"Little daring dares to come here alone!" Yuan Li poked his hand at Muhai before bathing in the sea. "I have the guts to do that again that day."

When I saw Muhai surrounded by several strong men, I was afraid and frightened.
"It’s good to be small. I forgot to hurt my scar. You hurt my three brothers. In addition, you dare to move Yang Qiu. If you can walk back today, you will always take your last name!" Yuan Li needs to look up when facing Muhai.
"You … what do you want?"
Mu Hai is afraid of retreating from the body.
"Ha ha know afraid now? It’s late. Hurry up and get in from here. "Yuan Li said and lifted a piece of iron sheet.
Inside the iron sheet is a newly leveled construction site, and many equipments have not been brought in yet.
There are no cameras, no pedestrians, and the place is remote.
If something really happens, no one can know.
"I … I’m not going in" MuHaiYin trembling like fear.
"Do you want to fight?" Yuan Li raised his hand to show the gesture of falling.
Muhai’s body trembled and got into the iron bottom.
Yuan Li followed, followed by several other strong men.
"Go ahead."
Put away the iron sheet and Yuan Li pushed the Muhai behind him. He was surprised to find that he could not push him.
"The ego can’t believe this." Yuan Li looked at Muhai and rolled up his sleeves to push forward.
Just then MuHai moved to the side to move two steps, just hiding from Yuan Pushing and shoving.
"Bang …"
Yuan Li fell to the ground and fell a dog, gnawing mud and hitting his head hard.
These days, it’s sultry weather. The ground is not harder than the cement floor. Yuan Li’s forehead is swollen with a big blister, and a layer of skin and blood overflows from it.
"Ah …"
Yuan Li tried his best to get up.
His lips turned purple and he looked angry.
Above his head, a magic thought quickly formed and rushed into Muhai Dantian.
"Do you want to fight?" Say that finish Yuan Lishen hand looked at MuHai angrily.
"Don’t … don’t come here. Can’t I go?" Muhai walked forward with a face of fear.
"You are smart enough."
Yuan Li followed by rubbing his body and shouting pain.
Muhai glanced at the corners of his mouth slightly behind him. "Hum, I want to see what tricks you play?"
Chapter 16 IOUs
Muhai was led by Yuan Li to turn around and walk to a tin house.
"thud …"
The gate of the tin house should be answered, but it was dark inside.
"Come on, get in there," Yuan Li shouted.
"thud …"
Muhai Yuan Li and others went in and the iron gate closed again.
"Hey hey …"
The iron door was locked and the iron room was locked, and there was a faint smile.
"Shout …"
Suddenly the lights came on and the room was as bright as day.
The room is very big, with 200 square meters, and the ground is very flat
From the appearance, this is a place for site workers to live.
At first glance, more than twenty big men surrounded Muhai around.
The first person is a strong man with a blindfold on his right eye and a black dragon tattooed on his arm.
"Longge people brought you" Yuan Li said.
"Well done!" Cyclops said, "What happened to your head?"
"Ha ha …"
Seeing Yuan Li’s embarrassment, a group of big men burst out laughing. "Yuan Li, don’t tell me that you were beaten by this?"
"Longge, I accidentally fell down." Yuan Li said and bowed his head to show his embarrassment.
"Ha ha ….." Even Cyclops laughed this time.
At present, the first person Muhai naturally knows.
Yutai is a gold medal thug of Lide Company.
Yu Tai didn’t beat himself, but he was under his command when he was beaten
Yutai is very strong, and his hands have extraordinary strength. Muhai estimates that Yutai’s strength is less than 100 kilograms, which is close to the middle of the fighters.
Before stepping into the practitioners, they are called fighters.