Pei Wende couldn’t help laughing at the faint sound in his ear.

"But I can’t say that I won’t come to you when I think that you might get drunk somewhere and then expose your true colors and make a scene."
Yet a PeiWenDe show feel shortness of breath in his ear for a few minutes.
One second, a clumsy but heavy hammer hit the back of Pei Wende’s head, which made him exclaim.
"oh! Are you serious? ! Don’t you know it hurts? "
No response Pei Wende exclaimed that Xiaoqing had adjusted herself to a comfortable posture as much as possible and then fell asleep.
"You this guy …"
Obviously feel the Xiaoqing state PeiWende although some teeth pain but still lower the volume muttered
"I don’t know who I learned these damn habits from. I don’t remember serving drunkards in the temple."
It didn’t make the avatar spell Pei Wende walk with one foot deep and one foot shallow, and the road gradually bumped, as if enjoying this feeling very much.
And as Pei Wende’s back faded away, the sunset stretched his Xiaoqing shadow a little bit and finally completely overlapped.
Volume 14 Sakyamuni Buddha’s treasure
The first chapter avatar variation
Tanzhou Weishan Tongqing Temple Houshan Waterfall
"Shout …"
Slowly moving limbs, strong bones and muscles, strong heartbeat, smooth breathing and ups and downs, while all parts of the body are constantly strengthened in this process.
"Three years’ training and five years’ training"
The hot-blooded liquid circulates repeatedly, and the powerful breathing swallows the surrounding oxygen, and the distractions in the brain are constantly straightened out in this process, which is similar to feeling the changes in the meditation state.
"Unity of body and mind and penance into the Tao"
This is not an overnight secret method, but the result accumulated by practitioners through years of exercise, which is a double tempering of strength and perseverance.
Tough skin, strong bones, surging heartbeat, thick membrane, and explosive physique …
These are just the results. What really makes practitioners strong is the tempering of their own mind and will during this exercise.
Because compare with those who can get physical strength at any time, only an indomitable and tenacious mind is that guarantee that people can really move forward in adversity.
"Since you have chosen the’ mind’ to meditate, you don’t have to meditate on the Buddha."
"My heart will take the place of the heavenly heart, and I will be able to achieve’ Bodhisattva Light’ by breaking through all the gods and buddhas in the sky!"
When the ear sounds gradually disappeared, Zhang Chusheng also smoothly entered the realm described by his brother.
-Mind and Buddha’s Light!
"Alas, time and tide wait for no man!"
Quietly watching the Buddha’s light bloom all over, Zhang Chusheng Pei Wende has never felt the passage of time so clearly as now.
It’s like yesterday, but it’s almost seven or seven years since I started practicing.
According to the life expectancy of this era, Pei Wende’s life has passed, nearly one third.
Of course, Pei Wende’s actual life span can no longer be calculated according to the normal standards of this era after he successfully became a Yin Shen and Fa.
Even if it’s just that he is now living in this body for three or five hundred years, it’s not difficult.
From the first known teenager to the now famous Living Buddha in Tanzhou …
If I hadn’t experienced Pei Wende personally, it would be hard to imagine that I would actually become a monk one day.
"I really am the’ Fahai’"
To tell the truth, Pei Wende had already made sufficient psychological preparations when he promised to become a monk at the beginning.
But when the imperial edict was fulfilled and the name Fahai was given, he still could not help but look to heaven.
Actually, Pei Wende knew that Joan Jun, or Li Yi meant that he had seen Pei Wende’s knowledge and magical powers before deciding to give the name "Fahai" to the other party.
The name "Fahai" means that the Dharma is deep and wide, just like the sea.
Being able to get the imperial edict of today’s emperor also said from the side that Li Yi attached importance to Pei Wende.
If Pei Wende hadn’t insisted on returning to Tanzhou to be a monk, I’m afraid he would have been left in a big temple in Chang ‘an and become a temple host.
Rao, Li Yi still invited Pei Wende out of the mountain several times.
"Speaking of which, did Xiaoqing slip away quietly to drink again?"
Think this PeiWenDe suddenly back to stay Zhang Chusheng eyes turned to touch his bald whispering.
Things were different when the road was not deep. Pei Wende returned to Weishan. In this year, Tongqing Temple, the back hill, has really become his back garden.
Wild animals, trees, flowers and plants in life are all found out by him.
Even before Pei Hui’s death, Limeijian transformed mountains and rivers, and Long Mai’s fate was successfully brought into Pei Wende’s control.
With Pei Wende’s "earthworm" attribute, he now belongs to the Yang God on the other side of the trumpet-what he doesn’t know and what he doesn’t know.
Superfine product?’
Just as Pei Wende was considering whether he wanted to bring Xiaoqing back from the mountain, a deliberately low voice suddenly came from the grass behind him.
Followed by the sound, there was a patter of cables as if something was shaking and rustling.
"You guys are getting more and more elusive."
Pale smiled and turned his head to meet PeiWenDe impressively is a little civet cat.
However, the difference between civet cats is that they have a pair of cicadas like dragonflies on their backs.
The noise Pei Wende heard before was the sound made by the cicadas when they vibrated.
"This was a pair of wings? This seems to be some kind of insect wing? "
Some people are not sure that Pei Wende, who reached out and touched the cicadas, could see that the civet cat’s face was depressed.
"But this change is wings."
"It’s a pair of wings that can’t fly. It’s a decoration."
Since Pei Wende returned to Weishan, the three brothers of the Zhang family, civet cats, have followed him to settle in the hills.
They spend most of their time playing and practicing in the mountains and forests behind the mountains, except going to accompany Mr. Zhang on holidays.
Maybe it’s because the talented avatar has changed, or maybe it’s because of convergence and practice …
Anyway, I don’t know when the body of the three civet cats will change every once in a while.