In the distance, Kevin also recorded many things in his book, such as small forward speed, power forward technology and center body.

The last piece is pieced together.
Can it be more than 10 thousand in the morning? I don’t know.
Chapter ninety-two Regular season awards
Chapter ninety-two Regular season awards
On April 2nd, new york Knicks beat Detroit Pistons 119 away from home, thus ending the 99-season competition. The Knicks scored 6 wins and 14 losses in two regular-season games. The Knicks ranked first in the regular-season record and entered the playoff department. After the end of the schedule, various awards were also released.
Kevin Totti’s mvp has been high since the Star Game. Kevin Totti, the core of the Knicks, averaged 213 points, 13 assists, 51 rebounds and 2 steals every season. The data not only firmly occupied the first place in the assists list, but also ranked first in the scoring list. If the team made such a Se record in previous years, plus his personal performance, the mvp in the regular season was already in his pocket, but this year is different because there is another person who showed more Se this year-Shaq O’ Neill.
This year, the Lakers also scored 66 wins and 16 losses. Shaq O ‘Neill averaged 297 points, 136 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 blocked shots per game. The top three in the list of terrorist data scores, rebounds and blocked shots all appeared. O ‘Neill’s name showed great dominance at both ends of the offense and defense.
In addition to O ‘Neal and Kevin, Iverson is also a strong contender for the regular season mvp, averaging 22 points and 3 rebounds a season. The second place is that Iverson’s performance in Se has made the 76ers the top team in the East in just one season. Although Iverson’s data is more beautiful, his record is pressed by the Knicks. It seems that the regular season mvp will be produced in O ‘Neal and Kevin.
On April 22, the day before the playoffs, the league announced the attribution of the major awards of the season. The mvp of the regular season was awarded to the Lakers’ center Shaq O’ Neill, and Kevin came second by a narrow margin. Speaking of it, this is the first regular season mvp of O’ Neill’s career. Combined with the Lakers’ record in the season, O’ Neill deserved this award.
Kevin didn’t seem to care too much when he heard that he regretted missing the regular season mvp award. O ‘Neill’s performance this season was absolutely dominant. If he really awarded it to himself, I’m afraid he would feel inappropriate. Besides, he was still very old years ago. Sooner or later, he will have his own share of the regular season mvp honor.
The second award, "The Player with the Fastest Progress Award", went to Pacers small forward "Michigan Five Tigers"-Jerome Ross averaged 95 points and 27 rebounds in the first five years of his career, but Jerome Ross suddenly broke out on the data and status surface last season, and averaged 12 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists in 37 games.
Wallace, the fastest-growing player in the Knicks, averaged 62 points and 5 rebounds in the Wizards last season, but this season he averaged 95 points, 112 rebounds and 25 blocked shots. The most important thing is that there is not much difference between the two seasons.
The third prize "Best Sixth Man Award" went to Phoenix Suns. Rodnigos Rodnigos played 73 games in the season, and 66 others were substitutes, averaging 132 points and 32 rebounds. In the competition for the sixth man award, Knicks teenager Manuginobili was the best sixth man award and a strong contender. Manuginobili played 79 substitute games in the season and averaged 125 points and 2 points in the second round. Unfortunately, he lost to Rodnigos by a narrow margin.
The fourth award, "Best Defensive Player", went to 76ers center Dickenby Mutombo, a 34-year-old who averaged 14 defensive rebounds and contributed the fourth Best Defensive Player Award.
This year’s fifth prize "Best Rookie Award" was awarded to two people at the same time, namely, Steve Francis of the Rockets and Elton Brand of the Bulls. The best rookie was awarded to Jason Kidd and Grant Hill in the 199495 season.
Steve Francis started 77 games in the season and averaged 1 point, 53 rebounds and 66 assists in 77 games. The Rockets scored 1+6+5 data in the first season, and Elton Brand performed even better. Now Elton Brand has grown into a general in the bull line.
Several Knicks rookies were selected for the Best Rookie Team.
Best first time this year
Elton brand
Lamar Odom
Wallis Zebiak
Manu Ginobili
Steve Francis
The Knicks’ sixth Manu Ginobili was successfully selected as the best rookie in the first round, which pushed Andre Miller out of the second array.
Best rookie second array
Sean Marion
ron artest
James Percy
Andre Miller
In addition to several awards, Knicks coach Hubie Brown put the best coach in his pocket. Last night, he rebuilt the team. Old Brown took him to the top of the league in one season. Speaking of it, this is the second time that Old Brown won this award. A best coach was won in the 777 season. At that time, he took the Atlanta Hawks. Although he knew that he would definitely win this award, Old Brown was very happy when the news came out. It also gave the Knicks a half-day off.
This chapter will be finished at noon, and the result is that at 11 o’clock, the source suddenly clicks a small hammer and the brain flashes black. I suddenly remember that I haven’t guaranteed the tragedy yet. It is even more impossible for me to start playing this year’s 10 thousand again at noon, but there is still hope. It is still the same as before 12 o’clock. I want to chase it before 2 o’clock in the morning, and so on.
Chapter ninety-three Playoffs
Chapter ninety-three Playoffs
Soon after the best rookie array came out, the league’s best array also came out. Since the 1919 season, the nba’s best array has expanded to three arrays with five players each, unless there is a tie in scores. During this period, the selection also takes into account the position of the players. In order, two forwards, one center and two guards are selected.
First burst
Center forward; Shaq O ‘Neill
Forward; Tim Duncan
Forward; Kevin gart
Defender; Jason Kidd
Defender; Kevin totti
The second array
Center forward; Dikembe Mutombo
Forward; Karl Malone
Forward; Grant hill
Defender; Gary Payton
Defender; Allen Iverson
The third array
Center forward; david robinson
Forward; Chris Weber
Forward; Vince Carter
Defender; Kobe Bryant
Defender; Stephen Marbury
Kevin Totti entered the league for the first time this year. If it was because of his qualifications last year, the league can no longer pick out that he is sick, but no one else in the Knicks has entered the list
In addition to the best array, the major data lists also get results.
This year’s scoring champion was won by Lakers center Shaq O ‘Neal, who averaged 296 points per game last season, and finally beat Iverson by a few points to win the second scoring champion in his career.
The rebounding champion was won by the 76ers center Dickenby Mutombo. Mutombo participated in 75 games of the season and grabbed 1,157 rebounds, averaging 14 per game. One rebound beat O’ Neill and many other rebounders to win the first rebounding champion in his career.
This year, Kevin still got the assist king. Kevin averaged 13 assists per game in the season. It is controversial to get the second assist king in his career. Jason Kidd averaged 114 assists per game and was thrown out by Kevin. People still calculate that if it is a problem to break stockton and even assist the king according to this efficiency, Kevin is likely to break all records all the way.
The last two small list steals were won by Hornet Eddie Jones, averaging 27 steals per game, while the blocked shot was won by Lakers Ratliff. Last season, Ratliff’s defensive performance was very good. Se not only liberated O’ Neill’s offensive ability, but also made the Lakers’ restricted area more solid.
Best first defensive array
Center forward; Dikembe Mutombo
Forward; Tim Duncan
Forward; Kevin gart
Defender; Jason Kidd
Defender; Kobe Bryant
Best second defensive array
Center forward; Shaq O ‘Neill