At two o’clock in the afternoon, Shen Sike came and brought her a sweet teacher, Song Anqiao, who was trained in human language. You are welcome.

"Thank you, Teacher Shen." Song Anqiao looked behind Shen Sike. "Didn’t Lin Yan come?"
Shen Sike smiled, "No, she brought a message to wish you good luck in your career."
Song anqiao frowned, even Lin Yan was guilty because of this incident.
Shen Sike said a few words to Song Anqiao and finally said, "God, I’m going to America. I may not come back for several years. Can you see me off?" Slightly paused "with ChuFei far"
Song anqiao frowned. "How many years?"
"Four or five years," Shen Sike sank his eyes. "Initially, this is the case."
"To escape?" Song anqiao some worry to ask
Shen Sike smell raised his eyes and looked at her. "Yes, I thought of having your psychology here or not."
Song anqiao froze there.
Seeing her like this, Shen Sike smiled, "Don’t be afraid that I have other things to go there." He wanted to say, "First, Tang Heng likes it there, and I want to revisit the old place and take her to see it."
Song anqiao listened and said nothing.
Because Tang Heng should go.
"Second, I want to go for fun and live a new life myself." Shen Sike’s words are sincere. He put a lot of effort into Song Anqiao, and he needs to replenish his energy.
"Miss Shen, you …" Song Anqiao’s nose is a little sour. "I hurt your life."
Shen Sike froze and smiled gently. "It’s not that you make my life more sunny."
He is lucky to watch Song Anqiao grow from a girl to a woman, and he is grateful to God for giving him this opportunity to protect Song Anqiao.
In the end, when Song Anqiao saw Shen Sike off, he faltered and asked, "Will you take Lin Yan?"
After years of friendship with Lin Yan, Song Anqiao was still worried about her happiness even though she hurt herself.
"Yes" Shen Sike smiled and said "I just want to travel with her"
Song anqiao rest assured that he said this on behalf of his acceptance of Lin Yan and Lin Yan’s life together.
The blue sky and white clouds were exceptionally clean the next day.
Chu Feiyuan drove Song Anqiao to Shen Sike for practice.
Shen Sike’s apartment building, Chu Fei, is far from looking down at his wrist, which is a unique and priceless watch.
It’s early
Shen Sike took Lin Yan’s hand and walked to them after his parents said goodbye. "Please."
Song anqiao smiled "no trouble"
Put the luggage in the trunk and Shen Sike looked at Chu Fei. "It’s too early to know if I can talk to you?"
Chu Fei’s eyes sank and his lips slightly lifted "not interested"
Song Anqiao embarrassed Lala his sleeve small "not far …"
"Dare not talk about it or …" Shen Sike glanced at him lightly "or you don’t want to hear how much I like Song Anqiao"
A word full of gunpowder
ChuFei far face suddenly cold to Shen Sike looked at him from Lin Yan hand took a paper bag with three photo albums.
Song anqiao’s heart suddenly tightened
Shen Sike casually turned to Chu Feiyuan. "These three are my records. Mr. An Qiaochu thinks I should keep them or give them to you."
Chu Fei looked at the photos from afar. His face was uncontrollable and sank a little. The tone was very poor.
Dare to blackmail him! This man wants to die!