But it’s almost impossible!

After this wave of careful delivery, if you can speed up the ridicule to the two keys C position by relying on the home guards in Nanling University unguarded, it is very likely that you can kill the back row and win a team battle!
"Nanling University has no eyes to see what Shen sent!" Not only everyone in the audience of the commentary platform, but also their hearts are in their throats with the change of perspective.
"Push it directly and they dare not keep it!" In the voice of Nanling University, Xu Wei Haomai sounds up!
However, Ye Feng, who was pushing the tower at night, suddenly moved in her heart and immediately said, "Xu Wei, you can force it directly!"
At the same time, he controlled the blind monk to make a W eye contact and came to the rear of Tsar Jin Kesi!
"Shen sent it directly to the home guards to ridicule … ……ECHO!"
Reggie’s voice was interrupted by a domineering voice. If you study art all the year round but don’t understand League of Legends, the audience may get goose bumps when they hear this voice.
However, in this game, the result is that the skill ridicule of Shen E has already flown out before it is used!
"There is no irony! Shen, the guardian of the homeland, was interrupted by the blind monk’s big move before he came to ridicule! " Reggie is about to swear. What is this?
Before the camera turned, the blind monk was still pushing the high and low tower in the front row with the big tree. How could it suddenly appear in this position?
And the big screen has not given him any more time to talk about it.
Because Victor and Lunma in the back row of Minnan University are almost cautious about sending ridicule, they will all take a step forward slightly.
That is to say, this step further allows the tree to be directly tied to Victor after opening the glory of justice!
"Just as the blind monk kicked the fly carefully, the front row of both sides also started a group battle! The tree tied Victor Jin Kesi’s clip and cooperated with Shabing Tsar to drop Victor in an instant. "Reggie immediately turned all his thoughts to the explanation group battle when he saw the open group battle ahead.
Victor and Lunma sent this wave of sarcasm to the back row carefully, even if they couldn’t kill their faces, they could at least push them back!
But the actual situation is that when they take a little step forward, the single tree of Nanling University directly binds Victor!
And send it to Shen as if it were a sinking sea!
"Don’t hit me in the front row. I was kicked away by the blind monk!" Ming Chong, the captain of Minnan University, said this sentence when he was kicked down by the blind monk’s big move!
When the voice falls, Victor is also seconds away.
"Minnan University is desperate to fight back. Once again, GODEYES broke the game. The general trend of Minnan University has gone." It is not only the two C-positions of Minnan University’s own family that have not recovered from the situation of being kicked directly by blind monks.
Even the commentary station Reggie couldn’t help sighing when he saw the process.
In the future, when he saw that Minnan University sent it carefully and it was not seen by his eyes, he had automatically filled several different pictures in his mind.
Cautious e ridiculed the two C’s in Nanling, and cautious mocked one C’s, but even the blind monk touched his eyes before, but he didn’t even think of it.
This foot has ruined all the possible games of the team battle!
Instead, the tree in the front row of Nanling University seized the opportunity and tied it. Victor just seconds off without flashing!
"The wind girl can also be killed!" Victor was assisted by a second hammer stone, and at the same time, the target was the opposite auxiliary wind girl!
"Just after Victor was seconds later, the hammer stone hook also hooked the wind girl Jin Kesi and directly took away the blood-filled wind girl with three guns, so this wave of highlands is also available!" Reggie shook his head and knew that Minnan University had completely lost its last chance.
The big screen pilot was played slowly again, and everyone saw it more clearly this time.
When Shen sent it without finding the grass in the rear and rushed to the back row of Nanling University with his home guards like mad dogs, GODEYES, a blind monk, seemed to anticipate all Shen’s actions and touched his eyes directly from the front row to the rear!
Then there’s a dragon wagging its tail!
"The name of Diyan Nanling University playing wild is really good. People here at Nanling University didn’t realize that Shen might send it. GODEYES realized that Minnan University Shen might send it to the rear." Meng Li couldn’t help but praise.
At the same time, his heart is more intense about inviting GODEYES to join the LGK team!
If you can carve it, it is definitely a sharp weapon!
On the night of the game, Feng naturally didn’t know that he had been stared at by a paunchy man, but he knew that the outcome had been completely decided in the first game with Minnan University.
"Minnan University Road Highland didn’t break two roads. It’s very difficult to turn over … oh! ! Minnan University has decided to surrender, so let’s congratulate Nanling University for winning the first BO3 victory and the match point of the college league finals! "
The big screen Minnan University was broken in two consecutive highlands and finally chose to surrender!
"oh! ! We won the first game! "
"Nanling come on! Come on, English God! "
Seeing that Minnan University finally chose to surrender, the members of Nanling backup area completely let go of the last tie and cheered.
It’s too hard to win this game!
Especially in the big dragon circle, the wave of team battles was assisted by mistakes, which almost led to the loss of the game!
You know, Nanling University had gained a big advantage at that time!
Fortunately, at the last minute, the blind monk made a big move and decided to do it, so that all the efforts of Nanling University in front were not in vain!
With the blue square of the big screen, the crystal of Minnan University exploded completely, and the first college league finals were announced.
Nanling University wins! To be continued.
PS Well, I’m confused by watching the game. I’ll continue to code now. If there are no broken nets, there will definitely be force majeure factors, but it is estimated that it will be after twelve o’clock. I want my classmates to sleep first and wait for the day to see.
Chapter one hundred and sixty The second game begins!