Well, this situation didn’t last long. After more than 20 seconds, an alien warship in the ring was suddenly wrapped in bright light, and half of it failed to clear up. The alien warship in the other direction was also covered with bright light, followed by the third and fourth ships …

In this way, from the first burst of strong light to the exhaustion in just 24 seconds, the ring composed of alien warships exploded more than a dozen bursts of strong light in succession, and even the beam exchanges between the two sides stopped in continuous strong light.
Gao Kai heaved a sigh of relief and sank deeply into the chair.
The nuclear bomb has never let mankind down, and it must be the same this time. This alien fleet is finished!
At this time, the war staff suddenly gave a tone-shifting scream, and then others were as surprised as seeing their wives cheating.
Gao Kai immediately realized that something was wrong. He sat up and opened his eyes to see an enemy ship emerge from the light that had just dissipated.
Gao Kai’s eyes were so wide that the boss almost got out of the eye socket because the eye socket was too small-the brown alien warship looked intact.
Look at his direction. Almost every regiment has scattered strong light, and an alien warship has been drilled behind it. Countless two enemy ships have been destroyed by missiles.
Gao Kai didn’t calm down. His eyebrows twisted tightly together like hemp rope, but he choked back his words and aimed at the war staff. His eyes exposed his true thoughts in the depths of his heart.
The two sides have entered the most dangerous and fierce fighting, and it is impossible for him to command and can continue to fight according to the current situation until one side can’t bear the loss and collapse
Gao Kai always believed that the first collapse could never be his own fleet, but his confidence was shaken when he saw the nuclear bomb fail.
Even he, the commander, has lost confidence, so what will ordinary officers and men think when they see this scene?
Gao Kai can imagine that although the soldiers are sticking to their posts, everyone has planted doubts in their hearts. If they can’t, the final result will inevitably be a plummeting morale.
Morale can’t be seen or touched, but all commanders know what’s the difference between an army with high morale and an army with low spirits?
Gao Kai immediately gave a dead order to the general staff, "Give me a check, you must find out the reason for it!"
No matter how strong an alien warship is, it can’t be damaged in a nuclear explosion. Besides, a laser can leave a scorch mark in the past. How can a nuclear bomb fail?
The staff frantically leafed through the war records, trying to find out the reason for the abnormality, but as the seconds passed, no one found anything.
Gao Kai’s eyes are getting more and more severe. The light from the outside of the ship shines on his gloomy face one by one, adding a little gloom.
Staff officers, like mangbei, dare not say a word, but continue to bury their heads in the records.
At this moment, Du Zhengxiang, the chief of staff, has become a cat on hot bricks. If he is not afraid of affecting the investigation progress of the staff officers, he must attend in person.
Even if we can’t find the real reason why alien warships resist nuclear bombs for a while, we must at least find some plausible clues, right?
Another batch of missiles hit, and after a series of bright lights flashed, they shaved their heads and failed to destroy an enemy ship.
Gao Kai was about to suppress his anger. A staff member suddenly brushed his hand. "I found it!" "
"Show it to me!" Du Zhengxiang immediately took over and glanced at it and quickly transferred it to Gao Kai. "The commander’s situation is clear."
"What’s the matter?" Gao Kai almost jumped up.
Du Zhengxiang immediately sent the video to Gao Kai Gao Kai to have a look and put his heart back in his stomach.
The video is very short. For a few seconds, the staff officer has sent screenshots of the most key shots to Gao Kai.
The first picture shows that the missile is about to hit the enemy ship; The second picture shows the sudden detachment of the bow armor of the enemy ship; The third is to break away from the armor and hit the missile; Finally, the missile exploded in front of the enemy ship.
Gao Kai also sent the video to Du Zhengxiang. "The horse will be sent to all departments to let everyone know about this situation … Where did this video come from?"
The angle of view of a ship in Nanzhou fleet is quite different, and the alien warship is the angle that the bow of the ship faces Nanzhou fleet, but this video is not taken from Nanzhou fleet. Otherwise, why did the staff look at it for so long?
Du Zhengxiang said, "This is the missile guidance picture."
Gao Kai raised his eyebrows in surprise. "Good brain! They can think of it!"
Du Zhengxiang wry smile "also drove them to turn over the records of all ships and didn’t find something. There was no way to be a dead horse. I didn’t expect to find it."