And it’s ironic that Ronaldinho took care of him, but after he became the core, Ronaldinho left, and now he is squeezed out by Mal, who originally claimed to help himself. It’s a perfect cycle …

Such as a lost dog who came to Lazio, Messi followed the team to win the European Cup in his first season in Lazio! Lazio beat the official Mal to lead Barcelona in the final! Messi even scored a goal!
Messi completed a perfect revenge.
He felt that he had achieved his goal by moving to Lazio.
He still has happy memories in Lazio.
Lazio gave him what he wanted and he gave his strength.
According to the old adage, it means that we are not in debt. We can leave if we want, and there is no psychological burden.
So Messi decided to leave, and he wanted to enjoy football again in the last few years of his career. Lazio, a stressful place, seems to be no longer suitable for him.
Messi’s departure did not cause much repercussions in football.
If he is ten years younger, then his transfer will definitely cause a storm in world football.
Now … A 34-year-old veteran who has been injured frequently and almost retired due to injury is leaving … Then let him leave. Who cares?
Whether he wants to stay in European football or go back to Argentina for retirement or go to the Middle East, the United States and China to finally make a fortune is unpopular.
At the age of thirty-four, Messi was gone on the court. At the age of twenty-four, the appeal of the magic market had already deteriorated.
Even in the same team, Gotze is even more dazzling than him. Even the 20-year-old Ji Ming is a young star closely watched by the whole world football.
Today is not the era of cavani, Handanovic, modric and Sai Passareira, and certainly not the era of Messi.
The media didn’t pay much attention to Messi’s departure, but every day they were paying attention to the fact that isco and even isco, the new team, changed their hair style, and they could report half of it.
Lazio, the core of Real Madrid’s attack, pursued isco for two seasons. After arduous and excellent negotiations, he was finally transferred to 60 million euros. In fact, the transfer was not high. 60 million sounds scary, but considering inflation, it has been 221 years, and this price is really not high.
I have to say Lotito is quite capable of getting the absolute main force of Real Madrid at this price.
It’s normal that the horse stole Messi’s thunder after isco came.
Even Messi doesn’t have a problem with it. It’s the natural law of football. Old people always have to make way for new people-they did this when new players held their team jerseys and kissed their team badges to please the fans. Well, the old man may be quietly packing his bags and then quietly bidding farewell to his past few years at the airport.
When he came, reporters and fans welcomed him. When he left, it would be good to have his own friends on the team to see him off.
This is somewhat sad, but this is the normal state of football. Messi has seen too much when he was popular. When he was the core in Barcelona, he was greeted and sent to many people. Was there a popular feeling at that time?
It seems that Messi will end his Lazio cycle in this way.
But at this time, fate suddenly went wrong …
After a week’s pre-season training in Lazio, isco, a new team, suddenly sprained his knee during training …
Chapter IV isco Substitute
When isco suddenly fell to the ground during training, there was some disturbance at the scene because he didn’t have physical contact during training, and then he fell to the ground like this, which was really weird.
Everyone froze, but they turned to look at him and didn’t react.
Messi is one of them. He is still a member of Lazio when he has not moved out, and naturally he will train with Lazio.
Isco fell to the ground about ten meters away from him, so he fell to the ground and covered his knees
Everyone was frightened and cold for about a few seconds before anyone reacted.
Rudy Gonzalez, the assistant coach, rushed first.
Then more people gathered around.
Messi was pushed outside when he moved a little slower, and then he could see everyone’s back again.
Soon the team doctor rushed over and then isco was directly carried out on a stretcher.
Isco was carried out of the training ground and was still talking about his injury. The players were whispering and wondering where isco was injured.
You know, he just joined the team. He hasn’t come to the team to contribute his strength yet …
Messi turned his head to look at the coach Chang Sheng on the sidelines. He found the boss frowning and communicating with his assistant coach.
They must also be talking about isco’s injury.
Messi is also worried about being injured in isco.
A player who spent so much money in the club was injured before playing a game, which really didn’t bode well.
This is not a good thing for isco to integrate into the team.
That night, the news media reported that isco was injured in training.
"isco, a star who joined Lazio for 60 million euros, was suddenly injured in training. He fell to the ground without physical contact and was rushed to the hospital … Now the examination results have come out … Isco has torn the cruciate ligament in his right knee … If he has surgery, he may miss more than half of the season … isco joined Lazio from Real Madrid for 60 million euros this summer … Lazio has not played a game yet …"
Ever-victorious testily lost sight.
The media were not optimistic about Lazio’s performance in the new season. Their reason was that Lazio was in a bad situation in the new season. The pre-season training just fell out with the club itself, and the contract renewal negotiations broke down completely. Then Cesar Passareira announced his retirement at the end of the season …
Everything is unfavorable.