After all, these people are all "smuggling"

Not only when it was smuggled here, but also when it was smuggled to the South Pole.
They didn’t go through all the formalities required for a normal visit to Antarctica. Zhang Tianyuan can come with the team after he has gathered all the people.
Of course, they are here for scientific research, not for sabotage.
Before coming here, all the objects have been disinfected by standard procedures to ensure that they will not bring anything extra to the South Pole.
Their only flaw is that their dress is too out of place at this time.
Before coming here, no one thought that they would actually meet others here.
There are thousands of people as big as Antarctica. Who knew that luck would be so good?
After the North American rover found them, it drove directly towards them, apparently to come over and chat.
Zhang Tianyuan gave Liu Chunshi a wink to signal that he was ready. Liu Chunshi also nodded and didn’t panic at all. He had rich experience in Antarctic life, so he was confident to fool the other party without asking too much.
In a short time, the foreign probe car stopped in front of everyone.
A man jumped from the driver’s seat and greeted him curiously.
"Are you here to perform?"
Liu Chunshi walked past.
The man nodded, and then inevitably asked about the clothes and cars of the mutual aid group.
"It’s so cool that you dress. Is this your new winter protection? Are you really not cold? "
"Why wear a big helmet?"
"And your car is cool. Is this your new manufacture? Is there any special function? "
The man danced and asked questions. He looked at himself, wrapped in a thick coat and felt on his head, and then took a look at Zhang Tianyuan. They suddenly felt very old-fashioned in it.
Especially those black ice-powered vehicles are high-end equipment at first sight, and he can’t help but want to test drive just by looking at the paint.
Liu Chunshi gave Zhang Tianyuan a look while answering these questions, indicating that these people did not find their identity at all.
After all, this is the South Pole, and not all roads lead to Rome.
The identity of people who can see this side will be defaulted to the scientific research workers of various countries.
The probe car across the street didn’t get suspicious, just because I thought Zhang Tianyuan’s equipment was a little cool and curious
Coupled with Liu Chunshi’s rich experience inadvertently revealed by gagging, it will eliminate the awkwardness in men’s hearts
This is obviously an old Antarctic.
Through talking with Zhang Tianyuan, I learned that this man named Zhan Sen is a member of the North American Antarctic expedition.
He squinted tentatively and asked, "What are you going to do this time?"
Chapter 232 Our identity
Zhan Sen said the purpose of his trip without taking precautions. "Recently, we found that the melting phenomenon of this ice shelf is intensifying, so we decided to come here and take some samples …"
Tian-yuan zhang nodded in the mind already know Zhan Sen they now perform is the shadow at the beginning.
That is to say, the ice shelf will break and sink after these people camp and start drilling the ice core.
Liu Chunshi didn’t know what would happen next, but went deep into the topic of glacier melting along the topic of Zhan Sen to understand the Antarctic climate at this time.
And Zhan Sen is on guard against this. He knows whether Liu Chunshi secretly sets questions. He feels that all Antarctic expedition teams know the basic knowledge.
It never occurred to me that Liu Chunshi really didn’t know much about the Antarctic at this time.
The two sides continued to chat for a while, and Zhang Tianyuan also asked some other questions one after another before Jensen left.
They still have him. He just came to say hello. There’s a care in the back. Then he has to hurry to the place without stopping.
Zhan Sen returned to his trailer.
Jack kept looking down at the file when he didn’t have a car in the co-pilot, when he suddenly looked up at Zhan Sen and said
"What did you say to them?"
Jensen said, "I talked about some views on global warming, and they also asked about the climate conference in New Delhi. I told them that someone from our car would give a report on the spot, but they didn’t seem interested in you. You didn’t seem so famous …"
Zhan Sen smiled when he said this.
It’s June, and when they finish this project, it will be October. Then Jack will fly to New Delhi to attend the global climate change conference there.
Being able to make a report at this conference means that Jack has gained a position in the meteorological field. Generally speaking, scholars at this level will ask more questions if they don’t come over to greet and exchange ideas.
And those people are not interested in Jack, and they don’t ask any more questions.
Zhan Sen winked when he spoke. Jack ignored him and talked to himself.