Plumes of flames gradually penetrated, becoming stronger with the sunshine, and the number of sacred flames in the pit became more and more. Some men in black felt the danger, but now they are rooted out of their bodies, and the bodies and souls will remain in their bodies for less than three days before waiting for the death to take over. In this process, the bodies may become undead, and of course, they may be taken away by the messengers of the underworld who are not lazy.

However, it is obvious that this time the emissary of the underworld is lazy, so these souls are unlucky to stay in the body. The sacred fire burns their souls and makes them completely stunned. Although Chen Kai can’t gain experience from this, at least he thinks he has completely solved the problem.
"It should be impossible to give birth to the undead!" I thought in my heart that Chen Kai slowly crossed the rickety moving carriage, temporarily made the carriage, and some fresh wood was wet. Therefore, when Chen Kai sat down, the cloth robe on his ass soon brought a trace of moisture, but Chen Kai’s face didn’t show a trace of unhappiness because his ass was wet. On the contrary, he was in a good mood at the moment.
Actually, it’s not just Llewellyn’s other people’s faces are also full of happy smiles at the moment, because their wallets are full now, although they are much worse than those in Berkner Town, but at least they are much better than when they just left Berkner Town. At least everyone has ten thousand gold coins in their pockets at the moment, although it may not be possible for them to mend their body armor, it can at least prevent them from sleeping on the streets in the future. Those weapons and armor found were received by Llewellyn and they were not melted by Llewellyn’s white sasha. It was smelted into a ball and stuffed into a bronze box. However, these weapons were of poor quality, and at most, Chen Kai’s armor was slightly restored. Besides, Chen Kai also picked up high-quality materials inside, which turned other departments into metal ingots and threw them into their public warehouse.
After Chen Kai and the dwarves left slowly for nearly half a day, the sun gradually rose to the center in the middle of the day, and the original quiet forest slowly sounded. One after another, a huge and majestic stag slowly appeared on the road. When he gradually approached the pit where more than 3,000 men in black were buried, his eyes were full of wisdom. Because he recognized the origin of the thirteen angel crosses that were emitting white light, it was for this reason that the stag with a humanized expression was so shocked.
The stag’s head and neck gradually turned into an old man with a green beard in a burst of green light. Cenarius slowly touched himself and mused. His eyes flashed with green light and he saw the wailing souls in the pit that were being burned by the sacred fire. But in the end, the kind druid did not destroy these angel crosses. Although his arm was raised several times, it was finally released slowly.
Cenarius, the great druid, turned away with a sigh. When he left, his body turned into a huge stag again. At the same time, when he left, the green light was shrouded in this forest, and the thorns kept growing and eventually became a wall of thorns. In the wall of thorns, the Kayle The Judicator crosses were still absorbing the sacred power in the sun and burning. The thorns around the souls of the dead did not have the slightest impact on the whole magical operation. However, shortly after the formation of the thorn wall, the land once again welcomed a guest.
Holding a huge bow in the high branches, the shooter slowly pulled his face, and the masked towel penetrated the branches. The sunlight gradually made his face clear. Compared with the damaged face of other men in black, this face looked very delicate, so it was rarely seen from Pakistan, but at the back of the face, a long and narrow scar covered one eye, but the blindfold destroyed his face, leaving a cruel look in his eyes, which was even more frightening.
"The morning temple Kayle The Judicator and the damn stag! One day, I’ll kill everyone in the Dawn Temple and you old deer! !” There are words full of hatred left in the air, and there are no traces left in the whole forest except the deep traces of tree stems scratched by nails.
At the same time, when the shooter finished these words, he wandered slowly on the forest road to return to Nice, Aarti. The druid seemed to feel something and turned to the location of the thorn wall. A stag’s cheeks were full of wisdom and his eyes were suspicious, but finally his head slowly turned back and walked slowly in the direction of Nice, Aarti.
Sitting in the carriage, Chen Kai, they didn’t know this. They were swaying towards a city, but after the initial pleasure, Chen Kai and their mood gradually became calm. Although the loss of the black dwarves was not serious, hundreds of black dwarves still lost their lives. This road, which should be very safe, was dyed red by the blood of dwarves, and they felt very sad about the loss of Chen Kai.
However, the gray dwarves of the same kind of black dwarves did not choose to turn to Nice, Aarti, but after some persuasion, they continued to take these black dwarves to the set goal. Chen Kai didn’t know what these gray dwarves said, but there was no doubt that the black dwarves finally agreed, and the only choice he hired as an adventurer was to continue to follow.
"Write a letter to Sulam when you arrive in a city!" Chen Kenai sighed and then looked at the carriages that didn’t look special in the whole team. If it wasn’t for the cloud video recording, they wouldn’t believe that these carriages that looked very ordinary contained huge secrets, especially the terrible little girl, which made them feel extremely shocked and curious to be continued.
The first volume Chapter 12 Dangerous journey (10)
Sorry! I finally moved home. As a result, my wife gave birth a week earlier than the due date in the early hours of the fifth. I was caught off guard. Stop it. I sent my wife to maternity care without changing my laundry. But fortunately, my mother was safe and I was promoted to be a father! on_no~
I went to change diapers! Good night, everybody.
The attack from unknown enemies caused heavy losses to the dwarves, and even if the attack was discovered by the cloud, a group of people still had to face the huge trees lying on the ground more than 20 kilometers away, so after a long journey, the huge motorcade had to stop again.
But this time, no enemy will run out and attack them, but even if there is no enemy, it takes them quite a long time to clear the road, because everyone, including the gray dwarves, is afraid that new enemies will suddenly run out of the forest, and the trip will be delayed again after they finish cleaning up, but even if the work progress is slow, the dwarves have not changed their cautious way of working. Everyone will spend quite a long time checking the surrounding situation when cutting wood.
Fortunately, there are not many trees blocking the road, and the short people’s trip delay is not very serious. On the third day after the attack, they finally passed through the huge forest around Nice, Aarti, and slowly moved to the south of the Hanseatic Empire. Now the economic center and focus of the once huge Hanseatic Empire are in the south. The undead in Hugo blocked the shortcut from the south to the north, which greatly reduced the strength of rebellion and division. Now the Hanseatic Empire is once again hit by the only choice for the southern empire to transport materials to the northern cities. The choice is to cross the dangerous area of the western wilderness and make a big circle to Xijing. Chen Kai and others are now heading for the western wilderness. Actually, they originally moved from Nice, Aarti to Yaduolike, that is, Chen Kai. Their birthplace also went to the southern dwarf empire for a shortcut, but Yaduolike was too close to Yaduoge, so many dwarves died. Anji would not choose this road.
One of the remaining roads is naturally the road from Nice, Aarti, across the western wilderness, and the dwarves will not choose it. Therefore, the dwarves finally choose a road, that is, from the south of Nice, Aarti, directly to Mifez, a city that was almost destroyed by demons. The most important thing is that there are many players active here.
Of course, from Nice, Aarti, through the northwest corner of the wilderness and then into the city of Kandohat, which has the largest trade market, Lokdilovs, the road from Kandohat to Mifis is a little safer, but before that, that is, now, Chen Kai’s road to Kandohat city first passes through a very dangerous wilderness area, which is why Chen Kai chose the relatively safe route instead of this road when they went to Nice, Aarti, but Aifeila. The route is farther than the one they choose now, although it may not be a few days from the road, but it will be more hidden for the dwarves to choose the more dangerous wilderness route. After all, there are fewer merchants on this road, so that the dwarves can hide what they need to hide from people.
However, Chen Kai can’t understand that the dwarves don’t need to hide their eyes now, because the enemy is almost beating them out. If it weren’t for the horrible girl who was hidden in the carriage, Chen Kai might have been lying in the dead pile like those who hung up on the dwarves. Sitting in the carriage, Chen Kai looked at it and there was no shadow now. The giant tree of Nice in Aarti sighed. After knowing the route of the dwarves, he knew that he wanted to write to Thuram. It was impossible to wait until he arrived in Kandohat city and reach Kandohat city at their current speed for half a month.
Of course, the speed of the dwarves is not slow. On the contrary, because they got some war horses from those men in black, the migration speed of the dwarves became faster than in the past. Chen Kai also got three war horses, which just replaced Lal, who was tired of pulling wagons.
Lal was very excited to regain his freedom, gave a loud neigh, and then squinted at those unlucky people who replaced him. He was extremely arrogant and followed Chen Kai’s carriage with his head up and his ponytail behind him. Of course, he soon lost his heart because Chen Kai directly took Lal as a pet.
"These gray dwarfs are really hateful!" Zhao Tiezhu bit his bread in his hand and his face showed a little angry expression. The reason why he was so angry was very simple. The dwarves chose the road to go directly around Aifeila and cross the western wilderness to Kandohat, which made Chen Kai’s idea of buying supplies on the road become a bubble. After this journey day, they can now choose to reduce food consumption and then take turns to go hunting and constantly replenish meat in their backpacks.
"Yes! When you don’t prepare food for us and don’t rest in the same place, every hunting is like fighting! " After decomposing a reindeer blood that had just died, Haifeng wiped his hands. Deer blood looked at the direction of the gray dwarfs with the same expression of extreme resentment as Zhao Tiezhu.
"all right! At least we have received enough food! " Ll looked at the huge black bear lying beside him. It took a lot of effort to kill this guy who weighed more than 2,000 kilograms in a short time. After all, this black bear is almost a Warcraft. It has a little blood of the earth bear. The earth shock wave that broke out instantly almost capsized Ll in the sewer. After all, Ll didn’t wear armor, but he would definitely be shot dead by this black bear who was almost close to Warcraft. But now this black bear is lying on the ground and its paws have been burned by Ll and them in a bonfire.
"Honey bear’s paw should do this?" Looking at the wild honey cloud in the bear’s paw, the saliva in his mouth is rapidly evolving into a waterfall. Although the bear’s paw honey has not been completely integrated into the bear’s paw, his nose has smelled an unusually delicious and sweet smell.
"Whatever he does! Just eat ~! " Su Xinghe looked at the deer leg on the side of the bonfire bear’s paw. Drops of blood were dripping from the deer leg, while Su Wan kept rubbing the salt on the deer leg and gradually infiltrated the salty taste into the fresh meat by relying on the power of flame roasting. Su Wan wanted to take the deer leg a little distance from the bonfire, but from time to time she would put the salt in her hand around the flame and roast it at a high temperature. The salt could easily penetrate into the meat. This deer leg was not Chen Kai’s dinner, but Su Wanlai’s food. When this deer leg was covered with a layer of white salt frost, she.
There are already more than a dozen deer legs in this vat, and these deer legs are pieces of pickled venison. These things are their food sources in the next half month, and of course, the powder in each person’s backpack is because there are not enough gold coins in the front pocket. Chen Kai, they can buy flour for half a month, so they need to collect more food if they don’t want to go hungry later, which is why Su Wancai will pickle venison and other meat for food.
"Yes! As long as you can eat! Did you eat? My stomach is starving! " Feather took a wild boar that had just been slaughtered and slowly walked back to the camp. When she passed by several black dwarves who were cooking, Feather cut herself off and threw a thigh of the wild boar to the other side. On the one hand, it reduced the weight of what she pulled, on the other hand, it added food to these black dwarf friends.
"Aderman gave you a barbecue just now, why didn’t you pick it up ~" Slowly handed the bread and butter to Feather Llewellyn and said, "Who is Aderman? Naturally, Feather Road came and handed him a barbecue. The black dwarf man had a shallow scar on Aderman’s face, but this scar was left by those who came to attack the black dress person not long ago.
"His barbecue is not delicious, and you are not ignorant! No wonder you can’t find a wife in this craft! " Feather took a bite of bread and butter in his mouth. He knew very well that there was not much chance of eating bread and butter before he arrived in a city.
"too!" Ll gently nodded his head. Aderman barbecue tastes really bad, even if it doesn’t look like burnt meat, maybe it’s also burnt inside. The root of this technology is not Ll. They can learn less. Ll can’t learn this barbecue technology. He can’t do it outside, but it’s tender than inside, but it’s like charcoal.
"Words day out of the forest! Do we really want to continue to follow those dwarves across the wilderness? " Feather let go and ate half of the bread, slowly saying that ll heard his words and didn’t stop cutting black bear fur. It was just a little meal.
"Otherwise? I promised Thuram that I would escort the black dwarf to the border of the empire, although it is impossible to deliver it safely! " Ll sighed, and the knife in his hand made several cuts in the original intact bearskin, which greatly reduced the quality of bearskin.
"But the wilderness is so dangerous!" Feather said softly that at the beginning, when he was at a low level, he once ran a circle in the wilderness, and it was still at the edge of the wilderness. Unfortunately, he encountered a semi-Lord-level wilderness monitor lizard wandering to the edge of the wilderness and spit it out with him, and it directly turned into fly ash with hundreds of players. Although the feather level has reached more than 70 now, he can still feel afraid of the desolate yellow land.
"Danger?" Ll looked at the feather face and suddenly smiled. The latter looked at Ll and smiled a little depressed because he suddenly found himself afraid of danger and had no reason to be afraid.
"Ha ha!" In the end, the feather laughed at the smile to hide his embarrassment, but unconsciously touched it on his side. The ruling blade touched the morning temple sacristy with his fingers, and some tremors happened slightly, but the tremors were too slight, even the feather himself did not find it.
Night has once again enveloped the earth. As the horse is approaching the edge of the forest, it will enter the western wilderness. Therefore, the water vapor in the air is reduced, and the forest road has not raised a strong fog. But Chen Kai is still surrounded by a light mist. In the night, the bonfires are flickering like stars in the sky, but most of the dwarves are now ready to sit in the carriage and run away at any time. All dwarves want to be able to take up arms and hold vigils in batches, and the gaps in the carriage are blocked by pieces of wood. Of course, there are gaps in the carriage outside the camp, and some of them are ready to escape at
These wagons didn’t even pull the frame, but they were still beside the wagons. All dwarves, women and children were ready to run away at any time. Of course, preparation was one thing. After sending scouts, the dwarves knew that there was no enemy around them for more than ten kilometers. Although the dwarves were ready to run away at any time, many dwarves knew in their hearts that there should be no enemy shadow around them. In the firewood pile, the dwarves kept shuttling. They kept adding firewood to the campfire to keep it burning.
At the moment, Chen Kai and others are sitting or lying around the campfire. Although they showed great fighting power in an attack by men in black, they were also very helpful to the gray dwarfs, but they still stayed outside the camp and did not get permission to camp in the middle of the camp. Although Chen Kai and others were dissatisfied with this, they were only dissatisfied.
Gradually dim bonfire is surrounded by people who have slept with clothes, such as Hulans and Chen Kaize. They are obsessed with a piece of iron rod and are constantly fiddling with the bonfire. Then they throw a piece of wood into the bonfire. The dim bonfire goes out. Zhao Tiezhu, opposite Chen Kai, yawns and holds a piece of barbecue iron rod in his hand. The barbecue grease drops to the bonfire and makes a sizzling sound. There is a smell of burnt meat around. Zhao Tiezhu holds the iron rod in his hand and raises his hand to turn himself into coke at night.
Not far from Zhao Tiezhu, the cloud is cutting a crossbow shaft with a knife, and he is still bandaged. If it is too hard, it will affect the wound and make his mouth twitch. Night is the favorite of thieves because they can find many hidden places in the dark, but at the moment, the cloud does not need to hide, but leans comfortably against the carriage.
From this point of view, Chen Kai and others are in a very comfortable situation, but even if they barbecue with a yawn, Zhao Tiezhu always has a little vigilance in his heart at the moment, because where they are now is a step away from the western wilderness, and it takes them half a day’s journey to enter that gray-yellow land.
For players, the western wilderness is a risk opportunity, and there are few places. When the player level enters the sixth or seventh level, the western wilderness is an extremely important training place and adventure place for most players of the Hanseatic Empire. Every day, tens of thousands of players enter it with their net worth, and tens of thousands of players are also dusty. Tens of thousands of players have turned into soil in this gray-yellow land. Players gather medicine and grass in this wasteland to obtain ore exploration wasteland. Chen Kai, who used to have few urban relics, has heard that there are not ten ancient wasteland cities that have been discovered by players. Of course, there are not many treasures in these ancient wasteland cities, and at most they are all kinds of terrible monsters.
For Chen Kai, the ancient city of wasteland is not the reason why they are afraid of the western wilderness. What really makes Chen Kai feel afraid of the western wilderness is that there are many wild animals in the wilderness, and there are also horse thieves and robbers in the wasteland and mountains. These villains who have escaped from the Hans Imperial City have taken root in the western wilderness and become a cancer that threatens business travelers and adventurers. No one knows how many horse thieves and bandits there are in the whole western wilderness, but there is no doubt that it is definitely more than the golden plains. For the dwarves, those in their huge ranks can effectively deter the wild animals in the western wilderness, but they just can deter those horse thieves and robbers by law.