"Save um …" But she didn’t run two steps and didn’t shout out the word "Help", so she was covered by a black dress person.

The men in black had great strength, picked up her waist from behind and dragged it to repair the path.
"Uh-huh …" Qiao Xinwei was very scared. Is this a public kidnapping? I have never encountered such a thing in my life. She struggled hard and kept calling for help in her voice. Jiang Hao Jiang Hao, where are you …
See will be dragged into the dark alley, don’t think of any way to finished that second Qiao Xinwei thought of several kinds of abuse possibility theory, which one is more painful than thinking about her head jerked back and hit the black man’s nose with a thump.
The opportunity came. She grabbed the black man’s hand and arm with her nails, and then kicked the black man’s leg with her feet back. Finally, the black man couldn’t hold on and let go. She threw herself to the ground, lost her knees and hit the ground directly.
"Wow, it hurts … help, help ~" She shouted regardless of what she was saying, and while enduring the pain, she got up from the ground and limped to the light.
Since he dared to come out and commit a crime, there must be two brushes. The black dress person caught up with her in three steps and two steps. He reached out and grabbed her by the throat and carried her to the roadside wall.
There was a series of noises from the wall. As soon as she heard it, she kicked "Who are you?" She asked in a hoarse voice, "You can’t do this … Help! Help …"
Peripheral passers-by smell this way and see the darkness, which speeds up the pace.
Qiao Xinwei is holding the hand of the man in black. She can hardly breathe. "Let it go …" If I die like this, my mother can’t cry to death.
She kicked her foot at random and hit the black dress person in the weak spot. He gave a muffled sound again. She didn’t escape for the first time, but she stretched out her foot and kicked him in the face when the black dress person bent down. "Dare to provoke my aunt not to know who I am? I told you to kidnap, I told you to kidnap, and I told you to kidnap." She kicked five or six feet in a row.
The man in black couldn’t keep back in pain, protecting his face with one hand and his face with the other. He couldn’t help but scold "You bitch, kick again"
Qiao Xinwei didn’t want to be polite to him. Her eyes had adapted to the darkness. When she saw a brick by the wall, she picked it up and threw it at him. "Hey, don’t dare to call names, I won’t maim you."
Just then, I saw that the black dress person suddenly straightened up and reached out and quickly grabbed her wrist, and her hand was locked behind her back.
It’s not good when it’s over. Joe’s heart is only flustered. It’s not a fight. It’s not what to do. "Help! Help! Jiang Hao, Jiang Hao, help me …" Can you yell?
Just then Jiang Haoyin came from his ear, "I’m here. Don’t be afraid."
In the panic, Qiao Xinwei looked up and a few messy long hairs slipped from her forehead. She saw the tall figure of Jiang Hao, a street lamp in front of her, standing tall and fascinated.
Seeing him clenching his fist with one hand, the trend is about to start, and pointing at the black man with the other hand, he said in a commanding tone, "Let her go."
A thief is always guilty. Don’t men in black run when they see someone coming? He pushed Joe forward and ran into the dark.
Qiao Xinwei once again hit the wall, which was a temporary construction of a thin steel plate structure for road maintenance. Where can it withstand repeated impacts? This time, the wall finally couldn’t bear the impact and fell together, and of course Qiao Xinwei.
"Ow … it hurts …" Qiao Xinwei couldn’t move on his stomach because a large hole had been dug in the wall, and even if he moved again, he would slide to the dark, and he couldn’t see anything clearly, and he didn’t know what was there or how deep it was.
Jiang Hao stepped across to try to pull her, but as soon as he stepped on the thin plate, he bent and slipped with Joe Xinwei.
"Ah," she cried, "Don’t come here and bear your weight … My husband’s face is so dark that I don’t know how deep it is."
"Don’t move, my horse will save you." Jiang Hao stood still and didn’t dare to go forward. He leaned over and stretched his arm to grab her foot and then slowly pulled her back.
Finally, she was pulled back, and it felt so good to be down to earth. "My husband scared me to death. Woohoo …" She threw herself into Jiang Hao’s arms and burst into tears. She was so scared that her legs were soft.
Jiang Hao patted her on the back and constantly comforted "Okay, okay, it’s okay. Don’t be afraid of anything with me."
"Scared me to death. I’ll die."
"Silly girl, who told you to go away by yourself? Don’t be afraid." Jiang Hao took out his mobile phone and dialed 11 while comforting her. The security of the capital has always been very good. How can someone suddenly kidnap in public? It must be not simple.
The alarm sounded, searchlights lit up around it, and a cordon was set up. Several police officers were collecting evidence at the scene.
Qiao Xin’s only injury is skin injury, but there are many forehead, neck, arms, palms and knees in the injury area, and none of them are intact.
"Did you see the gangster’s face?" A policeman made a statement for her.
"I can’t see anything without his sunglasses and mask."
"Is that distinctive?"
She thought carefully and shook her head. "There is nothing obvious. The height is about 170 cm. It should be a young man. I kicked his face, so his face should be hurt. I don’t know anything else."
"Well, if you think of anything else, remember to contact us."
After signing, the police put away the record and turned to Jiang Hao and said, "Chief Jiang, we have recently dropped several gambling dens in this street. It is likely that a gambler did it here last night. Fortunately, a gambler robbed two girls."
Jiang Hao frowned. "Did you catch anyone?"
"I caught a 23-year-old boy and robbed two mobile phones."
"Is there an accomplice?"
Section 46
"We suspected that there was, but he didn’t tell the boy that he would bite to death if he couldn’t get a felony for robbing two mobile phones."
Jiang Hao’s eyebrows are getting tighter. "But this time it’s kidnapping. You have to follow this case closely."
"Yes, definitely"
After finishing the transcript, Qiao Xinwei helped Jiang Hao to get out of the car slowly on the way home. When she asked him how he got here so quickly, he said angrily and naively, "Do I really let you go alone?"
Sese tears filled her eyes, and she looked at his side face with warmth in her heart.
Jiang Hao hopes that every time I have sex, you won’t let me go alone. Never.
Chapter 23 Xiao Tianai has secrets
Chapter 23 Xiao Tianai has secrets
Although the kidnapping was a false alarm, it strengthened Jiang Hao’s determination to train Qiao Xinwei, and she couldn’t delay it any longer.
Zhou Gong Qiao Xinwei was dragged up by Jiang Hao when he was still at the meeting early this weekend.
"Brother Jiang, I can’t get up before dawn."
"Does your mother know that you got up so early?"
"Oh, please, let me sleep for another ten minutes."
Jiang Hao was at the bedside like a statue. He put his hands around his chest and stared at Qiao Xinwei seriously. "You have been begging me for more than ten minutes."
It’s crazy. Joe’s heart is only pulled up and his head is covered, playing dead.
Jiang Hao naidi shook his head primly. "I don’t mind sleeping for another hour or two if you continue to stay in bed."
Smell speech Qiao Xinwei suddenly sat up, but her eyes were still closed. She sobbed, "Meowed … you didn’t sleep until two o’clock last night. Can’t you let me sleep more? Today is the weekend …"
"I’ll either get up on the count of three or sleep together for three or two …"
"I get up" Qiao Xinwei yawns with her eyes wide open, which is tears. In her opinion, if she doesn’t let her sleep in on weekends, she will jump directly from Friday to Monday.
The sky in the east is a fish-belly grey, and the sunrise is gradually brilliant, and half the sky is red. Today, the haze index is not high, and this day has finally recovered its face.
They jogged along the street, and the breeze blew their faces. It was refreshing and comfortable. It was the warm spring season, and the small yellow flowers along the street gathered in clusters, which was very bright. This was the only place to be gratified for Qiao Xinwei.
Take off the heavy down jacket. Jiang Hao is dressed in a loose casual suit, dark gray and long with camouflage zipper. The top of the shirt is white trousers, thin but stylish. That’s 100% turn around.
"Look how nice it is to come out early for a run."
"Don’t you know that getting angry early is a misunderstanding? In fact, getting angry early is the worst." Qiao Xinwei tried to say what he hated most about running in the morning.
Jiang Hao gave her a white look. "Don’t be lazy and make excuses. It’s good for your health to get out and walk more now that the weather is warm."
"Old people think so."
Qiao Xin only giggled for a while "nothing" and said that he was old or he would turn against "where are we going?"
"Boxing Hall"