Anxious to see the play, JiXianEr immediately rushed to the door, and it was Wen Lingxuan who came in as expected, with ten people around him.

"Duanmu Bro Ling Xuan came uninvited. Please forgive me."
Wen Lingxuan paid tribute to a low-key gesture from a distance. "You are so interested in drinking as a song. Can you count as a Ling Xuan?"
Just as Chen Hanwei greeted the living room with a smile, Qi Xianer slipped out at the same time. "It’s a little uncomfortable for you to drink my belly slowly."
Who cares about a wannabe like her?
In fact, Wen Ling Xuanmu, since he is wooing Chen Han and Chen Yan, won’t be silly to probe people around him. This is different from a kind of hostility. He won’t do that, but from his family, he already knows that Chen Han and Chen Yan are cultivated by people around him. How strong can they be?
Although the secret sent the casual fairy imperial city away, it also left more than 30 super-powerful brothers. Most of these immortals have special physique to deal with the master-level planet.
He didn’t regard the people around Chen Han as a threat, even if he explored the immortal knowledge, he could break the disguise of Qingyang and others.
Fortunately, the newly-built clause has an area larger than that in the living room, and even if there are ten tables, it will not be a problem. A new round of banquet will soon be held in the hall.
"Everyone is one of our own, so it’s not so obvious in private. I’ll just call the two elders by their first names."
Wen Lingxuan personally got up and poured a glass of wine for Chen Han and Chen Yan, and said earnestly, "Since Duanmu and Chen Yan are our own brothers, I won’t beat around the bush. What will happen to the future writers with my support and investment?"
Chen Han faltered for a moment and said, "Little master, today’s identity, if we strive to develop family strength, the future of writers."
"Can there be any changes between the two tattooed parents?"
"Wen Jia is ten million times stronger, although he is several times stronger than the elders."
"I think so, too, but a powerful need is unity."
"That’s right"
"Generally speaking, family power does not allow outsiders to intervene."
"That’s right"
"Ling Xuan deeply feels the kindness of the two writers and knows that the two have excellent qualifications and want to create a good foundation together with the two, but there may be various problems in the process. Ling Xuan hopes that the two can help me in the same boat, but unfortunately, I am really not sure if something unexpected happens."
"Young master doesn’t believe us?"
"It’s not that you don’t believe it, but … you should know that some things are involuntary."
Wen Lingxuan raised his glass with both hands and solemnly said, "I hope the two can swear to follow the literati! The two are benefactors of my literati and friends of Ling Xuan. Ling Xuan dare not and will not force the two to say anything inappropriate about loyalty, just follow my literati and will not betray. "
Would have slapped him to death. Chen Yan was so angry that he was about to get up, but he couldn’t move because of Chen Han’s pull
Staring at each other with cold eyes, he chuckled, "What if I don’t promise the young master?"
The other party brought ten immortals and got up from the table at the same time, and the fairy force fluctuations were released to hide the fiery than the pitfalls.
"Sit down!"
Wen Lingxuan pretended to give them a hard stare, and then said softly, "The two elders are the benefactors of the literary family. Ling Xuan won’t do that kind of ungrateful thing, but my literary family also dare not leave two elders. Besides, the two identities will also be kept secret … I hope that Duanmu bro can keep a copy of the emperor’s shocking day. My brother is very curious about this method and wants to see the unique method that is called taboo by the celestial world."
"That is to say, if I don’t promise, I will be swept out of the house and forced to take my mind?"
"Bro, don’t talk nonsense. I’m reading it by heart."
"What if I still don’t agree?"
"That …"
With a wry smile, Wen Lingxuan shook his head as if he had to die. "Then I have to borrow the old brother’s method by force, but I can still guarantee that I won’t hurt the two and keep all the secrets of the two. However, it is said that the growth of both talents is very strong and my own realm is not weak. It is not easy for some fairy masters to take it by force, and it may cause some damage, so it is not that brother can control it."
At this moment, the ban on Rev. enveloped the whole clause. I don’t know what happened inside, but Chen Yan placed a camera and recorded the whole process.
At the same time, the relay device that JiXianEr took out was broadcasting everything that happened in the living room outside the clause. Before the relay device, all the offices of Wen Gu were impressively displayed.
Wen Lingxuan’s remarks just finished, and there was a explosion outside the clause.
A moment is not strong, the ban is forcibly destroyed, and a large group of people run in from the outside. At the front is Wen Yingchang, the owner of Wen Jia.
He is his own family, who has experienced the disaster of being killed. He bullied him into handing over his son and sealing Tianbao’s seal. Seeing that Wen Gu was about to be slaughtered, he almost fell into despair. I didn’t expect Chen Han and Chen Yan to appear.
It was the two brothers who saved Wen Jia!
No matter whether they repay kindness or have a purpose, the fact that they saved the literati does not erase the literati’s gratitude for saving their lives and does not question it.
Seeing the son, in turn, so threatening the rescuer Wen Yingchang’s anger soared. Where did the affectionate son go?
What’s more, everything in the hall is for them to see, and they are secretly doing such shady things.
"Father, how did you …"
Wen Lingxuan was startled by this sudden change. When her eyes swept Jixian beside her father, she suddenly thought that it was her cheating. "Are you? Little bitch, what did you say to your father? "
"Father …"
"You do it for heartless things!"
Wen Yingchang was so angry that he was shaking his hair. This finger pointed at the son and shouted, "It was a lie to say that it was so nice in the hall earlier. You are very good. You were out of work because you were almost killed. Do you know that your family was almost killed?"
When he heard what his father said, he shouted in a very reasonable way, "But I’m a friend. I didn’t know it would be like that if I left. Why don’t I let the other party find a home and bring trouble to my family?" Now that I’m back, I’ve killed all the bastards who participated in that murder. I’m not sorry! "
"You have no sorry person? Including the benefactor who saved my writer from fire and water? Do you know what you are doing? "
"I …"
"Say it’s hard to be obedient. Even if the elders want me to be a cow and a horse, Wen Gu has saved hundreds of people and there is nothing to say about you. You let the benefactor lift the oath. I can think that you are out of filial piety or that your status is different now, so you can’t lose face. But you asked the benefactor for a magic weapon and even forced them to swear to follow you. Do you know that you bite the hand that feeds you? "
"What did I do wrong? I am right! "
It doesn’t make sense to act in disguise again. Wen Lingxuan simply tore his face and shouted, "Why was Wen Gu killed because he was not strong enough?" I have status, status and strength now. I want to make the writer strong. I want to draw the most potential people into the future. Is it wrong for me to do so? "
"Then what?" Haven’t talked Chen cold asks.
"You have a taboo, Junlong center method, and you have the enemy’s fighting power of the same order, and your future achievements will surely be lost in the past. Three Zijin Kirin are the kings of the Kirin clan, and you can help me with the help of the clan’s strength in the future."
Wen Ling Xuan looked at his father with great timidity and regret. He shouted, "I asked them for help, but they have ambitions. I heard from your words that this ambition is too great to prevent it from being restricted, otherwise I will be at a loss when I make wedding dresses for others. What’s wrong with me doing this?"