I have to help him? That doesn’t make sense
If you say let me introduce him to someone, there may be a possibility that you let me persuade the widow to remarry. I’m sorry, I really can’t do that. "
The old lady still won’t give up and said, "Xiao Chu, your sister is not our street manager now. Can you ask her to come over and persuade Qinhuai Ru that her mother-in-law and your sister’s leadership should also live in the heart area?"
"Ah," the old lady laughed at Li Chu directly. "Why did the old lady and my sister come and persuade other people’s daughter-in-law to remarry? Because she’s the street manager? The law of this country does not stipulate that widows must remarry.
Old lady, you are the oldest person in this courtyard. It is up to you to do ideological work for Jia Dama. You will definitely not stab Jia Dama in front of you. "
Chapter one hundred and ninety-four Plan
Li Chu directly kicked the ball back again. He got up directly without waiting for anyone to say anything. "Sorry, three uncles and the old lady are really busy. I really can’t help my sister. I have something to do."
Say that finish Li Chu before they react directly go toward outside walk.
Xu Damao quickly got up and said, "I’m going to send ChuGe" and followed him out of the house.
A few people in the room looked at each other. Uncle San shook his head and ran away.