Zhou Qian’s fiery whip rushed out to form a fire snake wrapped around Manson.

Once entangled in dozens of salamanders, Manson’s strength is not strong enough to break free for a while.
The fire snake’s body is terrible, and the high temperature makes his aura body keep shaking, which may break at any time.
In particular, Zhou Qian’s whip turned into a salamander, which made him struggle, but the more he pinched it, the tighter it became.
At the sight of another foreigner, he struggled to break the entanglement of ten salamanders with a roar.
Just as he was about to yell again, Luohan Xuan Shui suddenly appeared in front of him.
This mysterious arhat looks like a teenager with no feelings.
The foreign man couldn’t help sneering at the sight. "A pocket child is coming to deal with me?"
But for a moment, he found that he was wrong.
Xuan water Lohan flew to the front of a foreign man and aimed a punch at his belly.
"Boom …"
There was a loud noise, and the snake part of the foreign man’s body broke. His body was directly hit by the stone wall and crashed into the ground.
The surrounding stone walls are harder than two collisions, like ordinary people hitting boulders, like the displacement of five internal organs, and the pain is unbearable.
He struggled up and wait for a while looked at his abdomen, his eyes full of fear.
"Ah …"
He touched his belly with a bright red hand.
I saw a big blood hole blown out by Luohan Xuan Shui in his belly, and blood poured out like a fountain.
"No …"
The pain is getting weaker and weaker, and a feeling of dizziness is coming at him.
Foreign men know that they are dying.
Unwilling to regret fear …
Look flooded his face.
Luohan Xuan Shui uses this fist and his body color is dim.
Manson’s face was more frightened when he saw this scene. He struggled wildly and more than ten salamanders broke.
Just then Luohan Xuan Shui appeared in front of him.
"No …"
In a look of horror, Lohan Xuan hit Manson in the head.
Fear, help, unwilling …
"Bang …"
Manson’s head burst and he died miserably.
"Bang …"
Zhou Qian recovered Manson’s head with a whip and fell to the ground directly, causing a cloud of dust.
After this blow, the figure of Luohan in Xuanshui is darker than that of Luohan.
"Break …"
Just like a bubble bursting, it dissipates directly around.
Seeing the bodies of two people fall to the ground, two women breathed a sigh of relief and their faces were in shock.
Muhai smiled and stepped forward to give the two women a thumbs-up "well done"
"Of course!"
Zhou Qian held her head high like a proud little princess.