Gentle looking back, I saw him leaning there leisurely and annoyed. What do you say?

What shall I do before him?
"Hold him and don’t let him call."
Tengyun obediently hugged his son. Who knew that when the little guy was naughty and full of black foam, he wiped his face with his hands.
And then …
One second, two seconds, three seconds.
To feel exhausted, Wenmi suddenly bent down and laughed, and his stomach was hurting. He raised his hand and pointed it at his face.
Tengyun just stood there and watched her laugh her head off. He glanced in the mirror and sighed, then continued to make her laugh.
"Hey, Dad!" Tengbao will stretch out his hand to give dad than to wipe on the face, but Tengzong immediately turned away.
Even if you are bullied by a woman, even if you bully him, will you let him live?
When two people wash Teng Bao and carry him out, when they get back to the office, they look at the white and clean secret guy holding them in one leg, and both of them are drawing colors on his white shirt.
Secret has a good temper. Seeing gentle and shocked eyes, he has a good temper and smiled. It’s okay.
Gentle turned to Mr Teng and said to buy two new ones for the secret.
"No problem." Manager Teng promised to put the son away and then went to the secret to pick up Teng Bei and Teng Ai from him.
The two little guys got up with a blank expression on their calves. The president really didn’t
"I have," Teng always said, and then carried the two little guys to the front of the lounge. I was a little afraid of being around tenderness, and the boss said that you should come too.
Looking up at Teng Yun gently, I saw his deep eyes staring at Da Er, and then she didn’t speak and looked at Teng Bao and walked past.
Well, she must admit that the most dignified person in their family is General Teng.
Every time I have a cold face, no one dares to talk nonsense.
Hey, even she didn’t dare to expect anything. She was angry and cried.
Gentle saw his wallet lying at his desk and escaped directly, and then looked at him and took him two thousand dollars in cash. You can buy anything for it first.
"I can’t believe it." He was at a loss in the face of the boss’s efforts to put money on him.
"That’s no good. Those two little guys are so naughty that they can’t wash your clothes. Take it."
"If you are really sorry to wait, sometimes you can give me some experience, and I will be more affected."
Section 251
Stop gently and manually. Listen, he said that so that you can call me.
"Then I’ll go change first," the secret said.
Gentle nodded to see after he left, he just wanted the door to hear the secret desk ring.
The secret will come back to answer the phone, gently raise my hand and make a gesture to answer the phone before he leaves.
Gentle to pick up the words to help remember things and then back to the office.
He knocked on the door gently and looked at his daughter, who was not willing to follow him out. She suddenly remembered the story of the eagle catching the chicken.
Then the three little guys went to play separately and didn’t cry.
Gentle and shocked. How did you do that?
"Want to learn?" He looked up at her deep eyes as if to show a hole in her heart.
Gentle eyes, a slight delay, and then a little smile, forget it.
Teng always slightly disappointed is actually simple.
"Have dinner together later"
Gentle …
Just now, he was pleasantly surprised. He wanted to be generous. Who knows that he suddenly got such a trick again?
Sure enough, he has it. You want to eat for free. It’s daydreaming
"Don’t dare to eat a meal?"
"Yeah, we’ve been seeing each other lately."
"Recently? Always? " Teng always suspects
"Isn’t it?"
"Don’t remember"