In the hurricane, Kang Moyan manipulated the garrison bell to move around and felt poor resistance, and there was still a great force pulling him towards the center of the hurricane.

"Is there such a thing as the black bear monster?"
Como’s mind was frightened for a moment, and he took out the Yin-eating bone branch and threw it into a magic power. Suddenly, there was a dragon and snake in the limelight, and it was against the hurricane direction. The desire to stir up against the bear’s strange magic power was that the Yin-eating bone rod was twisted and stirred like an earthworm in front of the bear’s black monster hurricane, and it was very weak. Como’s words felt that it was not a level contest, and some regrets made this magic weapon.
The black bear monster was overjoyed when he saw the skill of eating Yin bone. He roared, "You little demon still have such interesting and good things. Why don’t you transfer me together and I won’t blame you for ruining my fairy cave!"
The hurricane center suddenly leaned out a huge hand and knocked down the yin-eating staff, and was swept away by several black winds.
Yiliu Ziwei Arctic Emperor
Yiliu Ziwei Arctic Emperor
Kang Mo’s heart was filled with fear. Seeing that many black giants were bigger than the defending soil admiralty, he suddenly caught it and turned black at the moment. When he quickly manipulated the admiralty, he turned around in the hurricane direction.
The bear monster conjured up that this giant hand was just like a bear’s paw, and it didn’t change except flapping. Kang Moyan escaped several times in a row, and then he slowly calmed down and thought about his escape plan.
"I’ve never met my opponent since I practiced, except my own master and monkey. The highest way for this bear to blame is to meet the dragon in the Dragon Palace. It seems that it’s not so fierce. This is also a pit by Master Wu. This black bear is a negotiable role. It seems that the fairy Buddha world still has to rely on strength to speak. When the monkey comes to black wind mountain, he has the courage to point at this black bear’s nose and scold me, but he will be robbed of my baby. This is the gap."
Kang Mo said that the magic weapon in his hand can’t be broken. Although the magic power of the black bear monster is the most convenient, he quickly summoned it and found that it had fallen into the black bear monster’s hands without induction.
"This bear blind is a reincarnation of a poor man, and even the yin-eating bone stick has been taken away. It seems that I can’t easily move my new baby or he won’t let me go if he sees it!"
To sum up, Kang Moyan also has some headaches. Although the power of defending the earth admiralty is extraordinary, it has not yet been fully mastered. In addition, he has no other possessions, such as a few treasures in the Dragon Palace. Although there are some powers, Kang Moyan has gradually discovered that these things look good recently, but they are driven by magical powers. If it is not that soft whip that can expand and contract, Kang Moyan doubts that these things are ordinary weapons.
"That’s all. Then I’ll take the earth-guarding golden bell to collide!"
Kang Mo said with a dark sigh that he poured all his mana into the garrison soil admiralty. This acre is as big as a small spaceship, and it suddenly blooms brilliantly. In the golden light, there is a blue chill around the periphery of the garrison soil admiralty, and the golden light is quite beautiful.
That’s it. Kang Moyan didn’t fully grasp his mouth. He spit out a strong cold and sprayed out the golden and blue phosgene. When he picked up the soil, the surface of Admiralty suddenly gave birth to white ripples and spread to spit out the breath. Kang Moyan’s face turned whiter and his body shook for three minutes before he stabilized.
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ _o_m
Practitioners will easily refuse to move their lives and mana, and if they spit it out, it will cost them years and decades. It’s a desperate moment. Don’t say that the mana is Dan, and they will spit it out. In those days, in Huangfengling, Huaguo Mountain, the Wolf King, the Pig Demon King once wrote a note of Dan Kang Mo’s words and watched it with envy. He also envied that the monster Dan had an attack method for no reason. Only when he refined Dan himself did he know that Dan was full of mana, but it was not damaged. Once it was damaged, the light man’s mana went backwards and the
At this time, although the feeling is urgent, it has not yet reached the desperate moment. Kang Mo said that he would not give up defending the soil admiralty, and he was even more unwilling to joke with his life and the way to ruin his life. Mana has been his limit. What if he had to give up defending the soil admiralty?
"I … I give up a hair! !”
Kang Mo-yan put his decadent mood on his head, roared and defended the earth, and the golden light poured out of the blue, white and golden air streams, weaving a colorful giant net in the hurricane when the bear monster’s power turned into a hurricane, and the pressure from all sides flew head-on to the earth.
The bear monster had already felt this change. Suddenly, the black bear’s paw was born in the extreme side of the hurricane and spread several times larger than before, which not only stopped the way of defending the soil in Admiralty early.
"Success or failure depends on it. If I can’t succeed, I’ll come back to the second mana and become a fish. Don’t lose your life? Needless to say, I have to work hard at this moment! "
Kang Moyan looked up and stared at Fang’s paw, and suddenly he made up his mind. He opened his mouth and spit out a round ball the size of a fist. Dan started to shine in the middle, and a cold road rose around this pill. Kang Moyan’s life power was condensed here.
"hey! ?”
Suddenly, when I was amazed, the huge bear’s paw was overwhelming and caught from the hurricane.
Kang Moyan has collapsed at this time. As soon as Dan’s whole body mana was taken away, most of it was in hundreds of points around the body. With a strong fighting spirit, it will still give birth to a sense of strength. But this small white face has already made a desperate plan. Dan’s vigorous mana has made the light of defending the soil soar, and it has also brought a decisive momentum to face the heavy black wind.
There was a loud bang!
The momentum of defending the earth was like a rainbow. Suddenly, a big hole was knocked out in the giant bear’s paw, and the black wind was rolling and moving in all directions, and it was gathered to repair the damaged bear’s paw.
Kang Mo said that he would take back Dan, and he would not calculate the damage. He controlled the garrison and flew around to find a place with a weak black wind and rushed out.
"Xiong Bi blame! I’ve remembered what happened today! The green hills will never change, and I will make you pay back twice … "
Defending the soil and walking away from the golden bell, Kang Mo’s words are hard to say, and his heart is filled with anger, and he releases a malicious remark. He just feels comfortable and suddenly sees a crack in the sky ahead, and a big hand will come out and buckle up head-on.
"This is not the black hand of the bear …"
When he got up to this idea, Como heard it in his ears, and then the true qi in his chest and abdomen was rushed by a strong force and could no longer be suppressed. Como said that when his eyes were black, he fell out of the garrison and planted in all directions.
At this time, the entrance of the black wind tunnel was instigated by a Taoist priest in a gentle breeze. It turned out that Kang Mo said that he would take advantage of Master in Zhongnanshan.
The man rolled up a palm on his right sleeve and turned it around for a moment. He suddenly took back his palm and stared at a black cloud in the sky and said to himself, "This black bear is worthy of my order …"
When the Taoist priest speaks, the black gas in the sky is rolling over and converging, as if it were sucked away by great magic, and finally it never fell even a spark. It takes a moment for the sky to become bright again, as if it had never been different.
After another moment, there was a black thunder coming and falling in front of the black wind tunnel.
"Thank you, brother of the Arctic Emperor, for accepting his admiralty as ordered by the Emperor, and asking the Emperor to make a ruling."
When the atmosphere dispersed, the bear monster jumped out and made a deep salute to the Taoist Zi Yi. Then his hands held out the changed palm size and guarded the earth.
This Taoist in purple clothes is really the emperor who rules all the stars.
The Arctic Emperor took a cold look at the bear monster and said, "You almost walked away from my disciple in the last battle. Do you know the crime?"
The bear monster made a tingle and hurriedly knelt down and kowtowed in fear. "I know that I have sinned a lot, and I also ask the emperor to read it in the bear." The injury of the Emperor’s disciples has been pinned down by his younger brother, and he has also been sent to the lake by his younger brother. Please read this and don’t punish me. "
The Emperor of the Arctic snorted a faint way: "That disciple made trouble everywhere and didn’t make progress. I gave him a method, but he refused to practice the devil’s skill. That’s why I asked you to accept his magic weapon so that he could concentrate on practicing the Five Thunder teachings. Now he hasn’t left, and I don’t blame you. You get up and talk."
The bear monster thanked him and got up and muttered in his heart, "How can that little white face be willing to practice the next method? Your skill is higher, and no one is willing to change the means of punishment for such a thing. How can there be such a master in the world?"
With a change of mind, the bear monster thought again, "That little white face has no magic power, but he has the master of the Arctic Emperor. Maybe he will have a superego one day. He already hates my guts at this time. If he comes to ask for a magic weapon later, I will be afraid of him with both hands and won’t let me! This golden bell is put in my place and I dare not sacrifice it. Is it equivalent to keeping it for others and doing this hard work for nothing? "
Thinking of this, the bear monster quickly presented the earth-guarding golden bell and the yin-eating bone stick respectfully and said, "Please accept the magic weapon!"
The Chinese Arctic Emperor seems to know the idea of Xiong Wei’s monster. Gherardini said, "Take this thing first and play with it. In the future, my disciple will get it back from you."
Xiong Wei’s strange heart is very reluctant, but he dare not. He just put away two magic weapons with a hard face and suddenly remembered one thing. Then he asked, "The emperor asked that toad has been collected by Ling Xu to fan the fire and make an alchemist. The coolie boy doesn’t know what to do with this demon?" Does he keep doing it? "
Arctic emperor hey a "blame you? It won’t be long before someone comes to dispose of it, and then you can wait for it. "
"It’s brother Bai!"
"You should remember what I said earlier and be insurmountable, or you will be involved in the robbery in the future!" The Arctic Emperor said lightly that a roll of sleeve robe collapsed and a black wind tunnel gradually became blurred and illusory. Then all kinds of illusions faded like the tide, but after a long time, a closed door appeared, and the six characters "black wind mountain Black Wind Tunnel" were not seen and half broken.
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All of them are masters.
All of them are masters.
Kang Moyan, a well-known lake in black wind mountain, meditated gloomily at the bottom of the lake. The original white face was swollen and red because of heavy physical injuries and tightness in the chest