It was found that the only lucky person in the Han family was Han Yu, who was seven years old at that time. He huddled in a corner alone and watched in horror as he approached others and kept repeating "Brother kills brother kills".

At that time, Mu Qiao, the owner of Mu aristocratic family, saw that Han Yu was so pitiful and his cultivation qualification was very outstanding, so he decided to accept Han Yu’s younger brother. In this case, Han Yu also had a care in Mu aristocratic family, and he would not go astray alone and become difficult to extricate himself.
Because the Han family is so powerful, many people find it hard to believe who has the strength to destroy the entire Han family overnight, even if it is organized in a day, even if it can be destroyed overnight, it is impossible for the Han family to perish into the biggest mystery in the field of revision at that time. No one knows who the girl literature was updated for the first time and destroyed the entire Han family overnight.
After entering Mu Family, Han Yu’s talent of studying hard and practicing hard has been constantly displayed. At the age of eleven, she has become the first talent in the field of cultivation in four big families, and no one can shake this position before Sunday.
Han Yu seldom talks. Every day, everything is practice, practice, and practice. His face is always cold, and he doesn’t laugh at people or be gentle with people. Few people know that one night, he hid himself from a tree and saw his brother Han Shuo burst into a very powerful force and cut and kill people in the clan, but he didn’t see the truth of killing each other and biting each other. Han Yu learned that half and the other half became a hard blind spot.
For more than ten years, Han Yu hated Han Shuo. It was Han Shuo who wiped out the whole Han family and brutally killed his parents, brothers and sisters. He had no idea that there was a man hiding in the highest place on that full moon night, exerting his ultimate illusion to stimulate all the Han family’s genes to mutate. As soon as the gene mutated, the whole person became very bloodthirsty, and the sight of blood would arouse his potential evil.
Han Shuo finally won this ultimate illusion, which will completely inspire the potential evil in his heart. Finally, he also joined the killing team, constantly slashing and killing girls’ literature, updating and biting until he killed everyone, and then he would give up the evil spirit in his heart.
And this person is the eye-catching person of the Han family at the peak.
On Sunday, his brow wrinkled and he seemed to hear something different from Han Shuo’s words. He pondered for a while and said, "Brother Han Shuo, how do I feel that this doesn’t look like a gene mutation? Generally speaking, a gene mutation makes people’s appearance change dramatically or their body functions change, and it is also possible to gain some magical ability. But from your description, it is not like a gene mutation that brings results, but an illusion caused by illusion, which will kill to drain their fears."
Han Shuo heard that the whole body trembled violently and murmured, "Magic is magic." He mused and said to himself, "At that time, I felt that I saw a bloody killing in my mind. I was afraid. I was afraid, so I could suppress my heart fear. I can fight and kill my heart to excrete my heart fear. It is not wrong that this is not because of gene mutation, but because of magic."
"Good illusion! The Han family is already a master of illusion, but this person can also transport the illusion to deceive everyone in the Han family. Let’s say that he must be pregnant with some kind of power, such as the scene is so vivid, and the illusion is so powerful that it is said that the ultimate illusion is so powerful. There is one person who meets these conditions, that is, the Eye of the Eye."
Han Shuo carefully thought about the cause and effect, and suddenly found that everything was not as simple as he thought. When he came out of the Han family, he was seriously injured. Later, the Eye of the Eye just saved him and took him to the headquarters of Tianzi Organization for healing. During that time, the Eye of the Eye kept teaching him how to practice, and the power was even greater. He did not hesitate to transport a special channel to send him to the mainland to practice.
It is precisely because of this that his strength has been rising all the way in just ten years. Until the end, his strength is not only not in the eye of the eye, but also has the potential to surpass the eye of the eye
In order to thank the Eye of the Eye for cultivating En Han Shuo to join the organization, the shadow of the death of the Han family has always been in his heart, which made him sleep peacefully in the next few nights.
It can be said that the ultimate illusion arranged by the Eye of the Eye destroyed the Han family and destroyed the two brothers Han Shuo and Han Yu.
It is precisely because of this that the life track of Han Shuo and Han Yu has undergone major changes and deviated from the original set life track.
Han Shuo carefully compared all the causes and effects. The reason why the Han family really perished was that the people in the Eye of the Eye cast the ultimate illusion, which caused everyone in the Han family to fall into the illusion, causing excretion and fear to kill.
A flash of light in my mind exclaimed, "It is impossible that the ultimate illusion is very powerful. Without strong power, it is impossible to display it. He can’t have the power to display the ultimate illusion."
Sunday sneered coldly and said, "Then there is an explanation that all of us have been cheated by the Eye of the Eye. His real strength must be more than that, which means that the Eye of the Eye has been hiding his strength and doesn’t want anyone to notice him."
Chapter five hundred and forty-three Return to the right path
Girls’ literature
On Sunday, I carefully recalled everything about the Eye of the Eye, and I felt more and more that the Eye of the Eye was mysterious. His body was in a virtual state, but it was absolutely not much in the field of repair. What’s more, it seemed to the Eye of the Eye that he had to study the development principle before he was destroyed, but it was very doubtful that a seriously injured person could practice his body into a virtual body after being destroyed.
You know, it’s very demanding to practice the virtual body, especially when a person is destroyed. Unless there is some kind of powerful force that can go against the sky to change this restriction, you can have this kind of power, even if Zhou Tianxiu reaches this point. In today’s practice world, except for the mysterious virtual body, he is the best, and he dare not say that he has this kind of power unless he fully integrates the power of fire phoenix to stimulate the power of heaven in his body.
When Zhao-yang Qin and Tian organized the alliance to invade and fix the truth, God Rohm and the heretical golems were both impulsive. In that great war, God Zhou knew the world, but he could feel that the man with the eye of heaven had retained his strength. What did he want to retain his strength? What did he want to hide? Keeping the strength at that critical moment was to promote his own demise, but he did it anyway, and finally the virtual shadow man just appeared to block Sunday’s pursuit.
Everything is proved. The man with the eye of heaven is the mysterious shadow man. He is the real behind-the-scenes manipulator in all events.
Han Shuo heard on Sunday that he pointed out the key points in his mind and suddenly recalled all the details. He thought more and more that the man with an eye was suspicious. He murmured, "What I didn’t notice that the man with an eye had an eye-link, and I also had an eye-link? Why should I be so careless and not pay attention to this detail to update girls’ literature for the first time?" He was annoyed that he was careless and annoyed. If he could be more careful and think more about some details, he wouldn’t have turned things into what he is today, and Han Yu wouldn’t have fallen into the magic road and extricated himself.
On Sunday, he sighed, "Brother Han Shuo, don’t blame yourself. He has all the sinister things under his control. Even if you know the truth, he will obliterate it before you take action. In the end, the situation may be even worse. You didn’t know the affection and saved the whole world once."
Han Shuo gave a wry smile. He didn’t say much. He manipulated the gas and poured it into Han Yu’s body. He slowly put the Huaxia core into Han Yu’s body. At this point, if Han Yu’s body doesn’t repel the Huaxia core, then Han Yu can not only return to the right path, but also get the integration of heaven, Huaxia core and Han Shuo’s strength. The realm may break through to the heaven level and become a super strong one following Sunday.
Han Shuo’s breath of life is getting weaker and weaker, and the fire of life is going out at any moment, and all the brilliance in his eyes is suddenly lost. The strength of strength is constantly pouring into Han Yu’s body, and the breath of life and Jingxue are also integrated into it. Han Shuo wants to update the literature of the last girl into Han Yu’s heart.
I don’t know how long it will take before Han Shuo’s breath will fall to the ground at any time, and Han Yu’s black gas will be continuously purified by Huaxia Core, and more pure strength will enter Han Yu’s body. One by one, Han Yu’s body momentum will become more and more earth, and the realm of repair will continue to climb.
Han Yu was caught by the eye-beholder and trained by the devil. Now he has the power of fiend purification, the pure strength of Huaxia Core, and the breakthrough of Han Shuo’s lifelong cultivation and spiritual cultivation to the late realm of Heavenly Fairy King, which is one level higher than the first update of girls’ literature on Sunday. The two of them are still almost the same. After all, there are too many cards on Sunday, and the words can almost be compared with the strong ones in the early realm of Heavenly Fairy King.
Han Shuo knew that his life was running out of time. He turned his head and said weakly to Sunday, "Things behind Sunday will be please. If heaven and man can stop the second choice except you."
Sunday nodded solemnly. This was Han Shuo’s last request. No matter how difficult it was, he would finish it. "Brother Han Shuo, I won’t let go of the man with the eye."
Han Shuo laughed. "My life is full of bitterness and resistance, but I have never taken these sufferings as my burden. My heart is very stable. Even if I live in sadness, I have not forgotten that I was born in Han Shuo. I just want me to do my last bit. Hahaha." The voice slowly faded, and finally the laughter came to an abrupt end. People have died. A red light from the body was swallowed up by The six great divisions in the wheel of karma and once again entered the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma.
On Sunday, wait for a while looked at Han Shuo’s fall and couldn’t tell whether he was sad or happy. Perhaps for many people, Han Shuo’s life was a tragedy. Like Dugu, girls’ literature was updated for the first time, and there was a hope and belief in their hearts, but this hope and belief was forcefully shattered by the eye-catching people, and they became the main and lonely souls.
But on Sunday, it was clear in my heart that whether Han Shuo or Dugu destroyed their hearts from beginning to end, they were very stable and peaceful. They didn’t kill too much. There was a pursuit of heaven and earth. In this single-minded pursuit, they lost a lot of fame and fortune, and naturally they lost a lot of life tragedies and pains. Until the moment of death, their hearts didn’t float at all.
On Sunday, I sighed and slowly put Han Shuo’s body aside. When Han Yu woke up, she could see Han Shuo’s body for the first time. Maybe Han Yu could learn something from Han Shuo’s death and give up something.
After a while, Han Yu groaned and slowly woke up from a coma. His eyes were a little turbid and very clear. There was no magic way in the depths of the eye pupil. That kind of killing breath was indifferent. I knew that Han Yu’s heart had been completely out of the fiend control and returned to the right path again after changing into Huaxia Core.
Han Shuo groaned happily and felt the strong power in his body. A pitcher’s every move was full of poor power. He knew that he had suddenly broken through to a realm that he couldn’t even think of, and what was even more surprising was that he was stable in a short time after the breakthrough. This is definitely a rare miracle for practitioners.
"Han Yu, are you awake?" On Sunday, I looked at Han Yu with a sad face and slowly let myself be so that Han Yu could see Han Shuo’s body.
Han Yugang was about to speak when he suddenly saw Han Shuo’s body shaking violently, standing up blankly and walking to Han Shuo’s side, trying to hold back his tears, but in the end, he fell down and couldn’t help sobbing lightly.
He has been very determined and cruel himself. He has always wanted to kill the whole family brother of Han Shuo’s Han family to avenge himself. But when he really saw Han Shuo’s body for a moment, his whole spirit seemed to collapse, and people just stood there like a river.
"What will happen? Why are you going to die?" Han Yu couldn’t stand the tears any longer. People knelt in front of Han Shuo and cried. "You can’t die. I haven’t killed you yet. I can kill you. I beg you, wake up. You wake up."
On Sunday, he sighed and went to Han Yu and patted him on the shoulder. He decided to tell the truth to Han Yu’s family. He was the only lucky person who knew the whole truth. He was silent for a while and said slowly, "Han Yu, in fact, you completely misunderstood your eldest brother. The Han family really hurt you. It’s not your eldest brother but the eye."
"Sunday, what are you talking about?" Han Yu looked at Sunday with tearful eyes and seemed to feel that something big was about to happen from his serious expression.
Sunday gave a wry smile and told Han Yu what Han Shuo said to him in detail. It took a long time to say, "Han Yu, I know this result is hard for you to accept, but the truth is that Han Shuo had a crazy killing heart that night, which was completely controlled by the ultimate illusion of the Eye Man. The Han family who really hurt you is the Eye Man."