Chapter 327 Stop greed from ghost Yang

Although the name of the drunk dragon grass is crowned with the word "drunk", it is not to make wine. To put it bluntly, it is a kind of
This drunk dragon grass is not more than half a foot high and leaves are only nine slices, but if it is mixed with smoke, fog, powder and incense, it will be enough to smoke an adult dragon and make it sleep for seven days and seven nights. It is also a kind of dragon killing method. Of course, it is not to mention dealing with ordinary monks!
However, it’s only three feet in size to grow a plant of Dracaena here, and it’s obviously not mature enough. However, Wei Ji doesn’t care about immaturity, and it’s just almost effective, but he can still wait until it grows mature, so I’m afraid it’s not his turn to harvest it.
Now Weiji has Xuan Ming Stone, Xuan Ming Zhenshui, Ghost Lotus, Yin-Yang Fruit and Drunk Dragon Grass in his hand, and then the real person is trading in Yuanying Zhenjun. That is to say, if he wants to reach those private communication places, he will open his door, and his future income will be more advanced by taking Dan medicine, but it will be much lighter.
Twenty-one secret caves, Wei bogey, just missed playing around, and got such a gain, but it made Wei bogey understand that the inside story of the sect is not something that individuals can do.
Collect the drunken dragon grass guards here without delay, and instantly incarnate the evil wind from the corpse demon Lin Zhao, the head of the seven emotions demon Luo Tianchi, and fly away together to hide the treasure.
When I got to the head of Luo Tianchi, I did the same thing as before. In an instant, I was on duty here, and the younger brother of the Yin devil was also killed by the blood hairpin. I was fascinated by the seven emotions, and the flesh and blood of the devil was taken away by the corpse demon Lin Zhao, which became a resource obstacle for practicing martial arts. That is, except for three people, it was very easy to get the treasure and take away the treasure here, Purple Shizhi.
Later, in less than half an hour, Li Weiji cleaned up the remaining 17 hidden treasures that they had previously explored suspiciously, and harvested a large number of different and miraculous elixirs, which can be described as a bumper harvest.
At this time, Luo Tianchi asked, "Are we still going to the other four treasure hiding places of the master?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"Why don’t you go! Wouldn’t it be a pity not to seize such a good opportunity? " In a state of ecstasy, Wei Ji’s words could not help but blurt out. However, just as he was about to issue an order to lead them to continue their treasure collection journey, his heart suddenly stumbled.
"The treasure everywhere is not because of the magic ZongDi on duty must have some kind of weird! If it’s just a tight defense, it’s fine. Even if the bombardment is unbreakable, it can be withdrawn. If there is any danger there, there will be no problem! " Who avoid thought in my heart.
This idea is even worse in the heart of Wei Ji, and his mind also extends deeper. "People who are on duty in the Yin Magic Sect don’t worry about someone breaking in by mistake. After all, this kind of thing is hard to say. If that person happens to have a powerful magic weapon or there are just many students nearby, wouldn’t this baby be taken away by people? So it’s too disturbing. The evil Sect can’t be stupid!
In this case, there is a great possibility that there will be a trap there, and some of it will not be worth the loss! Thought of here, "Wei Ji suddenly flashed past lives, and suddenly he was restored to Qingyuan." I don’t want to go. I have gained a lot now. People should not be too greedy! How many people in this world have forgotten their shape because of too much greed, but I can’t repeat the same mistake again. "
The corpse demon Lin Zhao Tang Tianchi heard Wei Ji’s previous statement that he was waiting for Wei Ji to take the call, but he found that Wei Ji’s feet were as motionless as nails in place, and his face was also in a dilemma. At this moment, they were all Bai Wei Ji’s. Is it worthwhile to measure the next action?
However, for a moment, Wei Ji recovered, and his face reappeared with a clear light smile. "We won’t go with the treasure left!" Retreat from Mingyang Cave immediately and go out to watch things evolve! "
"What?" Hearing this, Lin Zhao, the resin demon, and Tianchi, the seven emotions demon soup, were surprised and blurted out.
"Don’t go!" Wei Ji once again said, "People can’t do everything. I’ve benefited a lot from being in the demon clan. I have to leave something for others!"
Although Wei bogey said that, both Lin Zhao, the resin demon, and Tianchi, the seven emotions devil, know that Wei bogey will definitely not be for this reason. After all, monks are scrambling for resources to leave a point for the enemy. The only explanation is that Wei bogey is worried that the four people are too risky to watch the hidden treasure. It is really not worthwhile to take this risk after having so many treasures.
Although they don’t have any regrets about not being able to go there to find out what the treasure is, Lin Zhao, the corpse demon, and Tang Tianchi, the head of the seven emotions demon, all know that the treasure there may be the most important and precious, but they still admire Wei Ji for making such a choice.
After all, the world is dazzled by the immediate benefits, but there are too few people who can remain calm and make careful decisions in the face of the temptation of powerful interests, so that people can live longer in the thrilling and murderous monastic journey, and accordingly, they can live longer as servants.
For monks, living long also means going further.
When the corpse demon Lin Zhao and the head of the seven emotions demon Tang Tianchi stopped asking questions, they immediately replied, "It’s the master!"
Then Wei Ji led the three men to fly out of the ghost cave again and found a remote corner in Zhong Volcano to hide.
Chapter 3 Chapter 2 The Magic Sword of Seven Emotions
Chapter 3 Chapter 2 The Magic Sword of Seven Emotions
Who avoid waiting for three people just selected a remote valley to hide and feel that the location of the ghost Yang cave is a huge one than the momentum rushing to the clouds.
This momentum is broken and vast, just like the Yangtze River, but it doesn’t seem sharp. Instead, there is a round artistic conception in it, and the high clouds also force it to retreat in the future, but they don’t scatter it. With this momentum rising, there is a huge amount of mysterious yin and corpse in the four directions, and it is like a high tide surging towards Mingyang Cave, which seems to be a whirlpool.
And so the weather shows a bell everywhere in the volcano has also shown a huge specific breath, although it is not comparable to the share of the ghost cave, but it is also extraordinary. These breaths are now casually turned into a series of streamers flying towards the ghost cave, and it seems that there have been several amazing changhong in the past.
Followed by a huge crowd of monks, like a hundred rivers flowing into the sea, they all came out from everywhere, or flew swords or mounted Shenzhou or rode the magic cloud, rushing towards the ghost cave. This clock is more dense than the volcano’s mysterious yin and corpse. Although everyone has a treasure in his hand to break the darkness, there will not be many collisions at such a hurry.
It’s all right to have a good temper. I took a look at each other to confirm each other’s image and reported that I was in a bad temper in the future. At that time, I started to work. It was a mess, especially at the entrance of Mingyang Cave.
Of course, no one dared to provoke the first batch of people who braved the earth to rush in, but the strength of the latecomers was poor, as if it was a huge advantage to take the lead at this moment. So the situation is fierce.
At that time, most of them were single-to-single melee, but soon their friends formed an alliance and several large power groups fought each other.
"Snapping, snapping, snapping,"
With the fierce fighting, many monks died, and their bodies can no longer soar in vain and fall to the ground. The original Wei Ji has been waiting for the war to start. When everyone is free, he takes care of himself and collects flesh and blood in this volcano. However, when he sees this scene, Wei Ji can’t help but secretly feel that his brain is really funny. Isn’t this a ready-made bargain?
If you don’t pick it up at this time, why not wait?
Read this who avoid at that time toward the resin demon Lin Zhao ordered "Lin Zhao this war with the friar’s flesh and blood is sent to our mouth, the so-called day to not take the blame! Now you should take the opportunity to collect it quickly. I don’t think this war will last long. When these people calm down, there will be no chance! "
After that, the defender said to Tang Tianchi, the head of the seven emotions demon, "You should also go with Lin Zhao. Take the seven evils and seven emotions network and collect more spirits. You can enhance the power of the seven evils and seven emotions network and gain yourself!"
"Yes!" The resin demon Lin Zhao and the seven emotions demon head Tang Tianchi replied that the seven emotions demon head Tang Tianchi answered unusually loudly.
Because he was transformed into the head of the Seven Emotions, but the repair was a big drop, it was barely a medium-level foundation. He wanted to upgrade, and there was a shortcut besides his own slow cultivation, that is, swallowing and refining other heads of the Seven Emotions.
However, such a shortcut can only be carried out with the consent of Wei Ji. Because this shortcut is the achievement of the solution of the seven emotions demon, the head of the seven emotions demon can also increase the power of the seven evils seven emotions network, but few people do it. Because of this, the seven evils seven emotions network is the seven emotions demon, and it is easy for the owner of the control instrument to get itself.
To say that magic magic weapons have this drawback, especially those who practice magic, magic, fiend and so on, but they can be stopped by the determination. However, the seven emotions fiend is different from other fiends. He is dedicated to attacking the seven emotions of monks, which is the most difficult to prevent. It can be said that a slight negligence may lead to perdition. Among the many puppet spells of magic weapons, the seven emotions fiend and the six desires fiend are tied for the first risk of self-attack.
For years, it was the magic way that dared to practice these two kinds of fiends, and there were only a few of them. In those days, Tang Tianchi practiced the seven evil spirits and seven emotions by himself, and it was also a million devil heads. That is to say, in the seven evil spirits and seven emotions, the convergence rate was over one million, so that these devil heads had a single means of attack, but it was easy to prevent many from being attacked by them. Moreover, the success rate of many devil heads gathering in one place to contain each other was greatly reduced.
However, the so-called identity is different, but the situation is different. In those days, the owner of his multiplier naturally didn’t want to have the seven emotions demon in his eyes. He naturally hoped that he could evolve into the seven emotions demon. After all, he already had enough foundation, that is, he was a seven emotions demon.
However, when the master is no longer in his hands, he is still short when he follows Wei Ji, but he still doesn’t know much about Wei Ji’s personality. Therefore, although the seven evil spirits and seven emotions network has included another seven emotions devil leader, he dare not devour and refine it without Wei Ji’s order.
After all, although the advanced seven emotions fiend is a shortcut compared with orthodox practice, it still needs to consume a lot of time. If it is because of this, it is easy to kill it in the cradle, but it is clear than a wise man’s soup Tianchi.
At this moment, it is natural for Wei Ji to take the initiative to ban him from doing other things, and it seems that there will be opportunities for him to be independent in the future, which makes him very happy.
Of course, this is not enough to make Tang Tianchi feel passionate and loyal to Wei Ji, but in the form, his resistance to Cheng Wei Ji’s servant has subsided a lot again, and it has also produced a stronger fear
Because things are very obvious. If you don’t have enough confidence to control the seven emotions, the fiend will definitely not be so arrogant and let it be independent unless he is stupid and Wei Ji is obviously not.
The resin demon Lin Zhao followed Wei Ji for a long time, but then he left directly, while the head of the seven emotions demon Tang Tianchi made a deep bow towards Wei Ji before he took over the seven evil spirits and seven emotions network from Wei Ji, which was closely tied behind the resin demon Lin Zhao and flew away towards the battlefield.
Who avoid decorate liujia maze in the periphery of his place, and decorate the magic spring array with double protection. Although it is still impregnable, it can also be called as a rock.
He is idle here, but he is weighing up the plough root method, which is higher and heavier. At this time, Yin and Yang have three trees of Yin and Yang and 300 immature fruits of Yin and Yang. It is not only not a problem to finish this heavy root method, but also it should be rich. Even so, Wei Ji does not want to finish it and fill it with a panacea. In that case, it is likely to leave hidden dangers in the foundation. He wants to weigh this heavy method and make sure that he understands the meaning before practicing.
Besides, I don’t think it’s safe to say that the corpse demon Lin Zhao and the head of the seven emotions demon Tang Tianchi are both erratic in physical movements, and it’s easy for ordinary people to see them. When the battlefield is near, they will find that the body of this place has been smashed into minced meat, but the face and flesh are pure and pure.