Liu Yuan stepped directly on the rich black dragon blood in the hole.

A ripple began to spread from its resting place.
Liu Yuan walked step by step to the head of the black dragon in purgatory.
And purgatory black dragon head I don’t know how much half a person.
This half person is the black dragon beast bender dragon in purgatory.
Dragon’s special beast-bending talent is that it can blend itself with pet animals.
This talent is a very good talent for most animal benders.
Because compared with the powerful pet animals, the body of the animal bender is too fragile
Not to mention that the death of an animal bender will have an impact on his pet animals.
Therefore, protecting yourself has become a problem for many animal benders to think about.
But the talent of dragon can ensure that he will not be attacked by the enemy.
Can be regarded as a very good life-saving talent.
But this talent also has a very fatal flaw.
That is, the life of an animal bender is connected with pet animals.
In other words, with the death of the black dragon in purgatory, the life of the dragon people has also entered the countdown
Liu Yuanwang half body and purgatory black dragon head connection dragon face is very complicated.
At this time, the dragon seemed to perceive the arrival of Liu Yuan. He looked up at Liu Yuan and his eyes were very calm.
"You won the battle …"
After saying this, the dragon completely lost its breath.
A powerful beast bender has thus come to the end of his life.
What will Lu Yuanlong say before he dies?
But he didn’t expect the dragon to admit that he had failed in this battle
Maybe for the proud dragon
He doesn’t resent killing himself, Liu Yuan.
He hates his weakness.
If he could be stronger, it might not be the eye-killer
I have to say that even before he died, the dragon still carried his unique arrogance.
I can admit that I failed, but I will also admit that I failed …
This is his deep-rooted pride!
After confirming that the dragon had completely died, Lu Yuan also started his own post-war work.
"Little Tree"
"I’m coming!"
Is almost Liu Yuan just shout young trees instantaneous trees immediately jumped out.
This amazing speed obviously has been waiting for a long time.
What do you mean by knowing that you have to do what comes next?
Liu Yuan flashed his eyes at his side, and the young tree came directly to his little head.
"I don’t want to say this in front of me!"
I got a beating for no reason.
Touching myself, my head is swollen, my face is full of grievances.
Damn it, my team has been hurt. My team has bled.
No, I finally sacrificed my energy to help Brother Cao and Brother Guang break through quickly.
Do you have a chance to talk sarcastically here?
Lu yuan beast, kick down the ladder! You have no heart!
In the face of young trees that bitterness eyes Liu Yuangen unmoved.
Although I know this wave of meritorious service, you have made great contributions.
But, your expression just now is really too short. I always feel that I am not happy about not hitting you.
Don’t think too much. I just owe my hand.
The hand owed to the hand owed to Lu Yuan did not continue to beat the young tree, but smiled and said, "Well, I’ll give it to you, as usual."
What is the old rule? Young trees are naturally very clear.
So he was a little excited and rubbed his palm and walked to the body of the black dragon in purgatory.
In a short time, a large number of plant vines will emanate from around the young trees.