Then come back and dress and shave me.

Coming right away, sir
The servant came back soon after he went, shaved his master and dressed him in solemn black. When he finished all this, he said that his wife said that she hoped Mr. Wang would go there after he got dressed.
I’m on my way, so Villefort went to his wife’s room with a file and a hat in his hand and went to the door. He stopped for a moment and pressed his wet and pale forehead. Then he went into the room. Madame Villefort sat on a couch and looked impatiently through some newspapers. Some of them were torn by little Edward before his mother finished reading them. She was wearing a door coat, and her hat was next to her. A chair was wearing gloves.
Ah, you came to the pavilion, and her very calm voice said that you look pale, and you didn’t sleep at night. Why don’t you come to lunch? Well, will you take me there or let me watch Edward at home?
Madame de Villefort asked many questions to get an answer, but Mr. de Villefort was as cold as a stone statue to her questions.
Edward Villefort said to the child in a dignified tone, play with me in the living room, baby. I want your mother to talk.
Madame de Villefort shuddered at the cold face, the resolute tone and the strange scene. Edward looked up to see his mother and cut off his little pencil heads when she realized that she didn’t approve of her father’s order.
Edward Villefort shouted, his tone was harsh and abnormal, which startled the child. Did you hear what I said? The child was not used to being treated like this, and his face turned red, but it was hard to say that it was because of anger or fear that his father came up to him, grabbed him by the arm and kissed him on the forehead. He said, Go, my child.
Edward ran to wait for the boy to go to Villefort, and the door was bolted.
Oh, my God, the young woman said that she was trying to guess what was on her husband’s mind. There was a smile on her face, but that smile could not soften Villefort’s cold face. What is it?
Madam, where do you usually keep the poison? The judge said bluntly in his wife’s room.
Madame de Villefort must have felt that the lark felt her hoarse when she saw the kite hovering over her head, making her face turn from white to dead gray. She said, I am not white. What do you mean?
In the first wave of terror, she got up from the sofa, and in the second wave of more intense terror, she fell back to the sofa.
I ask you, Villefort, in a very calm tone, that you have come to kill my father-in-law, Mr. Saint-Milan, my mother-in-law, Mrs. Saint-Milan, and Barros, my daughter Valentine, where is that poison hidden?
Ah, Mrs. Gulvillefort put her hands on her chest and shouted, what are you talking about?
I don’t want you to ask questions, but I want you to answer them.
Answer the husband or answer the stammered question of the judge, Madame de Villefort.
Answer the judge. Answer the judge, madam.
The woman’s pale face and painful expression, her trembling situation is really terrible, she stammered
Ah ge, she can say these words
You didn’t answer the lady’s terrible interrogation and shouted, and then he smiled more horribly than when he was angry, saying, Well, you don’t deny that she couldn’t help being shocked, and you deny that Villefort said that he would extend a hand to her as if to arrest her in the name of the court. It seems that you have accomplished those evil actions by despicable means, but you can fool those loves and blind people. From the day when Madame Saint-Milan died, I knew that there was a murderer living in my house. Mr. Avrigny woke me up. After Barros died, the emperor forgave me. I doubted for a day. Even if there is no murderer at home, I am always suspicious, but after Valentine’s death, all the uncertainties and doubts in my mind have been ruled out. Not only my wife but also others are guilty of this. Both of you know that many people suspect that it will be made public soon. I just told you that you are no longer talking to your husband, but to the judge.
The young woman buried her face in her hand. Oh, Ge, she stammered, I beg you not to be fooled by superficial phenomena.
So are you a coward, Villefort said with a contemptuous tone, I noticed that murderers are cowards, but are you also a coward? You killed two old people and a young girl, and you have the courage to face them to death.
Can you be a coward? Villefort continued with increasing excitement. You can count four people’s dying pains minute by minute. You have skillfully and successfully planned your vicious plan to prepare your poison. You have calculated everything so clearly. So have you forgotten to consider what will happen to you when your crime is exposed? Oh, this is impossible. You must have hidden some of the most effective, reliable and deadly poisons so that you can escape and wait for you to punish you. Did you do this? I hope so little.
Madame de Villefort knelt down with her hands clasped.
I told him that you pleaded guilty, but pleading guilty to the judge when you had to plead guilty could not reduce the punishment.
You’ve said twice that Madame de Villefort shouted "Punishment Pavilion".
Of course, can you escape because you have committed four crimes? Will the law make an exception for you because your husband is a prosecutor? No, ma’ am, no matter who she is, the guillotine will wait for the criminal, unless I just said that the drug dealer prepared in advance and she has left the most deadly poison.
Madame de Villefort gave a crazy cry, a terrible legal terror, and her face was deformed.
Oh, don’t worry, Mrs. guillotine. The judge said I wouldn’t let your name be ruined because it would also ruin my name. You know what I mean, and you know you won’t die in the guillotine.