Lei Zhen thought for a while, "I asked the elder that there are more than 400,000 people in our place, most of whom can fight with children, that is, 100,000 people have no food, no weapons and nothing."

A huge map found in the harem shows that the specific location of this settlement is in two mountains and two mountains, just like holding a plain with your arms. If you build a city, it will be easy to defend but difficult to attack.
In front of the main hall, the wooden clan heads and the old tribes gathered to listen to the order
A bunch of people and others all said, "Please ask the Emperor to give orders."
"Wei Tuo’s fifth brother, you set up a vanguard camp with guards, dressed in bear costumes, and the bear army patrolled here for three days, and then they met and pulled out the nearest military camp first."
The elders seem to be one year younger. Everyone is excited to see the mighty warrior of the first emperor, the God of War. There are other things to think about besides "Long live the mountain call"
"Look, there are two moons here. This must not be our world."
"This may not be a celestial phenomenon but a human being," Lei Zhen said after a pause.
Everyone camped at the foot of the mountain. Xu Shao grabbed a handful of soil and said that it had been like this here for many years. There were no grass roots in the soil. Everyone was very surprised and wanted to know the situation early.
At dawn, the bonfire turned to ashes. Lei Zhen woke everyone up and picked up all kinds of magic weapons from the dry Kun bag. There were more than 100 pieces. Lei Zhen said, "I know several kinds, but these guys are far better than us."
Extremely took a look at the "eldest brother this sword is to fix true yuan baby devil refining good magic.
Bing Qian laughed and said, "Thank you, Senior Brother."
"You don’t have a weapon in the sea of clouds. This magic circle of King Kong is just self-defense. This thing should be a magic weapon of Buddhism. You just need to take it with you and you can defend yourself automatically without spiritual drive."
Lei Zhen laughed. "This isn’t me saving in that room. Are you sure you don’t want it?"
Vajrayana’s magic circle is densely covered with Sanskrit spells. What do you mean it’s not white for a while?
Bai Lian looked at Lei Zhen with tears in her eyes. "Brother, why didn’t I know that these three needles were owned by the Taoist priest when Yanchi Fairy was extinct? He demonized the immortal and claimed that our foxes died in countless hands. I don’t want you to give me this dead fox soul today. I can feel that I thank you for my ancestors."
Xu Shao picked the black shield and said, "I want a shield." He stretched out his hand and picked it up. After the shield was faintly covered with a mass of black gas, he wrote a formula. Lei Zhen saw it. It was this shield that made the melody "The song of Tai Yi in the wild". Xu Shao read the spell. The shield suddenly rose a lot, and everyone covered it up. Xu Shao continued to urge Tai Yi Shield, Kara, and a black shield disappeared. Everyone had a pair of black armor. The black light flow was very strange. Xu Shao laughed and closed the "Tai Yi Shield".
Lei Zhen said, "This is a torch hoop, but you have to say a spell to get it off in the fire."
Lei Zhen said, "There may be a big battle today. If you are careful, you will be in a seven-star array ~"
Lei Zhen said, "His absence is indeed harmful, but it is enough to cope."
"Mom, if I were a hunter here, I would be rich," said Yunhai.
"It’s coming soon" Lei Zhen said that he saw a cloud behind the mountains, and the water rumbled faintly, and a big river meandered. I don’t know how far the source is, and all the animals exulted. There were more poisonous insects crawling ants. Ice Qian each gave a poison Dan in his mouth, and the poison was afraid to get close. After a while, at the end of the river at the foot of the mountain, there was a giant tree whose roots were white and dozens of feet wide. Looking up, the tree entered the crown of the giant in the clouds.
It’s strange around Xu Shao, grabbing the sea of clouds and saying, "What’s wrong with you?"
They looked at him with a face of nai.
Then I took out a fairy array compass and looked at it for a long time. I said, "Brothers, someone is playing tricks at the fork point."
Lei Zhen said, "I’ll call Zi Long out."
Everyone jumped on the dragon’s back as small as an ant, and the wooden guides kowtowed like garlic.
There is a platform with a golden red giant fruit with a diameter of one foot. At this time, it is noon. Suddenly, the Yun Qi wind surges all around, and the trees are shaking wildly. The trees are deep and cracked. The wind is sucked into the trees, and the general aura is sucked in together.
Seeing the bearer is a nv person (at least everyone thinks so). The nv person is 6 feet tall and floats in half a snake’s hair. The roots are like living snakes, and the body is even thinner. I’m not ng, like a full moon, but it’s full of scales. A pair of eyes are white, but there are several eyes and hands that keep changing. There are all kinds of animal claws, a huge tail and a steel needle behind it. There is a faint halo F.
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Chapter two hundred and twenty-three Encirclement and suppression
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"Are you human?" Xu Shao asked.
"Drink black ~ ~ ~ ~ ~" The man shouted like hundreds of millions of sounds.
"I am the spirit of beasts" and a few tongues popped out with one mouth. One of them had a small head, which was ferocious and terrible. Xu Shao was furious. "It’s not your turn to scare me." Pulling out the heavenly sword, a fairy sword, a flying fairy, and a thousand golden lights, the demon spirit’s reaction was not listed, and immediately split her in two.
Xu Shao one leng, it’s too simple. The two broken Warcraft struggles on the ground actually grow hands and feet incarnate two, one of which is paws on Xu Shao’s back and the other is cut into two by Xu Shao’s sword.
"Xu Shao back" lei Chen shouted.
Xu Shao back bloodied that 3 animals are crazy I m: n blood.
A flying blade seems to come in a hurry and go in a hurry. It seems that three animal heads flew to the sky and it was Bing Qian who made a move.
"Don’t start work yet." Lei Zhen pulled Xu Shaobing Qian’s horse to Xu Shao. Xu Shao fought with wild animals since childhood and had hundreds of scars. He laughed and said, "This guy really thinks highly of me."
"Slow down, this beast spirit is not one person, but hundreds of millions of dead beasts. The more they kill, the more people will be prepared."
Everyone has turned into six monsters who dare not expect to see Lei Zhen pull out the amethyst dagger with a swing. The amethyst dagger belongs to the fire and the momentum is like a rainbow to "the body belongs to the north pivot eternal star."
Xu Shao holds the heavenly sword to the right, "the spirit of the Oriental White Emperor is too clear"
Bing Qian took a step back and pulled out Zangetsu’s machete, saying, "I am in love with you."
On the left, Zhao Ji-zhu wielded the Excalibur "The West Moon sinks into the river to refine the magic weapon"
Once six people are formed, the power is more powerful than ten thousand cold light, and the aura of heaven and earth enters this array. The thunderbolt keeps falling, and the beast spirits are still rushing around. In fact, Lei Zhen, they don’t know that this array has transported seven planets, and the two peripheral beasts spit out flames and spit out ice, even scattered immortals have to weigh it.
The ghost gradually felt that the way to go was locked tightly in the array, and a burst of purple light was formed. Once the formation rotated, all the rays of sunlight flashed up, it seemed that the firm but gentle shock wave was moving back and forth, and thousands of lives would die here.
Bai Lian held the "Diwang piercing needle" above his head, because it was not mature. He murmured a word to urge the spiritual force. "Do you know Diwang piercing needle for this devil? How many lives you can’t support for a moment? It’s because of your bad weather that you will end up today."
The demon shook his head and wagged his tail, and heard tens of thousands of sounds of grief. "What am I doing with the aura of heaven and earth?"
Lei Zhen said quickly, "Don’t kill it yet. Let me ask you, do you think the weather is caused by this tree?" The beast can hardly move under great pressure. "I’m trapped here, too, or I can call all the animals together to kill you."
Lei Zhen thought it would be nice to say, "Will you be obedient to me if I don’t kill you?"
The beast said angrily, "Don’t you know me? I still know you. You’ve locked me in here for more than 1000 years ~ ~ If you let me go, I’ll be willing to work for you III."
Lei Zhen said, "Do you dare to swear in blood?"