"Brother-in-law, look behind you!"

I should have looked, but I saw a big crack on the ground in the distance. The ground around the crack was constantly sinking and sinking into the crack. The crack became wider and wider and deeper, and I heard a boiling sound of lava as if it were from hell, and it was like a demon animal sleeping hundreds of millions of years ago waking up from the seal of hell
Violet blue star zheng and I suddenly exclaimed together.
After that, we tried our best to run away from the falling earth in this lost world. Suddenly, there were red awns shining all over the sky, and several meteorites collapsed like the sky, and there were terrible cracks in the sky.
At that moment, we could run everywhere, but we were still running! Suddenly I heard the purple blue star exclaim, but I turned around and saw that the purple blue star actually fell to the ground, and I was surprised
"Violet blue, what’s wrong with you?"
She said softly
"Brother-in-law, run away and leave me alone. I can’t gather energy without purple star soul and my wings-"
I understood her meaning and strode over to sink a way
"Stop it, Violet. I’ll take you away."
After that, I couldn’t help but run hard behind her back. For days, meteorites and meteors were still falling and deep cracks were like galloping wild horses getting closer and closer to me and purple and blue stars. Hell magma spewed out in the distance and dyed the whole day red!
Heaven and earth suddenly sent out a thunderbolt and a flash of wind, and suddenly it blew head-on towards us, as if to drag us into the flames of hell! When you run slowly, you hear purple and blue stars on the main road.
"Brother-in-law, let’s run alone. We can’t go like this."
I gritted my teeth and said nothing. Suddenly I felt that the earth was spinning around me and my ears were whistling.
It’s not good to scream in my heart. It’s a tornado of death, but there’s no way to escape. Purple blue star has been blown away by the wind and disappeared.
In the rotating world, I sighed and closed my eyes so that I could come safely, but I didn’t expect that this sudden tornado of death happened to save my life and Violet Star’s …
After a long time, when I opened my eyes, I couldn’t help but wonder that the whole unknown world had fallen into a sea of hell and fire, but I was very lucky to fall on a strange rock and a woman was lying not far away.
"It’s purple blue!"
After that, I climbed along the bumpy rock and saw her eyes closed tightly. Her forehead used to be purple and blue, and the star pattern actually disappeared at the moment. My face was unusually white and I whispered
"Purple blue-"
Only to see her eyes closed and she didn’t say anything. Suddenly, she felt that her feet were lightly touched by something. Looking at it, it was a small sealed bag. I suddenly picked up this bag with Zheng. It seems that the bag of heaven and earth is in the treasure house of saints. Maitreya Buddha entrusted me to give it to Purple Blue Star.
I was looking at it when I heard a low moan. I hurried to see that it was purple blue and woke up. I like to say
"Violet blue, you woke up. You scared your brother-in-law. I didn’t expect you Andromeda fairies to faint."
Purple blue star low road
"Andromeda will not only faint, but also die. Will you be sad if I die?"
I zheng purple blue star unexpectedly say such words full of human nature, but I don’t know what to say for a moment, but I saw her slowly climb up and sit up and look at the hell around the rocks in front of me, and suddenly she chuckled lightly. I wry smile way
"Purple blue, what are you laughing at?"
Purple blue light say with smile
"It seems that I am not the only one who is going to die, and your brother-in-law is going to die."
She laughed even more when she said that. I really don’t understand why these fairies want to die. I heard her suddenly judo.
"Brother-in-law, I really want to live once and die well."
I am busy
"Stop it, stop it, it’s getting unlucky."
But hear purple blue star light say with smile
"Brother-in-law, you’re right."