It is estimated that it is not good for Sue to wipe her hair and hands and look at Su Lan.

No wonder I didn’t know how I came back last night. Su Kang naturally won’t let her go.
"Know" Sue love continue to manually and didn’t look at Su Lan.
Su Lan gave her a hard stare, kicked her feet and walked upstairs to see when she could show off in an ostentatious manner.
Ten minutes later, Sue came to the building.
Su Kang Tang Sumei Su Lan sat in the living room and didn’t look around. She was waiting for her.
Sue came to the living room and greeted "Aunt Dad Mei"
"Do you still know that I am your father?" Su Kang sat on the sofa watching Sue didn’t good the spirit asked.
If I can choose, I don’t want you to be my dad. "I’m sorry" Sue said three words in a low mood last night.
"Husband, don’t be angry. It’s difficult to grow up in an orphanage. Don’t dispute with her. Be careful." Tang Sumei stroked Su Kang’s chest one by one, but her eyes drifted to Sue’s late love.
"What’s the matter with the orphanage? Can you ignore shame? "
Tang Sumei’s success in fueling the fire made Su Kang once again swear at Sue’s late love.
Sue frowned at night. "Dad, I’m just drunk. What’s the shame?"
"How dare you say that people were tied to the door and sent back last night?" When I think of last night, Su Kang can’t wait to send Sue’s late love back to the orphanage. I hope this life doesn’t have this daughter
Fortunately, he felt guilty about her a few days ago. It seems that he thinks too much. This daughter is simply ruining the family.
Sue was sent back after being tied to the door? This Liu Yichen is really no ordinary slag.
"I’m sorry, Dad, I won’t do it again." Unfortunately, this is the second time she’s drunk, so it’s no wonder that Su Kang, the old man, would be mad if she were like this.
But does this mean that Lu Yichen hates her so much that she can be treated like this, although she is scolded, but she has to achieve her goal
"Before getting engaged to Lujia, stay at home and think behind closed doors. Don’t run around for me." Su Kang got up and went to the company when he raised his wrist.
After Su Kang left, Su Lan looked at Su Ye and said, "Alas, it is no wonder that wild children who grew up in orphanages are really embarrassing."
"Who are you talking about?" Sue glared at Su Lan in the evening. Su Kang scolded her because he was an elder, and Su Lan said that about her.
"Am I wrong? If you go out last night, you’ll lose your face. "
Sue looked up at Tang Sumei and saw her holding coffee slowly. Was she indifferent to Su Lan’s words or did she teach Su Lan these words?
"Aunt Mei, you just said that I grew up in an orphanage and my sex was wild. So Su Lan is also a wild child. I don’t have any tutoring at all."
Tang Sumei put a cup heavily and looked at Sue’s late feelings angrily and said, "Sue’s late feelings, don’t forget your mission to go back to Sue’s house. If it weren’t for you to marry Lu Jia for Lan Lan, I would let you in." A virtue with your mother will seduce men. "
Sue got up from the sofa. "Aunt Mei, I respect you as an elder, but why do you say my mother again and again?"
"I am the hostess of Lujia." Tang Sumei is not to be outdone. Seeing Sue’s face reminds her of Wu Liuting’s face. How can she not be angry?
These days, she has been trying to bear the thought that her nephew actually came home and said that he liked Sue’s late love affair, and she was so angry that she didn’t fight.
Sister-in-law scolded her for how she could let Sue seduce Donnan. She really has a hard time saying it.
"Are you? You should come later, right? My mother used to be the hostess of Lujia. Do you have some respect for my mother? "
By the way, you should come later and make Tang Sumei hate her red eyes. This is her sore spot. If it wasn’t for Wu Liuting, how could Su Kang leave her?
Before Tang Sumei spoke, Su Lan got up from the sofa and dumped her in the face of Sue’s late love.
Soon Sue’s face will show five fingers, and her white skin will show even more.
Su Lan looked at her triumphantly. "You said that to my face when I was dead."
Sue night feeling licked the corners of her mouth a smell of blood seems to be broken skin.
Sue wan Qing Hao did not hesitate to raise her hand and slapped Su Lan when her face swelled up.
Su Lan can’t believe it. She hasn’t been beaten since she was a child. This is the first time she’s been beaten. It was Sue who beat her.
Tang Sumei also got a fright, stroking Su Lan’s face and calling the servant to bring the medicine cabinet.
The servants were all busy, and Su Lan’s face was hurt. No one came to see if Su Qing’s face was hurt seriously.
Sue night feeling sarcastic smile turned out of the Sue’s house.
Lu Yichen put a stack of photos in front of her parents. Wen Yiting wondered. When she saw the face, she was surprised and asked, "What happened to Yichen’s late love?"
"She’s a wine girl in the palace and she’s drunk and crazy." The parents won’t let him marry Sue again, will they? How can such a woman be captured even if she is Miss Sue’s eldest sister? A younger sister’s parents won’t like her.
"She is not Sue home big miss? Why do you have to go out to work to make money? And still go to such a place? " Wenyiting frowning brows asked
The photo inside is a photo of her throwing herself into the arms of Han Zhi, and a photo of her falling to the ground at the gate of Su Jia after being drunk.
Section 11
Mother asked Liu Yichen several questions in a row and almost couldn’t answer them.
"Mom said that she is not short of money, but likes fooling around. Look at her." Liu Yichen pointed to Sue’s late love flapping in cold arms and accused her of photos.