Meng Qi has come from the tree to look a little small in front of Hua Heng at this time, but he dare not have’ dissatisfaction’ with Hua Heng’s words. He is just bowing and saying good things.

After a while, Hua Heng seemed to be flattered by his twin brothers, and said, "If it weren’t for me, you would have been sent to the front as cannon fodder, but since we were born of the same egg, I would naturally take care of you."
Meng Qi nodded and said, "Is it by taking care of the leader? Otherwise, there would be no me at this time."
Hua Heng nodded with satisfaction and said, "All right, you continue to guard this area and report anything."
Meng Qi nodded and said, "My warning array will fluctuate from time to time. Do you want to invite the adults to have a look?" Does this warning array fluctuate? Of course not. This is just Meng Qi’s preparation for his escape.
Hua Heng said impatiently, "If there are fluctuations, there will be fluctuations. Adults are busy attacking Lingxu Gate at this time. Where can I manage these things?"
Meng Qi shan shan nodded and then retreated aside, while Hua Heng swam away slowly.
Meng Qi came to the edge of the warning array to study this warning array, but after studying it for a long time, Meng Qi still had no clue.
However, Meng Qilai didn’t expect much from the Times. He quickly rushed into the warning array and then rushed out and hung on the big tree again.
Soon after Meng Qi hung up, he felt that few monks around him were approaching him. Soon those monks were all here, but they didn’t see the expected enemy.
Instead, I saw Meng Qi hanging in the tree, and all the demons leaned over to Meng Qi.
A big yellow lizard spat out Lickitung and asked, "What happened to Huaheng? We feel as if someone on your side broke into the warning array?"
Meng Qi pretended to raise his eyes impatiently and said, "My warning law has been out of order since this afternoon. I have already told my brother that he said no matter."
Although these demon repairs are all higher than Hua Heng’s, they are all done by Hua Heng’s hands, and they are still polite to Hua Heng’s demon repairs.
And after listening to Hua Heng’s explanation, all the demons looked at each other and didn’t expect it to be like this.
Since there is nothing, they naturally returned to their sectors.
And Meng Qi saw that the corners of his mouth were showing a smile after these people left.
An hour later, Meng Qi came here again. Someone broke into the warning law and fluctuated. This time, those monks came here again.
Meng Qi looked at the crowd and said, "I just said that you piansheng don’t believe it. Well, come if you want, but I’m not running anyway."
The demons looked at each other and then dispersed, but someone told Hua Heng about it and Hua Heng came over again.
After checking the fruit for half a day, Hua Heng left and said that when the day came, he would call the monk who is good at array magic door to come and have a look.
Since then, this array has been touched and fluctuated almost every other hour, but there are still many demon monks coming, and by dawn, it has already rung three times, and no friar has come.
Meng Qi knew his chance to escape came …
Meng Qi spit out the magic bead. Because of this magic bead, Meng Qixiu will also be suppressed to the foundation stage. Otherwise, it is not a perfect disguise.
The original slender bungarus multicinctus has turned into a thick hydra. Although no one should come at this time, Meng Qi still feels that his body should be more convenient.
Then a small thin cloud appeared in Meng Qishen, and suddenly Meng Qi disappeared, and the warning circle fluctuated again.
However, it seems that some demon practitioners around them are all accustomed to guarding their own areas of responsibility, and no longer look at the situation over there in Huaheng.
This is the darkest place of the day in front of Lebanon.
Meng Qi didn’t dare to rise. Although he broke through the warning circle, it doesn’t mean that Meng Qi escaped from the magic door blockade. Just escaping was just the most rigorous first blockade of the magic door.
There’s nothing to hurry quietly like this. If he flies in the sky with great fanfare, he will be found out.
With Meng Qi getting farther and farther away from Lingxu Gate, a glow appeared in the sky, and then slowly a brilliant red appeared at the end of the day.
That wipe of purples radiates a warm light, and it is getting stronger and brighter. After a night’s rest, everything slowly wakes up in this light.
A lilac orchid slowly raised its head after the light shone behind it, and its delicate petals were aimed at the direction of sunlight, trying to absorb ultraviolet rays that could help it grow better.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-five Nemesis
Chapter one hundred and ninety-three Nemesis 1
In front of it, a sunflower pointed its head at the light early, and its strong posture was swinging gently against the breeze. Everything seemed so vibrant and refreshing.
However, when all the living things were cheering, one person frowned.
Because at dawn, when he was one minute away, Meng Qi knew that Hua Heng would go to find the magic door monk at about this time to check it out, and then they would surely find clues.
Although Meng Qi has fled for several hours, I’m afraid that Meng Qi will not escape if he is chasing behind because he is not moving fast, and it is possible that the pursuer is on the road now.
Thought of here, Meng Qi stopped thinking about his figure for a moment, and then forced the shadow escape technique to disappear into the grass in the morning.
And Meng Qi didn’t dare to delay the flight after the shadow escape, but at this time Hua Heng had already discovered the situation and reported it immediately.
Soon two monks then came to Huaheng. After asking about the situation, they took out an astrolabe without saying anything, and then one of them kept injecting spiritual power into the astrolabe. Finally, almost all spiritual power was injected into it. After that, the astrolabe flashed a dazzling light.
Several light spots appeared in the astrolabe, which can show all the positions of monks in the encirclement of the magic gate, but to start it, a monk then must do his best to make it work.
And when they saw a very bright silver star going outside their own blockade, the friar then gave the astrolabe to another friar and said, "Liao Daoyou has seen you."
The monk took the astrolabe without saying anything, but turned into a demon wind and fled out.
Meng Qishang didn’t know that he had been exposed to others’ eyes and eyes, and he fled with great effort.
However, Meng Qiying’s evasive technique is indeed a first-class evasive technique. Naturally, even the speed is quite rapid. The monk holding the astrolabe chased him all the way, but the gap between Meng Qiying and me is still very large.
However, he is not worried about escaping so quickly, and the spiritual consumption is also quite large, and seeing that the light spot has just rushed out of the astrolabe and can cover half of the position.
Liao Xiang tried his best to speed up while watching the fast-moving silver spot sneer at how far you can run.
Judging from the intensity of the light spot, this man was only repaired in the early days of then, and even some magical powers Liao Xiang denied that he could compete with himself as a monk in the late days of then.
Liao Xiang’s escape technique is also a kind of escape technique with quite fast escape speed-wind escape technique. This attribute of Liao Xiang is not a five-element attribute but a mixed spiritual force called wind attribute.
This kind of attribute is quite rare among humans, but it is not so rare in the demon race, and the speed of this wind evasion technique is one of the best, which is more than one layer higher than the five-element evasion technique.
Of course, the wind escape technique is also extremely mana-consuming, but Liao Xiang is already more powerful than Meng Qi in the later period. Compared with Meng Qi, Liao Xiang naturally has a big advantage.
And in this case, Meng Qi would dare not put all the spiritual forces on the road. He must leave considerable strength to ensure that even if someone chased him, he would have a fighting force.
Meng Qi stopped in front of a rushing river after Meng Qili flew for two or three hours.
This is a mighty river, and the water quality is not very good. Some yellowing reminds Meng Qi of the past life when the Yellow River rolled and the yellow river fell from the surface. This is a small drop point.
A drop of yellow river water was splashed into the middle and became crystal clear, but it was still a way to change the yellowish color.
Meng Qi is not familiar with this big river, but from this big river, it seems that Meng Qi’s direction is roughly the same, but naturally it is not a straight line, but it still stops in front of him.
After all, for Meng Qi, the mental energy consumption is very small, and the speed is also very fast in such a fast-flowing water. For this matter, the mental energy has dropped to a distance not far from the warning line. For Meng Qi, it is absolutely cost-effective to choose the water escape technique.
Meng Qi stayed in the face for a moment and then jumped.
After falling into the water, the original turbid river became clearer than Meng Qi’s eyes, and Meng Qi could still see small fish swimming in twos and threes under the water.
After a little adaptation, Meng Qi encouraged the spiritual force to transport the water to escape, and then Meng Qi turned into a streamer at the bottom of the water and quickly went along the river.
After Meng Qi, Liao Xiang saw that Meng Qi’s speed was slow and he was no longer walking in a straight line. He thought happily, "Hum, is it finally slow?" Then speed up by two points. At this speed, I’m afraid it will take at most two hours to chase Meng Qi.
At this time, the battle of Lingxu Gate was in full swing. After Mulan joined the battle, there were quite a few demon monks on his side, and there were ten of them.
Except for chasing Meng Qi, there are two brothers and a whole name, then the number of brothers plus the original blood Haimen Pin Bone Gate is more than 14, which is 3.5 times that of Lingxu Gate.