Although he is not dead, he shows at least this sign!

Even if he can really escape, he can still escape if his opponents appear together in another battlefield!
Run, run, run …
Endless escape!
People seem to have seen the dust falling from the sky at the Nabi Grand Shrine in Yuntian …
But did he escape?
In the tight encirclement, Emperor Xuanyuan knew that he would make a comeback, and he would explain it to the leader of the God League who didn’t report his hope for a life.
He finally decided to escape! This is the first time in his life …
But it’s all said that if you don’t die, there is hope of soaring to a higher world.
The method of killing the northern wilderness head-on, that is, to assassinate it.
Fierce gaze Xuanyuan emperor suddenly saw all the people attacking Xu Li with fists clenched and arms crossed on his chest.
Just as Xiao Wen, Bai Qionghai, Hai Nong and Nan Yunqing attacked at the same time, he flung his arms together and threw them out!
As he swings his arm, he throws it out and the initial boundary element transformation can freeze all heterogeneous energy!
In an instant, his initial boundary was much weaker, but the range of thousands of miles was almost stagnant. Everyone moved slowly, just like a fish frozen in water!
The only one who is not slow is himself!
However, he didn’t dare to take the opportunity to attack because Bai Qionghai and others have also reached the level of being close to the world god. The root of the world is almost self-contained, and it will not be limited by the initial world element for too long.
His right front is Xiao Wen, the right rear is Bai Qionghai, the right rear is Nan Yunqing’s life ghost, the left rear is ten tail tian hu, the left front is Hainong, and the right front is Nan Yunqing’s frozen opponent. For a moment, he still has the idea to smile sarcastically at Nan Yunqing. He knows very well that he ambushed others today except for a Bai Qionghai who didn’t come because of Nan Yunqing!
Then in this original teleportation, his body quickly collapsed!
After Xiao asked, he could feel that the ubiquitous binding force would soon disappear, but before it disappeared, Xuanyuan Emperor must have escaped!
Bai Qionghai and Hainong also felt that there was no way to stop Xuanyuan Emperor.
Don’t want to just let xuanyuan huang escaped?
"Hum! ! !”
Nan Yunqing’s left hand suddenly burst into a golden flash and disappeared into her body.
For a moment, in that stagnation, she turned into a streamer and rushed out of the purple sword, suddenly aiming at the stab in front of Xuanyuan Huang’s heart in the blur!
"hey! ! !”
The purple sword pierces the back from Xuanyuan Emperor’s chest and goes out! to be continued
Chapter six hundred and ten Chuangjie
In the process of blurring, Emperor Xuanyuan suddenly became solidified. Obviously, his teleport was interrupted.
Not only that, but he also got a fatal sword …
Up to now, many people didn’t react. How did Nan Yunqing, who was almost stagnant there, suddenly regain his freedom and then pierced the heart of Xuanyuan Emperor with a sword!
If the former was almost stopped, then this moment was completely stopped. Everyone stopped and looked at Xuanyuan Emperor and Nan Yunqing.
Nan Yunqing is of normal size, but in front of her right hand, there is a purple giant sword with a length of hundreds of miles, which extends straight forward and pokes into Xuanyuan Emperor’s heart and emerges from her back.
Emperor Xuanyuan bowed his head and stared at the purple sword that passed through his heart. I couldn’t believe it, but he could feel his vitality passing away in absolute silence. This is definitely the closest he has ever been to death!
How could that be?
The answer lies in Nan Yunqing.
Her golden brilliance suddenly dimmed and finally poured back into her left hand, gradually condensing into an ancient mirror full of tiny cracks.
After paying a huge price, Nan Yunqing broke through Xuanyuan Emperor and the law was similar at that time.
Xuanyuanhuang can escape at the cost of the initial boundary yuan, but Nan Yunqing can’t intercept at the cost of sealing the sky and locking the ground mirror.
When it didn’t really stop, a lot of blood flowed out along the two wounds before and after Emperor Xuanyuan, and it quickly became red. The red part of his shirt became bigger and bigger …
Now Nan Yunqing has finally stabbed the most happy sword!
There are many spectators who also feel happy because Xuanyuan Huang is too damn.
While others felt shocked and panicked. Emperor Xuanyuan was their spiritual leader, and now this spiritual leader is going to fall.
There is only one creature in this world whose feelings are the most complicated. He feels happy but feels a little sorry. How many years ago did his thoughts fly …
It was a huge one-horned black python that had been fighting on the battlefield for a long time. At this time, it was almost black and blue, but there were more high-ranking monks around it
If anyone has ever been to Xuanyuan Emperor’s shrine built in Yuntianjie, they will definitely recognize that this one-horned black python is the one that was locked in the giant column on the right side of the shrine.
However, in this era, few people know that he was actually a fairy beast of Xuanyuan emperor and has cultivated to the point where he can turn dragons!
But everything changed on the day he learned the truth. It turned out that Emperor Xuanyuan was such a person!
He did not hesitate to join the demon race in the opposite of Xuanyuan Emperor, which brought great negative influence to the world God Union.
Later, Emperor Xuanyuan finally caught him on the battlefield, but instead of killing him, he nailed him to the temple lock dragon pile as an example.
Although he is the day after tomorrow, he is more powerful than the real dragon. The most admirable thing is that his willpower is the best in the contemporary world! He can change from python to Jackie Chan, and even he can do it in the history of the ancient gods!
After being caught in the World Shrine, the ancestor dragon of the demon clan saw with his own eyes how Xuanyuan Emperor treated him, but he didn’t say a word from beginning to end, and the ancestor dragon asked himself if he had tortured himself, he would have been unable to hold on for a long time.
However, torture and tens of thousands of years of shackles still made him finally cultivate, but the dragon tendon degenerated and disappeared, and his strength was not as good as before.
But he still joined the fight between the fairy and the demon immediately after the injury, risking his life to forget his life.
After returning to the demon world, he has met Xuanyuan Emperor on the battlefield more than once, but every time Xuanyuan Emperor turned a blind eye to him and never dealt with him specifically.
He knew that this was Xuanyuan Emperor’s humiliation to him, and now his strength has dropped, and he doesn’t even have the qualification to be seen by Xuanyuan Emperor.
Today’s World War I is the same. Emperor Xuanyuan doesn’t even have a glance at the corner of his eye.
But he never hates or complains.
If he knew Xiao Wen and knew him well, he would find that he was actually very similar to Xiao Wen.
He is calmly doing what he should do. He knows that Emperor Xuanyuan is the most damned person in the world, and everything he does is working hard for this goal.
No, don’t let your heart be accessible and carefree!
But after all, he used to be Xuanyuan Emperor’s Fairy Animal House, and he also knew that Xuanyuan Emperor was Xuanyuan Emperor in the sunshine years before he became a god. But where is the Xuanyuan emperor? What changed Emperor Xuanyuan? Or has Xuanyuan Emperor always been like that, but the specific environment has inspired his unknown side?
He felt sorry for this, and regretted that Xuanyuan Emperor had done everything, and all the people were harmed by Xuanyuan Emperor …
I’m sorry for the ten thousand years of barren ancient gods …
Let’s get this over with.
It’s kind, too. I can finally calm down
Yu said that the dragon tendon was destroyed and the dragon looked at it again. It was never his pursuit, but his pursuit was peace of mind.