For many people, meditation is really interesting, and meditation and understanding of heaven and earth are even more boring. This is definitely an important reason why many people have risen to a higher level. They prefer to cheat rather than practice, practice and practice boring …

However, for those who practice great wishes all their lives, nothing can enrich themselves more than meditation and enlightenment. They are doing what they are most interested in, that is, enjoyment. If they can find a better way to practice Daoji Xianfa, then meditation will be enjoyed at both the spiritual and physical levels.
Xiao Wen’s doubts belong to this column. According to the meditation in Zi Ming Mo Wu Zhen Jing, Xiao Wen’s body and mind are enjoying the process! Those lilac Se forces converge into a stream, and it is very comfortable where they flow. On the whole, they are still expanding and solidifying, which makes Xiao Wen’s strength more and more strong!
At this time, Xiao asked himself to see that his body was already very different from that when he just practiced the magic martial arts 49-style. His bones became denser, his muscles became stronger and more powerful, and there was a rather evil black Se energy that was being generated in his muscles and bones. Those black Se energies are still very weak now, but although they are so big, they contain power that Xiao asked cannot see through! In fact, he knows very well that there will be signs only when he has achieved something by practicing the 49-style magic weapon!
He hasn’t fought with anyone for a long time, but he believes that if he has another chance to do it, his skill will definitely surprise others who are familiar with it.
Looking at Xiao Wen’s mind at a deeper level will suddenly pull out of his body and come to a place where he doesn’t even know where it is.
The left and right sides are all dark red Se. They may be very vast, but they may also account for a very small total depth. When Xiao Wen perceives their specific size, there is a cloud of Fiona Fang several feet of black Se smoke in this dark red Se. They keep rolling there, sometimes revealing the central part, but there is nothing …
This Fiona Fang several feet black Se smoke cloud is the result of Xiao Wen’s practice of seclusion and seclusion. They are far from reaching the level of communication with the deep and remote world, let alone the ghost of life.
However, if the practitioners in this field see the black Se cloud formed by Xiao Wen, it will definitely be a big shock, because his dark cloud is so shiny that the ghost power is simply beyond the words, it is not something that a novice practitioner can do!
This is naturally thanks to the Purple Ghost Magic Martial Arts True Sutra, which can come from the top ghost fairy method in the spiritual world!
Xiao asked, in fact, he never stopped making progress, but the environment has been forcing him to make him progress even faster.
But after all, he is not the kind of spiritual genius who comes once in a thousand years. I have to say that the reality is a little difficult for him.
Fortunately, he has Zuo Ningqing, a master, a top figure in spiritual cultivation of celestial monks! It is Zuo Ningqing’s timely teaching again and again that makes Xiao ask that the heart has few obstacles and needs to stick to the true self.
Outsiders can’t know how grateful Xiao Wen is to Zuo Ningqing and how much he loves her …
Is to let Zuo Ningqing safely rise to the boundary, and he must rise to the boundary as soon as possible!
Little by little, Xiao Wen didn’t open his eyes until he heard 91 thousand jǐng sing softly
"Cough … the brother you this firebird would produce extraordinary."
When Xiao asked him to open his eyes, he saw two young men in their mid-twenties sticking to his disposal, which was already a very impolite distance. It was the one on the left who was dressed more luxuriously.
Xiao asked frowned and said directly, "I’m flattered. If it’s nothing, please leave when you are limited. You must practice horse and don’t want to be disturbed."
"It’s okay, you practice, we watch us." The man smirked and tunnel.
"That also roll away for me! Spitter stars are sprayed with the old method! ! !” Xiao Wen didn’t want to make trouble, but he was polite to the other party, but he regarded him as a good bully!
"Who let you roll? ! Do you know who this is? ! !” The young man who hasn’t spoken pointed to Xiao Wen’s nose avenue.
As soon as there was a noise here, everyone nearby was attracted to pay attention. The two young people were even more arrogant when there were more people here.
"Don’t you go yet?" Xiao asked still sitting there. The sound was already low and cold.
"This Tibetan market is not your private property, so you can stay wherever you want!" Nahuaqingren boulevard
Xiao asked if he didn’t take the initiative to cause trouble, but it wouldn’t matter if people looked at him more. However, he knew very well that this little guy, 90,000, wanted someone to look at him more. However, even he felt that the two men were up to no good before he opened his eyes.
I don’t know how many things will come out after this shock, but Xiao Wen suddenly moved!
Root, no one can see how he got up, but he rushed out of the meditation place like being bounced out, and in a blink of an eye, he reached the edge of the circle!
Those two people outside couldn’t help but be frightened. They didn’t see Xiao Wen’s body lit up and the horse was about to be hit head-on by Xiao Wen!
At the same time, the two men retreated backward, each with Guanghua lighting up, and the speed was also first-class.
"Shout" to a ring Xiao asked was rushed out of the circle directly to the young man dressed in China, although the other party retreated quickly, but he didn’t chase slowly. At this time, his boots finally lit up Guanghua.
As soon as the distance between the two sides gets closer, the young man’s panic and anxiety will light up, and this will take out the fairy.
However, at this time, Xiao Wen was already grabbing the crowd and directly raising his fist and smashing it into the young man’s brain!
When the young man saw Xiao Wen, he couldn’t help but relax his mind. The corners of his mouth floated with a smile, because the fairy in his ring would be called out in an instant!
However, at this moment, Xiao asked what suddenly interrupted the fist palm and finally pushed it on the young man’s chest!
How big can Xiao Wenxian push if he doesn’t make the magical power of Dandao? Everyone has some, or he is afraid of the consequences …
Then I saw Xiao Wen pushing a palm to the front of him, and the young man also flew out "sou". The young man also involuntarily rolled and exclaimed during the flight, and was also high and low because of this rolling …
Flying directly to more than ten feet away, the young talent slammed into the ground, but the momentum was still there. The horse bounced up from the ground, glided two feet away in the middle, then bumped into the ground again, and then rolled away from the ground.
When the young man finally stopped, it was already twenty feet away, but he was lying on the ground and completely silent …
Xiao Wen is really afraid of taking the consequences because he thinks it is very likely to directly kill the man with one punch, which finally turns the fist into a palm!
This scene stunned everyone. What is this situation? Xiao asked if he didn’t use the avatar when he attacked!
The whole process from a sudden attack to a successful blow didn’t even take a breath. Even the Chinese youth associates were stunned. Only then did they react and drink a lot and attack Xiao Wen from a distance! to be continued
Chapter two hundred and seventy Fushan
The man is a repair tactic whisking is a green se firm but gentle toward xiao asked when chest cut!
Then a more amazing scene appeared, and Xiao Wen did not make the avatar directly rush to the right hand like a fly, and his right hand was drawn back in that firm but gentle way!
This time, Xiao asked that his right arm was faster and he could see that his skin was actually faintly covered with purple light!
"Choke! !”
The firm but gentle touch on the back of the hand directly changed direction and was taken to fly into the distance.
It’s nothing that a cultivator can stop an opponent from attacking the root, but it’s a bit fake that Xiao Wen’s show didn’t make the magical power of Dan Dao fly away.
"You … who are you? !” The man didn’t dare to fight again, but stammered
For a moment, everyone knew Xiao Wen’s identity, but it wasn’t Xiao Wen’s initiative, but 90 thousand finally got its tail out of its claws and flew out angrily …
Xiao Jiu’s 10,000-foot-long body is close to five feet. If you don’t blind yourself, you can see that it is a phoenix.
And there is a phoenix in the whole celestial world, which is in the hands of Ming Jianzong Nan Yunqing and Xiao Wen!