However, since Judge Marcel didn’t appear, there is a glimmer of hope. Now gbl teaches Grand Priest Notoru, who has been liberated by Mr. filia and is no longer controlled by roters. Although the control can only be released after the soul completely dies, I am afraid this is what Notoru Grand Priest expected.

This battle is the most dangerous one that Lin Ze and his party encountered after they came to Tianwan behemoth. If it weren’t for the maple elf Healty, who was used to Lin Ze at ordinary times, they really lost here, but Lin Ze also learned a lot from this battle …
In this battle, because of saving the power of ghosts and gods, both myself and Obese were in crisis, but in the end, when they wanted to break through the power of ghosts and gods, they couldn’t. Lin Ze knew that his ability to grasp the timing was still not strong. He knew that the power of ghosts and gods was not omnipotent. Like the spirit of Grand Priest Notero, he could forcibly control his body and isolate himself from the power of ghosts and gods.
A Grand Priest Notoru alone can do this. What about the first apostle roters? It can manipulate Grand Priest Notoru and defeat Judge Marcel. Its spirit must be the strongest. If you are hesitant when you meet it, maybe the ghost power will not become your own card and become a vase … After all, the apostles and ghosts and gods, the natural enemies, know each other very well.
After defeating Grand Priest Notoru’s soul, Mr. filia’s surface strength has been greatly improved, which is equivalent to gbl’s teaching Grand Priest’s strength. However, because Grand Priest Notoru forced her strength, it has not been completely transformed into the strength of Mr. filia. Now, Mr. filia can’t attack with Notoru’s spirit more than her own mental storm is also released by this external spirit suppression method. However, if Mr. filia can completely integrate the silver engraving on her forehead, her real strength will be far greater than that of Notoru, the god official ..
But for Lin Ze and Obers, their own fighting capacity is a little less without the spirit storm of Mr. filia. Fortunately, although Mr. filia lost the means of attack, such a great spirit can protect Lin Ze and Obers from the interference of roters’s spirit. This is also a disguised strengthening for Lin Ze and his party.
As Grand Priest Notoru’s soul dissipated, Lin Ze and his party’s road to the second spine was not hindered. After a little rest, Lin Ze took three little girls into his ring, and Europe Bess and O ‘filia walked out of the spiral temple and entered the second spine of Tianwan beast.
The second vertebra hidden in the first vertebra is the largest vertebra of the beast, and at the end of the second vertebra is the gbl Great Temple.
That’s the ultimate goal of Lin Ze and his party, but it’s still a long way from the big temple at the end of the spine.
"Master roters is in that big temple, and I can be an apostle. That makes me sick."
In Lin Ze’s ear, Priemont uttered a deep voice, and Lin Ze held the dark moon hand tightly. This time, Priemont finally confirmed that roters’s apostle in the water is in this big temple, and the fate collision of Lin Ze’s apostles is finally coming …
The weakened water apostle has not finished the form, and the two endless enemies are about to meet in this situation, and neither of them is sure of winning, but they all know that meeting each other is the result of immortality.
Generally speaking, roters is a little stronger.
Although there are three people here in Lin Ze, if you add three little girls, the number of six of them is a bit large, but roters Root, the "long-legged", is not dominant in the number, but roters occupies an absolute advantage. All the gbl believers are his hands and enemies of Lin Ze …
Although no matter how large the number of low-level believers and religious officials of gbl is, Lin Ze can kill them with a little effort rather than a group’s shadow skills, but the archbishop and high priest of higher-level gbl can’t be wiped out with a wave of Lin Ze’s hand.
There are sixteen archbishops in white and sixteen high priests in black in the whole gbl religion. Lin Ze has already met two bishops in the front peripheral temple. If the bishops also died in the confrontation with roters, then Lin Ze will be less blocked by more than a dozen big families and high priests in the second spine temple. This is the most dangerous force in the temple.
Roters combined all the archbishops of Grand Priest in the second vertebra. In addition to guarding the Great Temple, I’m afraid it’s also to consume the power of ghosts and gods. These white archbishops and high priests in black are roters to consume their own things. Thinking of this, Lin Ze’s mouth slightly raises …
If roters didn’t do these things, he would be a little uneasy. After all, he is facing the dominant apostle in the mainland. But now that roters has done these precautions, it is even more weak, and roters’s weakness may be even greater than that predicted by Plymouth. What a shame it is for the dominant apostle to be humble and human beings to try their best to reduce the enemy’s strength.
At this moment, the muzzle of the laser tap gun seemed to flash a little red light, and a strong sense of crisis rose in Lin Ze’s heart.
Just as Lin Zegao drank this sentence, a white light flashed out from the muzzle of the laser faucet gun with a stronger power than light …
Lin Ze and O ‘filia sometimes escaped this light because of their vigilance, but when Obese reacted, the laser had already hit her.
A violent explosion sounded behind Lin Ze, and Lin Ze and O’ filia suddenly turned their heads. The ability to hurt Obese so greatly is likely to be unable to withstand it.
"That was a close call. Fortunately, the response was a little faster."
The sound of Obese comes out of the smoke, and the aurora Graylin has appeared behind Obese.
It’s okay to see Obese. Lin Ze is a little relieved. It’s obvious that Obese summoned Aurora when the laser is about to hit her. Graylin guarded Obese in Aurora Graylin and blocked the attack of the laser faucet gun …
Since Obers has nothing to fight back after they have suffered this attack.
"Draw a sword!"
In order to quickly clean up these gbl believers, Lin Ze didn’t save any soul power. Several heads flashed in the dark moon, leaving an archbishop and high priest of gbl in front of Lin Ze. Because the archbishop and the high priest had fought, Lin Ze and Obese knew that they would summon the elemental elves. But at this time, Obese had inherited a light element elf, Aurora Graylin, where the power was, and the high priest and archbishop released the summoning array instantly. Aurora Graylin behind Obese directly smashed the summoning array with two flashes.
Due to the failure of summoning, the archbishop and the high priest were instantly reviled, and Lin Ze and Obersian sword lovingly harvested their lives.
Roters, the Apostle, is here. They can’t wave here! Because roters’s strength is likely to recover by one point every time it passes, even an apostle Lin Ze, however weakened, will not underestimate it
From the starting point of the second vertebra to the Great Temple, it was a tortuous road. Lin Ze and Obese did not hesitate to kill several gbl believers by their own strength before reaching the Great Temple. This road, Lin Ze did not encounter an enemy as powerful as the giant black octopus, but also killed more than a dozen gbl archbishops and high priests. When they reached the gate of the gbl Great Temple, the last two archbishops and high priests of gbl were also dead …
Chapter 513 See the apostles at last
It was not until this moment that gbl was truly extinct! Mr. filia sees all this in his eyes, but this gbl religion has only a girl’s face but no expression …
Perhaps the girl’s heart is more painful at this time? Although she already knows that these believers have lost their souls and can never find them again, watching Lin Ze and Obese completely destroy them, O ‘filia’s heart is still bleeding …
But now she doesn’t need to think about anything else. They have come to the door of the Second Spine Temple to destroy the culprits of gbl … This time she will use the blood of Lin Ze’s apostles to pay homage to these seemingly believers! The great blue truth will protect their soul.