You have a fever. It’s a question. It’s a declarative sentence for Mo Yibai.

Are you worried about me? I can tell you, frowning is not like a minor illness like your cold, but I can’t die.
Why didn’t you say so earlier? Mo Yibaili asked
Why did I tell you earlier? I still have to break into this dragon’s den. Don’t worry, a big man can still burn stupidly and burn to death. Why don’t you grind like that sissy Mo Yibai? We’re not in charge of this little thing now. You cut off the snake head. I’m afraid people will retaliate against us. I said
As soon as I said this, I hit myself in the mouth. I said it was good. I was a bad god and a crow’s mouth. The voice just fell and I saw the mouth of the cave was red. Several snakeheads came at us like clawed fish. Mo Yibai and I waved our weapons almost at the same time after going through the battlefield, and this block could not stop us. At the same time, we fell back. This time, the speed was extremely fast, and we were dragged away without any resistance.
After turning a corner, I only saw the bright red things like snakeheads in front of me. I’m sure the dark ones are not snakes. They look like red vines behind their eyes and mouths except that their tips look like snakes.
Several lux vines like snakes are flying in front of us, and I feel crazy in my heart.
Those vines are like poisonous snakes seeing prey, and they are not far from us when we are moving fast. With the coveted light in our sinister eyes, I feel as if I have fallen into a pile of man-eating snakes, and it will be full of holes in a short time.
I haven’t resisted anymore. I’m dumbfounded. This monster is even more disgusting than being sent by the terrifying to pick me up. It’s even more chilling than being buried in the mouth of a big earthworm.
Mo Yibai has been rebelling against the black knife in his hand. The sound is that we are dragged too fast. The inertia makes Mo Yibai just bend up and smash it back. The sound hurts me for him.
I really think Mo Yibai’s back is injured by iron. I saw it with my own eyes. He fell so deeply and so long, and he didn’t change his face. I was scared. He looks thin and thin. This man is really ugly. If I were you, I would have fainted hundreds of times.
The cave is too long, but it turns a few corners faster and faster. Suddenly there is a little light in front, and as the light gets bigger and bigger, Mo Yibai and I are dumped in tandem. Chapter 30 Fiery fire
My first feeling was that I finally saw the light of day again, and I was thrown a radian in the middle of it. There was a bright sky blue above my head, which was too difficult for white clouds to be comfortable.
But now is not the time to get comfortable. As the radian is getting lower and lower, a stone wall is coming. If you shoot it, you have to pat the facial features into a depression.
After my face was in contact with the wall for three seconds, I spun around and turned the situation around, so that my face didn’t hit the wall. The backpack took another bullet for me.
At the same time, I saw Mo Yibai flying towards me, and his reaction was much faster than mine. Before he hit the wall, the black knife in his hand was there, which directly resisted the trend of himself hitting the wall.
Shit, what are these things? I didn’t come to sigh. I shouldn’t have lost my life. I felt a chill all over.
Overwhelming snake-shaped vines stretched out from a square pit, and the same cluster was magnified several times. The flame was more like a few long fingers stretching out from the ground, or it was like a tree with tens of thousands of branches, which were all weak bones, and the red vines were flying around in chaos, while those lux vines were holding up a personal shape, which was far like a knot.
It didn’t take long to pause and suddenly I flew away again, and my feet were still tied. I was smashed like that waving a snake head at random. I didn’t know whether it was an animal or an animal. It was so weird. It was really unheard of. I didn’t see this time. It was much more thrilling than my grandfather’s story. I really have to go and have a drink with the terrifying chess.
But in a few seconds, I was already left in the middle of a pile of snakeheads swaying in the middle. Peng, I bumped into a human figure. It was too stupid to catch his mother. It was a skull in my hand, and I threw it far away.
Looking at it again, I finally understand where this is. This is a skeleton body that has been corroded.
At this time, I was stunned and couldn’t think. I didn’t find those vines like snakes. The vines opened their eyes and opened their mouths to me.
Dragon drunk dream be careful
Mo Yibai woke me up with a shout, and I saw Mo Yibai, like me, dangling from these disgusting vines, as if I had fallen into a snake pile.
I feel a pain in my arm. At the sight of a vine, it bit my arm. I can’t stand it like a snake and bite.
I shook off the arm that bit my vine, and it had four holes, just like being bitten by a snake.
His mother is really a snake.
With the blood in my arm, a number of snakeheads flew towards me like a group of enlarged wasps. What I could see with my eyes was a huge mosaic of fiery red pavement, and that face was full of snakeheads trying to swallow me up one by one.
I’m holding on to the exorcism battle and preparing to fight to the death. So many snakeheads can kill me even if they are not poisonous.
I’ve been fighting with the terrifying devil for too long, and when my life is almost gone, I’m full of energy, as if I’ve beaten chicken blood. People are not afraid of anything if they don’t die.
Oh, my God, what is it?
Sissy, you bastard, what’s the wrong way to choose? You have to choose this one. I hate snakes
Before I tried my best, I dispersed and was attracted by the unbeaten eleven flowers just now.