Sister I

Egg read it at this moment, and her heart was uneasy and sad, and she was immediately scared, sister. Don’t be sad.
You see, now you know I’m sad, but I don’t know what you’re thinking.
Is it true that when you grow up, you can’t trust your sister anymore? Is it also true that when you grow up, you won’t let me take part in some things?
If so, egg, don’t let me feel your mood occasionally, pretending that I can’t read your mind from the beginning, but don’t choose to let me know what and let me know what.
Chai Wanying is really angry.
She’s not stupid.
Once upon a time, she heard the conversation in an egg, and it was obvious that the egg had something in his hand.
Even an egg may know who destroyed her room like this.
But he told himself nothing.
What is this? What is this?
Is it protecting her?
But she is not a child. She knows exactly what happened.
On the contrary, even when he grows up, he is still a teenager. How much does he know about the human nature of this world?
Besides, she really can’t get along with a blank sheet of paper. An egg is no longer pure white and clean because of darkness.
The most reassuring thing for her is not that she saw the scene of Li Kefu’s face changing today, and suddenly felt that although this Li Kefu is gentle and elegant from beginning to end, she has a good temper.
But that doesn’t mean that he is such a good man.
It’s obvious that he changed his face today.
But also changed his face several times in a row. When he stared at the egg, his eyes flashed with amazing moments of desire. She was not stupid, but she could see clearly.
Then the egg-shaped thing still said something that was obviously something that Li Kefu had something to say. Isn’t that what angered Li Kefu and won’t let him go?
Chai Wanying felt a very bad feeling that it seemed that people would be bad for the egg, which made her jumpy.
And this little guy who worries her still dares to say nothing to her with such a face.
I’m sorry sister
An egg shaped thing, his heart couldn’t resist a pull at once.
He misunderstood her.
He read her mind correctly, but he didn’t read her sister at all, not because he was afraid of becoming an adult, but because she was worried that he would suffer.
She is worried that he can’t compete with Likov.
It’s not that he thinks she avoids panic because she can’t accept that she will play tricks on herself.
He really got it wrong.
I’m sorry, sister. Don’t be sad. Don’t be sad. It won’t happen again. I will take good care of myself. I promise my sister that you won’t give others a chance to hurt my sister in your heart. Don’t be so worried. It’s really nothing.
Then promise me you won’t hide your secrets from me again. Forget the past. From today, I will finish my defense and know what you are thinking.
Chai Wanying didn’t immediately accept an apology from an egg, but stared at his eyes quietly.
Egg immediately nodded vigorously. I promised my sister.
Don’t lie to me, egg. You promised to do it. If you feel right and wrong and don’t want me to know, you can also choose to keep it a secret, but you should also choose not to pry into my mind at the same time.
Sister won’t do it again. You will know everything later.