Li Chongjiu was surprised and asked, "Do you want a generation of famous flowers?"

Qu Yan ran and looked at Li Chongjiu and nodded, "I don’t want your princess, but I will wait for you in Luoyang. You are clean but you won’t enter the palace with you. If you can come out of the palace to see me, I will wait for you at any time."
Li Chongjiu looked at Qu Yan ran and said, "Well, I promise you."
Qu Yan ran cried, "Thank you for allowing me to have sex."
Li Chongjiu said, "Everyone has his own ideas. I won’t force it. The most important thing is to know what I like."
Three days later, Luoyang wharf
Five-tooth ship quietly docked aside Zhao warship Lin Lizheng ready to anchor.
Pholiota adiposa Li Chongjiu was dressed in a dragon robe, surrounded by the guards guarding the pier, and Xue Wanshu and Dan Xiongxin both worshipped him.
Li Chongjiu nodded to the two of them. "I’ll go back to Beijing this time, but it’s short for three months and long for half a year. I’ll ask you two first."
Xue Wanshu Dan Xiongxin hand way "positions, please rest assured that there are two of us again Li Tang army can’t get out of tong step".
Li Chongjiu said, "But what if Li Yuan sent troops to attack Xiao Xian instead of leaving Tong?"
Xue Wanshu Dan Xiongxin glances at Xue Wanshu, saying, "Send troops to attack Xiangcheng County in the south according to the command of the position."
Li Chongjiu nodded and said, "Just remember. What if Tang Jun sent troops to attack Luoyang?"
Dan Xiongxin said, "Keep your mouth shut and wait for reinforcements from Beijing or wait for General Xu to pacify Shandong and then return to Luoyang."
Li Chongjiu said, "Well, you two can remember these two things. Although this is not a strategy, it is necessary to ensure the stability of Luoyang."
After the two agreed, Li Chongjiu boarded the ship and looked into the distance, but saw the distant figure in Luoyang. This time, he finally wanted to leave and return to Beijing.
When Li Chongjiu broke the Khitan in Liaodong Bailangshan, the stone carving traces of Bailangshan were still at the foot of the mountain.
Now the White Wolf Mountain is located in a dangerous place, and a male city has been built. After the completion of the White Wolf City, it has become a strategic place for Zhao, which is located in the east of Yuyi Town, Huaihuang Town and 30% of Zhao, another important town beyond the Great Wall.
Now, a young man riding a horse is full of excitement. The young man can’t stop whipping his horse and his face looks excited.
This person is Wang Shi Wang Junkuo, who is only sixteen years old this year. This time, Li Chongjiu finally approved his request to let him come to Liaodong for experience.
Now the mountain road into the city is bustling with people carrying a laundry list, people carrying mountain products, and people pushing high carts with bare heads, Khitans with braids and Xi people. When I was a child, Wang Shi went to his father’s station in Huaihuang Town, where there were many Hu people, but there were also many Han people. But when I got to the White Wolf City, I found that the proportion of Hu people here was higher, and I rarely saw Han people along the way.
Wang Shi saw the Han army stationed in front of the White Wolf Gate.
Wang Shi raised his head, and the cliffs on the left and right sides of Bailang Mountain stood upright. Bailang City was built between two cliffs.
Wang Shi has heard Li Chongjiu say that this White Wolf City is located between two mountains. There are two walls in the north and south. The northern wall has more than 100 steps as high as two feet, and the southern wall has more than 600 steps as high as six feet and one weight outside.
The south of the White Wolf City is inhabited by the Ding Xi people, who are deeply localized in China, while the ministries of the Khitan and Koguryo are located in the north of the city. But Wang Shi seems that this was a good original plan, but with the trade from south to north, who will abide by this north-south division? Many people of all ethnic groups live together.
Long queues lined up in front of the gate to enter the city for the Han people.
Wang Shi vaulted to the left and right followers and said, "Do you remember that when you get here, you are not allowed to say a word about who my father is, and I will drive you back to Youjing?"
The left and right followers are all the Wangs who followed the young master to join the army. After listening to Wang Shi’s repeated promises, Wang Shi has been looking forward to the city and is full of expectations for his coming to White Wolf City this time.
It took half an hour for the team to talk about Wang Shi. Wang Shi took out his waist tag and casually complained to the guarding city captain, "What took you so long?"
Guarding city inspection a captain personally saw Wang Shi waist tag and said, "Brothers, the Khitans also attacked a few days ago. Of course, we should guard against it strictly."
"Oh?" Wang Shi was excited when he heard this. "Didn’t the king protect General Xue at a time and drive the Khitans away thousands of miles into the grassland? How come back again? "
Guarding city a captain didn’t good the spirit saw his one eye, "away can’t come back? It’s really not sensible. In this angry grassland, besides the Khitans, there are also people who have surrendered, and we have also surrendered Koguryo. They Koguryo just don’t want us to let the Khitans pin down this Liaodong flank, so we can’t cross the Liao River and attack Koguryo soil. "
"I see, but it’s great to have a real fight." Wang Shi laughed.
The guarding city captain shook his head and said, "What a weirdo! You are so excited about fighting. You are still a new captain, so you don’t have to go to the barracks first. Go to Duhufu to register for the army."
See each other hurry guarding city a captain drink a way "wait".
"Is there anything else, big brother?"
"Do you know how to get to Duhufu?"
"I don’t know"
"I don’t know if I’m still in such a hurry. Forget it. I’ll send a department to report to Duhufu with you."
Wang Shichu naturally looks fresh everywhere at the beginning of the White Wolf City.
Aside to Wang Shi to lead the way, the foot soldiers casually introduced, "This city was completed at the end of last year, and there was no Songmo capital protection office at that time. The security of the city was ready-made. Generally, the border town is more heavily guarded. Your White Wolf City is divided into two northern cities, the north and the south. Even the wall of the square is repaired according to the standard of the general county wall. I wake you up, don’t go out if you are not on duty at night, or the street will be killed on the spot without asking for a waist tag."
Wang Shi listened to the breath in a gasp. "The military law is so strict, but there is no such thing as patrolling the city of Beijing."
"That’s the Khitan who didn’t make trouble in Beijing." The foot soldier pointed to Wang Shi in front, but he saw a group of armored riders patrolling the city on the street walking slowly. The armored riders were all covered with armor, and the face was covered with iron. A group of twelve riders were obviously elite divisions.
Wang Shi, the foot soldier, said, "These armour riders are all fine fighters of Duhufu. There are 300 riders, but all of them are soldiers who will die for the rest of their lives. Except for us, Duhufu is the best of this fine rider. All right, Duhufu is here."
When you arrive at the door of Duhu Mansion, it is Duhu Qinbing who guards Wang Shi and lets him go after submitting his waist tag.
"Before your name was Wang Shi, you were still a member of the garrison. This … this is a good place. How many people can’t get in with their heads crushed? How did you get released here?" The clerk joined the army and saw Wang Shi’s resume.
Wang Shi bowed his head and said, "I have sinned against the official and have to be put outside here."
Wang Shi has long made up the reason for the clerk to join the army. After listening to it, he said with great feelings, "Yes, brother, tell the truth. This is divided into promotion and demotion. Officialdom has such a set of right and wrong. But don’t be discouraged. Although we all protect the government, it is remote, but the soldiers here are prone to the meritorious military service and will be promoted in the future."
Wang Shi listened to secretly excited and asked, "eldest brother said well. Then can I request to join the patrol city?" I heard that this one is a good soldier. "
The clerk joined the army in disgrace. "How can this be done? I’m only 3,000 in Songmo Dufu, and a captain of the standing army can command 200 people, so there are only a few vacancies. "
Wang Shi listened to the simple and honest smile and said, "You might as well do it without fighting even if you don’t patrol the city."