The left wing listened to the lip angle and evoked a faint arc. His hands raised and patted his palm. The tone of appreciation was "Cong, I am the bodyguard left wing around the young master."

"Have I seen you?" I don’t know why Song Anqiao is not afraid of him at all.
Left-wing micro leng leng "seen? Right? "
He is a fine man who neither denies nor admits that his purpose is obvious, that is, to let Song Anqiao guess for himself.
Song anqiao blinked and closed his eyes for a while, but he didn’t remember where he had seen the left wing.
"I can’t guess." Song Anqiao confessed that his feet were tied with ropes and some of them were bruised and cold.
She couldn’t help moving her eyes and inadvertently caught a glimpse of a red dot flashing in the corner of the room, showing 25:5:36.
Song anqiao’s brain turned white, and the number was not increasing, but decreasing, and counting down.
"Not afraid?" The left-wing sound is like a ghost floating into Song Anqiao’s ear.
Song Anqiao’s face turned white and white. She was afraid. In the face of death, some people were not afraid. She calmed down and her face sounded a little unhappy. "Stop talking nonsense. Who is not afraid of death? Just say what you want to say to me."
Setting aside half an hour can’t be to let her live for another half an hour. It must be to say something to her.
"Don’t you have any regrets?" The left wing asked coldly.
"Why should I regret it?" Song anqiao sat there and stared at the left wing deeply. "They made me suffer like that first."
"Your mouth is hard." Left-wing looks gloomy. "Didn’t you hurt Shi Youshi who fell into the sea and got shot? And you robbed her man first. After all, you are a mistress, and the most important thing is that you have caused her to lose her marriage, right? "
He remembers Shi Youshi saying that Song Anqiao pushed her into the sea and hit her, all because Song Anqiao robbed Chu Fei.
Song Anqiao couldn’t help laughing for a moment. It turned out that Shi Youshi had been shaping herself into a kind and weak woman who was bullied outside.
"Do you think Chu Feiyuan is stupid?" Song anqiao frowned. "Or do you think he doesn’t dislike me as a harmful woman?"
Left-wing hands and fingers clasped on the desktop "color makes you dizzy". He suddenly said, "Men will lose their minds when they meet color, and good people and bad people can’t be separated."
Song anqiao chuckled, "Mr. Zuo, do you mean that I am beautiful enough to confuse a man’s heart?" She smiled brightly. "Can I understand that you praise me again?"
The left wing didn’t respond. She crossed her hands and put her eyes on her mouth, watching every facial expression of Song Anqiao without moving.
She talks beautifully, but it makes people feel inexplicably comfortable, and she wants to get close to her unconsciously.
In fact, he didn’t believe Shi Youdi’s poor image, but their young master Liang Zheng just fell into Shi Youdi’s tragic world and fell in love with her out of control.
"Even if Shi Youshi is not a kind person, our young master is a koo." The left wing thought about his face becoming cold. "You should pay for him."
His violent side appeared again, and he slammed his head on the table to Song Anqiao’s screen. The picture was a bloody man.
Chapter 465 Deliberate arrangement
Song Anqiao eyes wide open in horror and emotional "what are you going to do? You want revenge, come at me! "
Section 311
"It’s for you." The left wing left the table and went to Song Anqiao. "But it’s still far away. If I were you two."
"You …" Song Anqiao’s desperate struggle rope frayed her wrist and ankle and oozed blood. "Left wing, if you want to hurt him, I will never let you go!"
The left wing heard a laugh. "The dead will never fight the living, and when they die, they will have nothing, even their own children can’t see it."
At this moment, Song Anqiao looks like a tiger, staring at the left wing and gnashing his teeth, saying, "Your young master is not kind at all. He deserves to die!"
Song anqiao is deliberately stimulating the left wing. She wants to see some escape flaws from his rage. This room is too dark for her to see where the exit will be.
However, the left wing didn’t mean to get angry at all, but looked at her with gloomy eyes, and her body was gathering up bit by bit.
"He died of his own stupidity. Doesn’t he deserve to die because he believes that women are willing to give their lives?" Song anqiao was scared to death, but she couldn’t back down.
She coldly mocked Liang Zheng’s voice just fell and the left wing was livid. She was completely furious and kicked Song Anqiao with her feet.
Song anqiao fell to the ground with the seat, and the back of his head hit the corner of the chair and hurt, but she didn’t say anything.
The left wing lifted her foot and stomped on her leg.
Song anqiao still didn’t say anything. She fell to the ground and her wrist was sore. At this moment, she suddenly remembered where she had seen the left wing.