The black umbrella covered his outline, but it couldn’t cover his tall and straight figure. Seeing his gentle figure, it was confirmed that he should come the day after tomorrow, and what time is his plane when the weather is like this today?

He walked towards her from the rain with an umbrella, as if he had walked in front of her before blinking. When will the problem of umbrella hitting her head be changed? How much does an umbrella weigh?
Gentle dementia eyes looked at him and then could not help laughing.
There were many rainy days before, when she forgot to bring her umbrella, and it always cleared up after a while, but she guessed wrong many times every time, and he bumped into her and rubbed her umbrella and scolded her.
"Not coming back the day after tomorrow?" Gentle asked a sentence
Tengyun’s dark eyes stared at that beautiful face, and she finally smiled again. It seems that she hasn’t smiled at him for a long time.
Hiding for a while. Did she forget today?
"I can’t wait!" He said it lightly, then grabbed her shoulder and walked to the steps.
As soon as she stepped on the ladder, her back slammed into the narrow corner of the ladder wall, and the tall and straight man occupied all the light in front.
☆, 39 destroyed for granted.
The palm of his hand grasped her, and a pair of soft arms bent down to block the soft lips that made him miss him day and night.
Gentle breathing and unsteady, but his kiss became more and more overbearing.
It seems that I have missed the disaster and I am like a cheetah who has captured its prey.
Gentle some can’t bear it, and gradually resist his move before slowly softening away.
As soon as the ladder reached the top of the building, he immediately took her hand and walked out. Jiang Wen was wearing lipstick. When he heard the sound, he immediately took back the lipstick and panicked. He returned before the president’s wife?
He didn’t let her loose at the door of the office, but directly drew her closer to the office. Jiang Wen was shocked to see that the door was closed by force-
Everything that happens inside can be imagined by outsiders.
The man easily pushed the woman against the door panel, tortured, kissed and chewed. Even if the woman was in pain and was about to cry, he didn’t let go. He easily carried her thin figure to the next lounge.
Gentle, almost guilty, ashamed, unable to lift his head, but he made him look up at him several times
This sudden scene is out of her control, and if he strips her naked at this time, she may not be able to resist.
I deeply feel that he wants to be gentle, and I don’t know whether to push him or become him. At this moment, she doesn’t want to let him suffer so much.
Teng Yun suffered against her forehead, even her breathing became rough and crazy, but she still thought about her feelings. "Are you ready for tenderness?"
He suddenly asked in a low voice, gentle and red, as if he were ripe.
Looking at her ashamed expression, he almost laughed, kissed her forehead, and then turned over and lay down beside her to catch his breath.
Gently and slowly, he got up and adjusted his shirt. Looking back at his face, the outline seemed to be frustrated and forbearing.
Gentle wanted to go out to work and was dragged back into his arms by him. He did nothing but hug her.
"Stay with me for a while"
I’ve wanted to do this for more than seven years, or I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. Holding her and being her are really the most tacit couple, not just work.
Sometimes the feeling of empathy makes him want to crush her and torture her severely.
But for the first time, he still wants to be beautiful and try to leave a good impression and memory on her.
Later, Han Xilai knocked at the door and saw the bed pestering men and women. Han Xilai immediately whistled.
Teng Yun rolled over his chest to cover his gentle and messy bust and said coldly to the man at the door, Get out!
"I’m going out first, and I’m going to the south of the city with Han Xi later."
"My reputation has been ruined by you!" Gentle shame still buried his face in his chest and muttered
"You have long been my person!" Take it for granted to destroy
Later, after the two left, she sat in bed, patting her face with both hands and trying to wake herself up. It was really crazy that they just kept pestering each other in bed.
She doesn’t hate it, but-
Yes, I like it
Jiang Wen couldn’t help staring at her big round eyes when she went out tenderly. As soon as her gentle face turned red, she raised her hand and touched her neck. Why?
"Your mouth is swollen and-it’s so red here and here." Jiang Wen grabbed her neck and pointed to those positions with tenderness and immediately fled towards washing her hands.
Han Xi and Teng Yun went to a large design company together, but after tossing and turning, he was not very satisfied. Two people stood in front of the design company in the sun. "When were you so picky?"
"When did I stop being picky?" Tengyun coldly followed the car.