Say, "Shen Suer pretends to be half-bowed shyly, and if people pity the limit."

But that disgusting thing in her heart jumped out of her mouth. It’s genius to vomit.
It is disgusting to hear Shen Suer’s words in her ear, but it is different to hear other people’s ears. The Queen Mother cast an admiring look with a little affection.
Mujing fundus but with a strange.
Mu Chu’s eyes fell on the empress dowager’s temples, and then she quietly drifted past a demure queen. It was so interesting to come to him. She was the queen and dressed as a man. No wonder she felt so pink.
Suddenly, he gathered up a smile, and his eyes flashed inexplicably with a loss.
Xiao Guifei implicitly chuckled and said in a particularly cordial and friendly tone that it would be an honor for you to witness it with the Empress Dowager Dai Lai at the same time.
Shen Suer secretly complained that this crow mouth hasn’t been closed yet.
Eat without words, sleep without words, Mu Chuxue sang a sentence that sounded like English, but people around him could hear it. Everyone knows who he meant to listen to.
Xiao Guifei zheng sipped his cherry mouth for a boring section 43rd early feast emperor missed 8.
Mujing said indifferently, eat quietly, and talk about it when the meal is over. When he said this, he glanced at the first snow and glanced at Shen Suer. He had already realized that something was wrong from the moment this woman just entered the threshold and saw the first snow.
Xiao Guifei’s little-faced horse defends the male and female servants unjustly like a trick. She is afraid that the queen mother will feel bored. After that, she wants to sneak a glance at Mujing’s reaction. There is still a woman sitting in Nai who occupies the last place. It has always been her dream to sit next to him angrily.
It’s very gratifying to feel sorry for my family. The Queen Mother smiles and agrees that she’s here to make amends.
After a while, the table was quiet again.
Shen Suer took a grateful look at Mu Chuxue and breathed a sigh of relief. She pretended to nibble very politely. It’s very tiring to eat in a gentle way, but in front of her, if you eat and drink like this, you will look different, and then you will probably attract attention and be despised by special attention.
After the breakfast banquet, Mu Jing Shang Zheng Chu left first.
However, Shen Suer was particularly noted by the Empress Dowager that she wanted to say something intimate. To Shen Suer, it sounded like nothing more than saying that a woman is virtuous and virtuous, and that she should also take care of the harem and make the emperor worry about the future.
The empress dowager said that she would stay here and listen to a group of women kowtowing.
Women talk about nothing more than topics.
Oh, your skin is so tender. How do you maintain it like a newborn baby?
Oh, what a beautiful hair. What did you wash it for?
Oh, your clothes are really stylish. Who can cut them?
Yo, Shen Suer’s head is spinning.
It’s quite interesting to catch a glimpse of the Empress Dowager. However, the woman in the palace is living a very sad life. Is it even so limited to pass the time? Thinking about thinking that the brain is getting more and more confused, and her eyes are also tired. With two-thirds eyelids open and half eyes exposed, the trademark dead fish eye is coming.
Poof, a distinctive smile came and instantly attracted them. Note Section 44 Meet Cautious Little Prince 1.
Mu Chu Xue came to wait for a while to sit in a corner and not attract much attention among women.
Because laughter has become the focus of attention, it is always embarrassing to touch everyone’s eyes.
He nodded awkwardly and waved and said, "Go on, go on, go on." I glanced at them awkwardly and finally landed on Shen Suer’s cheek.
She talked about him and looked in her eyes.
By the way, has Huang Sao just entered the palace to adapt? Mu Chuxue asked with a smile
Shen Suer didn’t want to answer yesterday’s wedding and came here this morning. How can he adapt to the one-third sexual exposure for a day?
Empress Dowager paid attention to the cut. Yes, you’re crazy, Sue. Go back and have a rest first.