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The second part The first volume Chapter 6 Life and death complications
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Now, Bu Wei Zhen’s pen and ink can describe that her mouth is an egg earlier!
All this is too beyond her knowledge. It’s too _ shocking.
Blood spirit seems to be deliberately showing off his ghosting image in that broken Buddha statue, but people say that he "shows" it in front of Mrs. Daisy, which is enough to make all the children swoon. People smile and bow to Daisy and say, "Hello, Miss Daisy, your name is Xiaoling, and she is the eldest child …"
When he found out that this sentence was sick, Zong Ming and Mo Tian Xie had already bent down and just rolled around.
Blood spirit used his quick wits to call,’ What’s so funny! You call it evil thoughts! Miss Daisy, don’t be misled by them. _ It’s not what they think … Shit! I am not adding insult to injury! "
Zong Ming smiled and almost lost his breath. "Ha ha ha, I said the second child, so don’t explain it. Ha ha ha Daisy, just call him Xiao Ling, but don’t stay away from him. You should know that this guy is definitely a beauty killer.
Daisy was also amused by the blood spirit at this moment, and her horror was slightly relieved. She laughed. "Sir, your brother really teased you. Sir, can you tell me what this is all about? You’re all superman? ’
"Superman, hehe, is super" _ Xue Ling seems to have seen the American film Superman, and "Superman is not worthy to give it to him." He pretended to be serious and said, "We are all talking about God! Fairy! "
"Bah _ _ I do a little fairy. At most, it’s just a demon fairy Mo Tianxie cheerfully said to Daisy," Sister Daisy, don’t listen to the old spirit. It’s really too fairy. You’d better leave him because he is a monster. Haha … (Look all the way, brain!
Blood spirit offering a blood evil spirit into a light ball mo evil hit "I depend! The righteous monster Kaya’s youngest son is not much better. You’re an evil spirit.
Mo Tian Xie Shi flashed blood for a moment. ichor’s light ball monster smiled and said, "I flash, I flash, I flash again …"
De "sex" is not already done with the black Sect? "
Mo Tian’s evil hair was a little bad, and he said, Boss, we are one step late. When I found this place, I couldn’t sense that kind of energy any more. Maybe it was hidden by his vigilance or the place escaped.
Zong Ming’s eyebrows a wrinkly said,’ So, Dark Heaven’s humanity should not have achieved much? "
Cloth estimates that I am still in the mountain gate, and I will not be alive.
"I bah!" Blood caught Mo Tian-xie’s feet hurt. He even spat a few times on the ground.’ Is it a great achievement that someone in this world is so flattering to his face? ’
"Do you fucking want to fight?" Mo Tian evil old eyes turned to stare at the blood spirit stretched out his hand and sleeves really have’ I’m fighting posture.
"If you fight, who’s afraid!" Blood spirit call way
"Shut up, you two old things really think you are children!" Zong Mingshen said
Even Daisy was startled by Zong Ming’s sudden face fall. Of course, both Xue Ling and Mo Tian Xie are going’ too quiet _ people look really like an adult caught a child red-handed.
I don’t think their strength will be worse than that of the old evil, otherwise they won’t dare to "show" easily. Zong Ming analyzed that "the spiritual ring of the second child can detect the slightest trace of the old evil. I have a hunch that the dark Sect is a great threat to us this time!"
Mo Tianxiao said with a big mouth, "I said, boss, you didn’t flatter the dark Sect too much and underestimate the evil Sect. _ In those days, the demon king of Tianzong also called me the old evil one!"
Blood spirit didn’t bicker with Mo Tian evil again. He sank "Yin" for a while, and the interface said, "Eldest brother, Heitianzong was the demon master in those days. I guess that the demon king’s pulse may have escaped the disaster in those days, but the demon king Yuan Shen probably drove the ghost’s coffin in his magic weapon, Heitian. Otherwise, there is no reason for the fix-true world not to find the ghost’s grievances in those days. You know, if it was a person, I would have a way to detect it
Can stretch you angry, but I don’t feel any anger in the ruins here.
Mo evil wondering blood spirit speculated that wanted to think and said, "well! Linger’s analysis makes sense. That kind of energy fluctuation film really doesn’t look like a demon king.
At this moment, Daisy carefully tugged at the Shroud ii and said in a whisper, "Sir, can you tell me what you two brothers are talking about?"
Zong Ming just forgot that Daisy was awakened by her because of a moment of god’s cohesion. Zong Ming looked at Dai thoughtfully and asked, "Miss Daisy, can you tell me what you are looking for in this ruin?"
Daisy doesn’t know who Zong Ming and Xue Ling are now, but she can guess with her toes that these three strange men must be unusual, she said without hesitation
"That’s saying,’ But the death of ancient Egypt is the same as the life and death symbol of the mysterious treasure. This symbol has the magical ability to revive the soul. If there is no _ day after death, the soul can be awakened again through this life and death symbol.
Zong Ming finally understood the origin of Daisy in the strange stories she came to talk about.
Daisy’s family is an archaeological family specializing in exploration and treasure hunting. She got a treasure map from her great grandfather’s generation and learned the secret of the life and death symbol. Before her family searched for the life and death symbol, it took more than two hundred years for five generations to finally determine the specific treasure of the life and death symbol in Daisy’s generation. First, in a temple in ancient Annan, which was submerged in the forest city.
After listening to the story told by Alice, Mo Tianxiae flatly said, "The symbol of life and death mentioned by boss Daisy must be a black-sky evocation!"
Zong Ming slowly nodded and said, "Well, when the life-and-death symbol appeared, the missing time base bucket of the evocator can match the so-called four mysterious magic devices, which really have the power to return to life."
Is it true that the old evil spirit evokes the soul in heaven? "
Mo Tian evil said, "The dark evocation is divided into two sides: the living soul and the dying soul. In those days, I listened to the demon king’s living soul. There are nine types of dharma seals for practicing black monty’s skills. If nine handprints can match the mouth magic skills, it is said that there can be conan the destroyer magical powers, but this is also said that I have never heard of anyone in the real world practicing black monty’s skills.
"So this recruit complications should be a magic weapon from the underworld to the human world. Zong Ming took a look around the ruins ahead." I now know what I am worried about. I gave the two guys a death order today. I don’t care what means you must find out the evocation complications for me in one year! Even if you turn over every inch of the earth! "
"yes! Eldest brother _ blood spirit and mo evil solemnly replied.
"hey! Can you tell me what this is all about? " Daisy suddenly screamed at Zongming as if she had exhausted the law. "What? You seem to know more about life and death than I do! ?”
Blood spirit saw Daisy a _ and then said to Zongming, "Boss, I’ll leave it to you here. I left it with a teleport and evaporated from the gas."
Evil followed and said, "The woman is still the boss with the most experience, and the old evil has also left. The sound has fallen into a strong wind and the sky is full of dead branches."
Tess is not surprised now. If she is not knowledgeable, she is far stronger mentally than the average person, otherwise she is not crazy.
Zong Ming was just going to explain to Daisy slowly. Suddenly, at the same time, she received a message from Blood Spirit and Mo Tian Xie. "Boss, there are a group of people two kilometers away who are fast, so your location is close."
"You don’t move them and let them come _ ZongMing reply at the same time.
After Zong Ming scattered the circular wave form of Shen Nian around, he clearly "saw" that there were two teams carrying various detection instruments and weapons from the southeast and northwest, and the speed was about 20 kilometers per hour, heading for the ruins.
The people in the southeast have a variety of ethnic groups, including Europe, America, Africa and Vietnam. They are equipped with devices in Vietnamese hands, while others are equipped with constant satellite communication systems.
In the northwest and south, the people who came out at a glance were Japanese who fled from the bus, and the Japanese were impressively among them. In addition to being dressed in jungle warfare, they also carried various advanced equipment such as ground detectors, nano-instruments, satellite receivers and infrared thermal scanners.
Please support the newcomer _ Blood Push _ Iron Ride to the West.
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The second volume The seventh chapter Mysterious andao
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Ka Ming slowly took back the knowledge of God and smiled at Daisy and said, "Debby, we won’t send it away soon." I’ll explain what just happened to you slowly, okay? "Wrong novel network does not jump words.
Daisy smell speech face "color" slightly changed "uninvited? Am I being held? "
Zong Ming looked around _ I think this is the only reason _ Besides the Japanese, there are some people from South America and Egypt _ Do you want to find a place to hide or just wait for them here? "
Daisy said bitterly, "These guys seem to be going to snatch it from me after I find the life and death operator!" What a good abacus! Sir, let’s go into the ancient tomb in front of us. There should be all kinds of robbery prevention machines in it. I have to take these people into a death trap! "
Sign for Daisy to hold "Miss Daisy, let me take you for another trip? ’
Daisy didn’t stretch her _ ghost hand’ palm, but went to Zongming’s face and hugged Zongming’s neck very close. "I just scared you. This time, I found a safer way to squeeze her firm breasts into Zongming’s arms."
Zong Ming also politely hugged Daisy’s slender waist towards the ruins. The ancient tomb that looks like a temple gate rose and flew away.