"attack quickly when they are weak!" Chen Kaili wielded a long sword attached to the flame and cut it on the neck of the skeleton. A thin layer of gray fog blocked Chen Kai’s weapon, but it was a little flash of Chen Kai’s long sword and cut it on its neck. The white flame instantly burned into its head along the long sword. "-121!" This is Chen Kai’s attack damage "-24!" This is the flame that burns the skull of the skeleton, causing damage and burning for six seconds until the red light disappears in the eyes of the skeleton. The flame is still burning because Chen Kai put his finger in its eyes, which makes the sacred impact. When the light disappears, the black and gray fog of the skeleton disappears even more.

"Gain Experience by Destroying Gray Skeletons 2 (Double Experience)"
Just now, I held off these bones to prevent them from attacking the magic. Rola Chen Chen Kai kept attacking them, so all six bones were badly hurt. Chen Kai soon turned them into a pile of bones one by one, but they were really the same as Lin Lei said. Chen Kai looked at them and turned them into gray bones, thinking that if there were two holy sacrifices, it would take a round to clean up a piece of bones. This is simply a leveling machine! Unfortunately, up to now, three lucky players have changed jobs and become holy sacrifices, and the other two are still in other countries.
Chen Kai doesn’t know if it is possible for other players to change jobs and become holy sacrifices in the future, but according to the records of aborigines, it seems that holy sacrifices can only take office in the apprenticeship stage. Of course, other priests can also learn that holy purification is just a single attack, not a halo. There is no other attack magic. They can make the aura increase or attack, and once the aura is made, it can’t move.
However, the archer profession really doesn’t have much power here, because the bones don’t have flesh and blood, and the bow and arrow hit the bones, at most, it explodes a little bone powder. The damage is low and scary, but more often, it goes through the cracks in the bones and I don’t know where it went. Therefore, the crossbow machine, the bow and arrow Zhanyun and Xuan Zhou have completely become professional monsters and experienced people, and the experience is distributed according to the damage. It can be said that the two of them can get hundreds of points of experience at most.
"Boss! Can you change the place where the bow and arrow roots can’t rub against the experience? NND’s experience is not equally divided, and it is even necessary to calculate the damage. "Yun touched his head and lamented."
"Stupid! You can’t dagger! You see, your Xuan Zhou is still chopping bones there with a single-handed sword for experience, and the baby has to be serious. It’s rare that someone here can be a monster! Don’t hurry to rest and get ready to pull a wave of girls! How is the magic restored? " Ll clap cloud head and said
"The magic recovery here is too slow. It is estimated that it will take ten minutes!" Rola Chen shook his little head and said.
"Bad luck! Holy shock! " Ll sighed and then directly aimed at the latest single skeleton. After being hit by a white light, the skeleton shook a few times and quickly rushed from the wandering place.
"Blood more than three thousand points! It’s a miscellaneous fish ready to pick up the strange column! " Ll looked at the bones after being attacked by his blood estimated a and then to the ground Zhao Tiezhu said.
"OK!" Zhao Tiezhu quickly shouldered the shield and came towards the skeleton. A shield collided with the gray skeleton and produced a large amount of scattered bone powder. Others also heard the sound of the skeleton like a bone fracture. Everyone quickly took out their weapons and surrounded the skeleton. After a few seconds, the ground left a pile of fragmented bones.
Ll: They stayed in the dark room for more than a month. They ran out to buy some supplies and repaired weapons. As a result, when Ll: they climbed out, their skin looked unusually pale. There was not much difference between the blue eyes and the zombies, but the only gain was that most of the levels were upgraded to level 1. Rola Chen was almost level 2, but he never went to the temple to advance, so he was still full of experience at level 19.
Chen Kai and his party walked down the street like corpses. All the aborigines who saw them ran far away, of course, not only because they were so skinny and scary now, but most importantly, they stayed with those skeletons for a long time, and they were all wrapped in some ashes and dead air. These dead air could not even be eliminated when they took a shower. Those children hid behind their parents when they saw them from a distance, or they started to cry.
Chen Kaiyuan wanted to have a little rest in the hotel, but the innkeeper didn’t dare to let them go recently even though they were wearing the temple emblem. Therefore, Chen Kai can now go to the temple area to clean up the dead body and let Rola Chen go to the promotion. Of course, in Chen Kai’s view, it is best to promote together, but now the situation is that even if Chen Kai trains day and night, it will take more than half a month for them to be fully experienced. At this time, it is estimated that many players have successfully advanced because there are already 19 players in the new leaderboard list.
"I really don’t know how those guys have been working hard in the basement for half a month, and even the armor has almost been scrapped. This is just the first level." Ll threw his tattered shoulder armor into his backpack and said that this armor base is almost scrapped. It is estimated that it can be taken back to the furnace.
"You said! If it weren’t for the BOSS, you wanted to try that big boss thing, how could we be so miserable! Almost smashed into a meat pie by that bone frame. If it weren’t for the old four, the last bomb with magic crystal was stuffed into its mouth. It is estimated that the two of us practiced in vain for more than a month. "Xu Fei said with a little anger.
"Slice! You also said that whoever finally grabbed the BOSS and didn’t let go of the whole room was the guy who dropped something and was reborn only once a month. If we don’t grab it, don’t give it to others! " Ll clap dust said
"…" Xu Fei remembered that he was holding the boss bone stick and didn’t let go. There was nothing to say at the moment.
"all right! Girl, hurry up and go in and find your tutor to promote you! We’ll wait for you outside, "said Chen Kai, and ran to find a priest to ask him to use the dispelling technique to get rid of the dead body. But apparently, Chen Kai mistook a person. When he got behind the other party, Chen Kai found that he looked very old and turned out to be a player and a trainee priest. However, looking at the old man praying in front of the icon, Chen Kai was still regarded as an aboriginal in the game, because the player’s pious words turned out to be" Bless me a long life! Bless me a long life! " ……”
Ll quickly stopped his hand and didn’t touch others. Otherwise, it would be terrible if he scared the old man out of illness. It is estimated that he will live for a few days, otherwise he wouldn’t run into the game to pray for God.
Chen Kai soon turned around and found another priest. This time, he was a player, but a real aborigine, because she was followed by Rola Chen, who had just finished promotion. "Well, let’s say goodbye to your friends first! When you have to retreat in the temple for a while, the power given by God is not so easy to master. "The priest Mammy stroked Rola Chen’s little head and said to her and waved her hand to disperse all the people.
"Girl! How is the promotion so fast? " Ll after the consent of the priest mammy Rola Chen aside and asked.
"no! It’s just the replacement of the badge. The instructor said that you must retreat for a period of time to master the new god before you can officially advance. "Rola Chen shook his little head and replied.
"Doesn’t that mean you have to stay in the temple for a while?"
"That’s all right! Be careful yourself and we’ll go first. "
"good! Be careful when leveling. I don’t want to take you to brush your experience again. "Rola Chen made a face at ll and ran back to his tutor quickly.
"Please take care of Mammy. I hope my sister won’t give you any trouble!" Ll salute to the priest mammy said
"Rest assured! She is the most obedient child I have ever seen, so I’ll leave first! You guys better go to the hotel and have a rest first! " With that, the priest Mammy left the hall with Rola Chen and Chen Kai, and they also slowly left the temple of life. At this time, the network ranking suddenly changed. The original display showed that the ranking department was cleared and one person was left, and the rank was cancelled. The only display showed Millie ·yi· Lapston, a low-ranking priest (professional low-ranking holy sacrifice).
The first volume Chapter 11 Adriatic Chamber of Commerce
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Chen Kai and his wife parted ways after they left the Temple of the Goddess of Life. Although the priest Mammy hoped that they would go to rest early, Chen Kai still had something to do. First, he got back the money entrusted to him to sell things from Bishop Ron, and once lent money.
When Chen Kai came to the Dawn Temple, several senior knights took their apprentices out. Chen Kai was very polite to say hello to them. Of course, he said hello to several senior knights, but in those players, he waved his hand to Chen Kai. This move made their tutor slap them directly on the back of the head, because even if Chen Kai was a trainee knight, he was higher than these apprentices. For the professional rank, it was very rude for the aborigines.
However, Chen Kaike didn’t intend to make trouble with those high-ranking knights, so he was very sensible. He soon turned and walked into the temple, leaving a few high-ranking knights to discipline their students.
"Ruth! What do you think is the strength of that student in Bass Court? " A high-ranking knight said to his companion after training his students
"I don’t know, but judging from the pissing match that slowly emerges from his body, those escaping pissing matches may soon reach the intermediate knight! But God rules that he is still a trainee knight, "replied the high-ranking knight called Ruth."
"Are you? I heard that Ms. Lillian’s student’s grudge has almost reached the late stage of the intermediate knight! " Another knight said softly
"It’s a pity that they are still trainee knights when God makes rules!" Ruth’s novels
"Yes! Yes! " Other high-ranking knights nodded and agreed, which is also the biggest difference between aborigines and players. If aborigines want to fight to a certain extent, they can be promoted to the rank of knight, while players must gradually level up to the rank.
Chen Kai directly pushed Bishop Ron’s door. At this time, Bishop Ron was looking at the mirror to maintain his precious Hu. When Chen Kai came in, he didn’t let go of his work. He continued to comb his beard with a comb.
"Your eminence! I’m here to collect the bill. "ll was very happy to drink the wine from the wine cabinet, but after one sip, he vomited directly because the root inside was not wine, but some strange juice, which tasted bitter and astringent and very bad.
"how about it? Bitter fruit juice is delicious! This thing is very good. Do you think your tongue is a little sour and numb? Don’t worry, it will be all right in one day. But the temple has just been made, and there is no way for you travelers to get a little hurt, so you can scream and get some of this for you. What can I do for you? " Bishop Ron smilingly took the bitter fruit juice from Chen Kai, which looked like a wine bottle.
"Right ~ ~ to the witch! ! Give Wu some … give it to "Chen Kai just found himself tongue-tied, indicating that he hesitated to be affected by bitter fruit anesthesia for one hour, and his tongue sensitivity decreased by 5%, which means that he would be tongue-tied in one hour.
"all right! I see you’re here for money! " Bishop Ron listened to Chen Kai for a long time and made a mind-reading directly. Although he didn’t get much information, he could still understand what Chen Kai wanted.
"Mm-hmm!" Chen Kai nodded directly when he heard Bishop Ron’s words and the other party understood what Lickitung said.
"See you still dare to drink my things! But that thing of yours is valuable! It’s not worth much money. It’s estimated that those demons were tortured too much before they died, and their defense was weakened by spells. There are only a few heads, but fortunately, those demon horns can still make materials. By the way, this is to return you 30 magic crystal coins. When you get old, you have to scrape together this money and cut out all your money. "Bishop Ron looked at the money bag and said it was a pity that it was taken away by ll.
"This technique vomits!" Chen Kai rolled his tongue and said that he carefully examined the contents of a pocket, then raised his head and looked at Bishop Ron strangely.
"Why? The number is wrong, right? You really have so many crystal coins when you are old! It’s good to have these things. You can borrow so much money from Bath. Can’t you still make the old man a little cheaper? The two volumes are sacred purification, and how much you can understand depends on your own abilities. "Bishop Ron said with two white scrolls.
"This is a dozen level 4 spell scrolls! By the way, you should still have it in your small pocket! I heard that you bought a lot from that black-hearted dwarf. "Bishop Ron pointed to several other colorful scrolls, but Chen Kai shook his head directly. His magic scrolls were all consumed in one month’s training. Otherwise, how could he raise the level to level 1 in one month, especially when he went to the back room, the density of bones was higher, and all of them were nine. The same players went to the back room, and more and more people ran to the inside room, so the situation of snatching monsters was also very serious. Therefore, many times the magic scrolls were not in the monster’s body.
After carefully counting, Chen Kai put everything in his backpack, but there are still some things in his hand, because his backpack can’t be stuffed. Bishop Ron saw it and threw a small bag directly. "Take this magic backpack and I will give you a little money, so don’t get a better magic backpack. Although your traveler’s backpack can put things away quickly, it can’t be stuffed with many things. These magic backpacks are still good things. If you have money, you can get a ring. Those wizards are the best at making this thing."
Melissa Zhou!’ Chen Kai bowed his hand at Bishop Ron and took the magic backpack. Although it looks a little old, it is still not small inside.
"A little nothing just go! Listening to you is more tiring than teaching those idiots magic! " Bishop Ron drove Chen Kai out of the room very directly and then hummed a tune and poured out a glass of red wine. He just took a sip and spit it out directly. "Bah! Bah! Unfortunately, I forgot about it. "Bishop Ron took the wrong red bottle and drank bitter juice as well as ll. The severe paralysis effect soon made him speechless."