In the next few days, Li Wei did not care about Li Xiaohua.

In addition to practicing and teaching Lang Yu, he is accompanying Li Xiaotong, and Li Xiaotong’s mother’s death has a certain impact on her grades these days. Fortunately, Li Wei gives her a little Danli every day to maintain her physical strength, and all her homework has been passed.
In fact, there was also something that made Li Wei worry that day when he came back from the crematorium. Lin Min sat in the sand and hugged Li Xiaotong and said, "After your mother died, I will be your mother. You will call me mom just like You, Xiao Qing and Her."
Although Li Xiaotong cried with his mother hugging Lin Min at that time, Li Wei knew that her mother would accept this poor girl and Li Xiaotong would integrate into this family more quickly.
Now watching Li Xiaotong call his mother and Lin Min close, Li Wei feels that he is the happiest person.
Zhang Yifan has gone back. He doesn’t trust Susu, but after he and Levi ran to the mountains and had a fight, he called Levi a freak.
Lina still lives in Qinyuan. Obviously, she likes this place very much. Perhaps it is an ability of her reporter. She and these girls in Qinyuan are very good at learning Chinese from them and teaching them English.
Everything is back on track, but Levi feels something is missing.
It’s Guo Sijia
He asked Guo Sijia’s sister, Guo Simei, and said that Sijia had already taken the exam before she went to Hong Kong to study as a graduate student at HKU.
Guo Simei also said that before Sijia left, she left a message to think about something alone so that Li Wei wouldn’t go to her. Maybe she would come back if she understood it.
It’s possible that you don’t come back if you want to understand it.
Besides, school is not until September, and now people just have a holiday. What is she going to do now?
Do these girls have to go and get them back one by one?
After killing Zamon, he thought to himself
Levi Zamon’s battle is like a heavy stone on everyone’s mind at home.
Li Xiaotong slowly walked out of the grief of his family’s love for his mother and asked Li Wei to stay with him when he was not practicing, while others tried not to disturb him.
These days, he finally finished refining the four Dan. However, since the appearance of this fu-organ, Li Weixian has mostly entered the boundary between the two hot and cold fish of Yin and Yang, and the fiery Dan Li has become hotter and colder after absorbing the heat in the four Dan.
Li Wei now regrets watching the sample completion method to judge whether the original seamless Dan gas is good or bad after it is divided into cold and hot strands. Although it seems that the Xuanyin Spring is constantly absorbing the cold and cold breath, most of it has entered the circle Dan in the abdomen, and there is almost no change.
Now it seems that this will change the nine-turn purple then achievement method cultivation process. According to this progress now, then four turns is far away.
However, Li Wei has benefited a lot from the cold and hot Dan Li’s tempering of meridians in these days. When the cold and hot changes, the feeling of acupuncture has disappeared. Many tiny meridians are still crawling, but it is also a lot less.
This kind of cold and hot Dan gas operation method can not be compared with the previous one in refining the body and the spirit bone.
In these more than ten days, he can feel the high physical strength, which is almost unimaginable
It’s the 14th, six days before Levi’s challenge.
Li Wei decided to go out at night and take out the black gun from the glass fairy palace in Dinghai.
I don’t know what will happen to that gun after nearly a month of spiritual absorption, but Levi has always regarded it as his ultimate weapon in his mind.
I really look forward to it!
Li Xiaotong looked at Li Xiaotong lying softly in his arms. After her eyes were closed, her face was pink, but it was still not gone. Li Wei’s fingertips gently slid over Li Xiaotong’s charming careless with a snort. She grabbed Li Wei’s hand and arched it into his arms to go back to sleep.
She’s too tired.
Watching her fall asleep, Levi pulled out his arm and covered her with a thin towel and walked out of the room.
Xiao Qing sat by the lake in a white dress with her hands on her knees and looked at a few stars in the calm lake. Li Wei came and sat beside her without speaking.
For a long time Xiaoqing asked, "Li Wei, what do you think Qin Shang will be doing now?"
Levi did not answer.
Because he doesn’t know
Xiaoqing said, "Maybe he is practicing martial arts or magic, maybe he is busy in life, maybe he was born fighting hard or, like you, he is indifferent to the beautiful women around him, but most likely he is looking for his way home while thinking about me."
She looked at Levi sideways and said, "It must be like this, don’t you think?"
"If you miss him, he will definitely come back." Xiao Qing smiled and said that he blushed a little when he was light and loving the beautiful women around him.
"Maybe one day, he stepped on the dragon’s foot and wrapped his sword in Leiguang’s hand, and the colorful glow broke through the barriers of peace and time. You have never seen strange and beautiful flowers suddenly appear in front of you. Well, there are a dozen less beautiful women behind him, and maybe there are children in his arms … Hey, Ye Qing, don’t pinch people! Pinch people or don’t tickle people. "
Xiao Qing is looking forward to the sight he said, and she heard him say that beauty and children can’t help but reach out and pinch him.
Levi turned to grab her hand and looked at her moonlight Yan for a while.
Xiaoqing pulled out her hand and shouted, "Levi!"
Li Wei turned his face and said, "You are not weak now. It’s really good that your master Mei Qing said that you are suitable for practicing her martial arts. When will yu Nusu Xuanjing reach the third floor?"
Xiao Qing knew that he changed the subject to avoid embarrassment just now and said, "I think it will take about half a year, and I don’t know what’s going on. I think I’ve never met those bottlenecks in practice."
The third volume Four Seas Surprised Chapter sixty-seven Be sure to come back
The third volume Four Seas Surprised Chapter sixty-seven Be sure to come back
Levi also can’t help but wonder.
Her degree is too fast.
Although not as fast as Li Wei, Li Wei is refining external forces and is not cultivated by himself.
Although she has the gathering spirit circle in the practice room, so does the sorrow and her room.
Think about how fast it is to stay in the three poles after practicing for more than ten years during the day.
"Tell me about your practice time" is by no means a suitable practice sentence, which makes sense.
But after listening to her mental method, there is no abnormality in the circulation of qi. Li Wei even asked her to try to practice here. There is no abnormality. It is that she feels that her circulation is a little faster than normal, but the spiritual force enters the body much faster.