"The real person laughed, and now the situation seems to be a bit dangerous, and I am not suspicious!" How embarrassed, ashamed and sorry the emperor’s face appeared at the right time when he smelled it.

"hinder!" Qingxia reality is still faint with a wave with a smile. "It is normal for a country to think more! Now it’s time for you to make arrangements for this conspiracy! I won’t get involved in such mundane things, and I know where I live, but just call me if you need me! "
"Then thank the real person. If there is no need, I will definitely not disturb the real person’s meditation casually!" The emperor heard that he was busy and bowed slightly.
With Qingxia’s reality, he also got up and exchanged the Excalibur of Dafan Town for the emperor. After that, he insisted on another Dingbang sword with one hand and took the fuels to the emperor to leave.
The emperor is naturally afraid to neglect hurriedly reciprocate, and then has been sending Qingxia reality out of the hall door. This kind of situation is not embarrassing for the general on duty to see more, but his eyes swept to Qingxia reality holding a sword in the middle of the back, but it was a white and another blood shed!
Qingxia reality out of the hall, there is no such thing as a potential, and there is no moving multiplier, so step by step to fly high and disappear in a flash.
Standing at attention without false external force is the most direct external expression of the real person then Wei Ji sensed that the last doubt about whether the real person Qingxia was then disappeared.
Qingxia, a real person, can’t stop smiling and smiling. This time, he was most comfortable when he went to the palace to do things. He felt that he didn’t leave immediately when he achieved the elixir, but decided to stay here for another year to stabilize it. It was so right to help Da Fanguo by the way.
"It’s really good for good people!" The real Qingxia muttered to herself, "When I practice sword successfully, I will cruise around for a while, hero!"
Hear this who avoid could not help secretly thought, "I’m afraid you don’t have the chance! Who let you and I Luzhou on the opposite side! "
Then the real man went out of the capital very quickly and fell in a valley outside the city. This valley is surrounded by cliffs, and it is absolutely impossible for ordinary people to find this place. It is an excellent seclusion.
There are three simple thatched huts beside a mountain stream in the valley, and Wei Ji-shen knows that they are Qingxia’s real bedroom, Dan’s room and training room at a slight sense. Although these three thatched huts look very humble and seem to be able to blow down when the wind blows, Wei Ji-shen must be blessed with runes or banned from ordinary monks, but he can’t get in if he wants to.
Qingxia, a real person, naturally noticed the spiritual jumping of Dingbang sword, but he didn’t think about the fact that the sword was a human being because it was shocking.
As soon as the real Qingxia falls, he goes to the rightmost of the three thatched cottages. This is not the real Qingxia bedroom, but the Dan room. For the monks, the Dan room and the refining room are one place. It is obvious that the real Qingxia can’t wait to practice sword now.
Wei Ji doesn’t worry about this. He also practiced Tianyuan Sword Chapter, which is also a sword repair. He also has some understanding of sword repair and flying sword. It is clear that sword repair is different from ordinary flying sword refining.
Ordinary flying swords are refined or ritual routines are mostly made of fire, and then the condensed form of array method is portrayed on the surface. At the moment when the flying sword is released from the furnace, it is already a complete success, and the sword is a sword embryo. If you want to really become the flying sword, you need the sword master to keep adding prohibitions to the surface to seek its evolution and advancement.
Wei Ji’s incarnation of Dingbang Sword is already a perfect sword embryo. The root does not need to be banned in the fire. Wei Ji’s self-confidence is so good. The sword embryo Qingxia real person will definitely not be banned in the first or second order. For the real person, the blessing of Dingbang sword surface is the normal state. Since he said that he has the right swordsmanship, he will be refined from the fifth order.
And if you want to successfully practice the fifth-order flying sword sacrifice, it will take seven months for him to enter the elixir repair. The initial blessing and prohibition will not have an impact on Weiji.
Wei Ji has a very deep understanding of practicing magic transformation. If he wants to become a magic weapon without being completely solidified into a kind of instrument, there will be no obstacle to changing back to his original roots. If he can complete the transformation of thirty-six, I am afraid that this last restriction will no longer exist.
If not, Weiji would have directly changed back to a human-moving, all-blade traffic, and the reality of Qingxia would have been cut out. After all, this is a desolate valley, which is already a very suitable killing place for Weiji.
However, in his own security situation, it is natural for Wei Ji to consider the maximization of interests. At first, he changed the sword of Fan Guozhen, the national god sword, and decided to send it to the hands of Qingxia real person who is obsessed with the sword and then wait for an opportunity to cut it out.
He really didn’t consider how much trouble it would cause to Emperor Fan. However, the natural idea of Emperor Fan gave Wei Ji one more choice, that is, not to kill Qingxia real person for the time being, let Qingxia real person help Emperor Fan to level those royal families who conspired to covet the throne, and then slay Qingxia real person, Emperor Fan, a royal family.
In this way, no matter how suspicious the royal family is, it will not be able to reach the head of Luzhou Weijia. Obviously, this is a farce in which the royal family of the royal family of the royal family of the royal family of the great family of the great family is completely destroyed. Those court officials, nobles and generals will certainly not be angry with each other for life.
In this case, it is very logical and in line with public opinion that Luzhou sent troops to the capital to counter-insurgency. In that case, it will naturally take little cost for the Wei family to take over from Fan Li’s family to become the master of the new dynasty.
Qingxia reality is in a state of excitement. Naturally, I don’t know that I should have ended my life today because I hold Dingbang Jianxin Road in my hand, and my life has been extended for a few days inexplicably.
Qingxia real person crossed his legs in the futon in the middle of the Dan room, and then put Dingbang sword across his knees, and then leaned his right hand into his bag. At that time, a white jade box was taken out by him. When he held the box with one hand and scratched his forefinger nail with the other hand to the central trace, a white light flashed across the jade box and cracked. In the future, there will be a page of unknown materials with several handwriting on it. The first five Chinese characters are golden fire swords.
In front of Qingxia real person, there are many clouds and clouds disillusioning the sword. The additional illusion makes people mistake. He is very proficient in illusion, but Qingxia real person is really good at magic but fire.
This golden light and flaming sword is the fifth-order flying sword, which is the most suitable for it. Although Qingxia, a real person, has seen it many times before this page, he still can’t help but want to have a look again before practicing the sword at this moment, and he can see the flaws.
After all, for Jian Xiu, a flying sword is the most important thing, and the rest are foreign objects, which is not to be neglected at all.
It took more than half an hour to savor word for word. The real Qingxia just finished reading this only one page. He breathed deeply for several times, and then he calmed down his mood. Then he took a magic shot and suspended the Dingbang sword in vain, adding a ban.
Qingxia is really worthy of being cautious before practicing the sword, but he is very bold when practicing the sword.
He can’t see the specific method clearly because of the fast speed of his hands, but he can vaguely see a series of light and shadow, and the forbidden light falls like rain on the surface of Dingbang sword, and some subtle changes have taken place vaguely.
Three days later, in the early morning, the nun named Sha Yuan drove a Fa Zhou into a small valley. She stopped at a distance from the thatched cottage and walked step by step. Then she respectfully saluted outside and shouted, "Qingxia is a real person!"
Although Qingxia reality practiced flying swords at the sacrifice, he didn’t relax about the outside situation. He knew when Sha Yuan came, and then he slowed down the method and stopped. When Sha Yuan opened his mouth, Qingxia reality had stopped.
"Three days and three nights is less than one percent. It seems that it is really tempered!" Qingxia said something to herself, then quickly held the sword and then believed that the cover of the furnace flew up at the moment when the Dan furnace was braked. He threw the Dingbang sword in without extra trouble, and then the cover of the furnace fell with a bang.
Then Qingxia walked out of Dan’s room and asked Sha Yuan, "Is everything ready?"
"Yes!" Sha Yuan replied, "Everything is ready for today’s meeting, but I’m worried that some monks will want to invite real people to sit in the town!"
"Then let’s go!" Qingxia reality nodded, and then a stride was royal and flew towards the palace. Shayuan also quickly took out Fa Zhou’s course and chased him.
Who avoid induction Qingxia reality has gone away, and naturally won’t be wronged again. At that time, the royal sword of God was fascinated by the curse. At that time, the sword of Dingbang in Dan furnace spontaneously flew up and hit the cover of Dan furnace.
Brother Dan’s furnace is unusual and also a kind of multiplier. Many of them are special multipliers. If it doesn’t make sense, the cover of the furnace can’t be beaten, and it doesn’t take the trouble to directly cut it off with a sword.
Dingbang sword is a treasure, but this Dan furnace is just a low-order weapon. It’s too far away, but after three strikes, it smells a loud bang. The cover of the Dan furnace is blown apart. Wei Ji incarnates Dingbang sword and flies out, instantly turning his body.
Wei Ji was shocked by the ripple of the mind and scanned his body once. He found that there was nothing strange before he finished his heart. At this time, he had a deeper understanding of the powerful method of thirty-six changes in the highest day.
Soon Wei Ji collected all the good things he saw in Dan’s room and then prepared to go out.
Just now, he saw that the fragments of the blown-up furnace cover hit the wall and were banned. After the light bounced back, he also had a basic understanding of the additional ban on this thatched cottage. He estimated that this door also had a stronger effect, but it didn’t take too long to test it. He immediately took out his most powerful treasure, the blood hairpin.
Mana in the hands of a shock blood hairpin into blood refining immediately boom in the virtual door indeed as expected a latosolic red spirit curtain virtual manifestation blood refining severely hit a but the curtain is not strong blood refining a was scored spirit effect greatly reduced.
At this moment, Wei Ji strode to the right hand and turned into a huge copper hammer, which was severely blasted at the gap. The curtain was immediately torn with a huge mouth and Wei Ji easily went out.
Although the light curtain quickly closed up after Weiji walked out, it showed that Weiji didn’t completely break it, but Weiji didn’t care that he did the same thing and entered Qingxia’s real bedroom and training room to find a good income bag in the east and west. Then he called out Qingniu and sat down to fly away in the direction of the palace.
There is no other meaning for Wei to avoid going to the palace, but he is just watching the excitement when he feels it.
The emperor felt that the overall situation was under control when he had Qingxia real person sitting in the seat. He immediately flew into a rage at the court, lambasted those people he recognized with ulterior motives, and then sent troops to clear it up.