"Why not? They are as saturated as we are. "

"But you have armor. They don’t have water. The water temperature is about three degrees in 14 meters. Are you sure they can swim out?"
Yip hon face a smoke "not sure … what can you do?"
"There’s no way I can get the diving bell to fall to the dome and pick up a group of people, but the rest can be resigned."
"Stick the dome … you mean through the dome?" Yip hon all messed up "will that do? The dome has not collapsed yet? "
"There should be no problem. So much water pressure can firmly press the diving bell against the dome door. Making a hole in the middle does not affect the dome strength … but the hole must be flooded after the diving bell leaves …"
As a result, Ye Han knows that "just like the base of 42, let the sea water collapse?"
Yip hon said with a headache, "The soldiers and I can wait in the water, but others can’t … where is the submersible? How long will it take? "
"It’s hard to say when it’s about two hours."
"Americans? Do they have any way? "
"I don’t know about this. Do Americans dare to let us know the structure of American submarines?"
Ye Han said, "That is to say, I can give up some people and insist on choosing one for two hours?"
"When it takes more than two hours for the submersible to sink into the water"
Yip hon was so stuffy in the chest that he almost didn’t breathe. "I might as well grab an alien spaceship!"
"That’s even more unreliable. Can aliens have no defense at all?"
Yip hon almost’ criticisms’ "This doesn’t work, that doesn’t work, is there any point? Cut the crap. Don’t you care if the horse puts the diving bell on him? "
Chapter 16 compromise
"White Horse does it … One more thing, No.1, the pressure chamber of the boat is not so large, and it is not enough to add the submersible, so there are not so many people."
"How many people can you hold?"
"There are almost forty people in your secret service group alone, up to fifty people!"
"You have a pressure chamber? What about the American submarine? "
"Forget it. I’m a submarine, not a deep diving support boat. The pressure chamber will hold 12 people, and the submersible and other boats will have 50 people in total."
Yip hon simple conversion "that is to say, I can take a dozen people at most …"
"There are not so many diving bells!" When the captain woke up, he said
"I know that is to take a total!"
"Yes, that’s it … by the way, the Americans said they hoped we could save a man named Harry, and everyone else could give up. That’s different."
"Let me know as soon as possible if you have any news." Yip hon gave Harry a motionless look.
"Don’t worry"
End of communication Yip hon more headaches.
Outside, the worm people are pressing hard, and Xiaoyuan Group doesn’t dare to retreat into the tree hole at all. It has been staying outside to fight guerrillas with the worm people. If Xiaoyuan Group hadn’t delayed a large number of worm people, it would have hit the tree hole and blocked all the people in the hole.
What about inside the tree hole? How do you react when you want to get together with the clones and wait until they know that there are seven of them?
Time waits for no one. Xiaoyuan Group still fights the enemy. Ye Han hardened his heart and turned to Luo Meng and others. "Luo Qi!"