Of course, Ness and’ Iluwata’ don’t care about such a war drum battle, but on the ground, Chen Kai has to endure the terrible thunder torture. Because metal is the conductor, Chen Kai wears armor. Undoubtedly, it has become the best target of lightning. Fortunately, these flashes are not naturally formed and have already dispersed most of their strength when landing. Otherwise, Chen Kai, who was flashed in the middle of the heart, will probably be directly smashed into dust instead of dancing like this.

"Boss! Boss! Wake up! Wake up! If we don’t wake up, we will hang up! " Llewellyn feels that his body is still twitching, and it’s extremely refreshing to be thunderstruck, but it’s followed by torture. Fortunately, Llewellyn was thunderstruck in less than half a second, and his toughness was stronger than his body and vitality, which made him bear the nearly 10,000-flash injury, but this thunderstruck body was not so delicious. As a result, Llewellyn directly fell into a coma for several minutes. If it wasn’t for the injury, he was absorbed by armor and led into the earth, and his brain might be cooked.
"Ahem! Am I still alive? " Chen Kai slowly opened his eyes and paralyzed his body, which made him extremely uncomfortable. When he completely regained consciousness, he didn’t know if he was still alive because his body roots could not move, even his fingers could not move.
"Of course you’re alive, but if you don’t wake up, you’re dead!" Yuan slowly took out a bag of clean water and put it in Chen Kai’s mouth. When the cool water flowed into Chen Kai’s thirsty mouth, it moistened his body like a clear spring.
"What’s the matter?" Ll looked up and asked, but in a moment, he soon realized what it was because a terrorist force broke out of the void and exploded to the ground, forming an extremely horrible shock wave. Now he finally realized what he wanted to say if he didn’t wake up, so he would definitely die. It is really difficult to survive in this horrible environment.
"I wipe! Is this the end of the world? " Ll shook his head. His face is still very ugly, but he knows very well now that if he doesn’t get up, he will definitely die. God knows if the shock wave from above will blow himself up. The cause of death is less than 50 meters from their nearest impact pit.
"I don’t know if it is the end of the world! But if you don’t wake up, it is estimated that those elf wizards will leave us here! " Su Xinghe’s arm was hanging from the neck and he fell from a place ten meters high. Unfortunately, when the meat pad was looked extremely petite, but the weight was definitely not light, Bartlett sat down on her back. As a result, the original body was a little fractured and her arm snapped directly.
There is no doubt that this is an extremely tragic thing. Although the old Lori mage’s natural magic helped Su Xinghe to treat him, Su Xinghe will still be disabled for a short time because of the excessive consumption of magic. At least one day, Su Xinghe will be able to wield a weapon with his left hand and hang his right hand on his neck, and he can’t even lift a shield.
"What’s the matter?" Chen Kai saw that several elf wizards were slowly merging. Although they were pale, they had just dispelled the power of death and almost exhausted the power of their recovery department. In a short time, they didn’t want to release another spell, and this short time was at least two hours.
That is to say, in this short time, the fighting capacity of several elf mages is almost certainly a little stronger than the fighting capacity of five dregs, but looking at the pale elf mages and the small pendants decorated by ll, he estimated that these elf mages would never have five fighting capacities. At the very least, he felt that the two crystal pendants hanging in the ears of old Lori Bartlett were enough to kill him for n times, and they wanted to go to ll in the wilderness, so they had to stay close to these elf mages.
Although his body was extremely uncomfortable, he managed to get up with a strong brace because he knew that these elf wizards would definitely do it if they wanted to throw them away, but Llewellyn would never let himself be thrown away because Nero Aria was in Llewellyn’s eyes, but the thought of money and the tens of millions of gold coins from the Adventurers Association made his heart suddenly hot.
"mom! Even if you don’t get the reward, you will earn half of it! !” With this in mind, Chen Kai gave his steed to several elf wizards. Lal was a huge horse and directly became a mount for Nero Aria and Bartlett, while Chen Kai climbed to Downey’s back. Tony’s original injury had already recovered. When Chen Kai and others were blessed by Nero Aria’s natural spell treatment, he stayed in the pet, and he also received partial treatment to completely recover the original residual injury and some scars. Now there are no scars. The scales are more shiny than before. Seeing several elf wizards, I was dumbfounded.
Of course, if we only rely on Lal and them, these Andean war horses will never make everyone move quickly. Fortunately, Chen Kai and his pets still have war horses. Even when the earth was the hungriest, they didn’t kill them as food, but waited on them without touching their feed, because everyone knew that war horses were the best means of transportation for them to run on a wide terrain.
Downey’s huge body now has two dwarves besides Chen Kai. Although he is very reluctant, he still has to bear the weight of the dwarves. The most important thing is that he still has to carry such a heavy weight. He doesn’t like to run around in the way he likes. You know, after learning to fly, both dragons don’t like to run around on the ground, because it will make their claws wear out. Unfortunately, even if the dragons don’t like it, they can’t fly to the sky. Therefore, it is the most dangerous place to carve wasteland days, which is several times more dangerous than the ground. Therefore,
Obviously, when Chen Kai and his men evacuated, the battle in the sky was not over, or it was not over, and the fighting became more and more fierce. Ness’ anger was completely aroused. He directly broke his own world and pushed’ Ilwata’ into the astral world. This was the most angry day outside his resurrection, and it was also the most disastrous day. Undoubtedly, his future kingdom-based world suffered a devastating blow. Without a hundred years’ repair, he would not want to recover Ness. The angry flame made him burn and really burned.
At the moment, his purple robe is burning with a pale flame of death, holding up his staff like a torch. These flames from hades are full of death power. If you touch a little vitality, they will burn quickly. For the flame of death,’ Iluwata’ is a fuel tank full of gasoline, but similarly, if there is a lot of oil in this fuel tank, it will also turn into water and come back to extinguish all the flames of death.
The fierce burning death flame makes Ness look like a big light bulb in the astral world. However, this light bulb emits cold and death light, while most of the other party’s strength consumption has not dissipated. The’ Iluwata’ is in Nero Aria and others fleeing for the last chance. Of course, it may be that it is possible to kill Ness and accumulate the final strength. Although it may be that it has lost its power from the world of Ness, at the moment, the body of’ Iluwata’ has not gradually faded due to a large amount of power consumption. On the contrary, it has become a battle area. Astral this’ Yiluwata’ body is becoming more solid, because several elves and demigods are slowly handing over power through their own channels at the moment, although the power loss is very great, so there is no doubt that Ness is in the wind in terms of power supplement.
The impact force generated by the collision between the two forces is constantly distorted, and occasionally floating meteorites fall into the attack range of the two, and the result will be shattered in an instant, even if the meteorite is as big as several football fields, it will be destroyed in a short time.
In such an environment, two horrors will naturally attract some kind of attention in the battle, but this kind of attention is not from god but from the unique creatures in the astral world. For both of them, these peepers are not so easy to deal with in the battle, especially when their number is gradually increasing, which is a headache for even the gods. But at the moment, Ness ignores the real fire, because if those guys around him dare to provoke him, he will make them angry. Ordinary gods and demigods are afraid of the evil spirits in these astral worlds, but Ness is not afraid. He also hopes that there will be more evil spirits around him so that he can catch some makeup.
"Iluwata, you guys who are huddled in the ancient trees of life! How dare you hit on me this time? You are doomed to pay for this! ! !” Ness’s eyes were white and twisted by his gaze. In this place of the astral world, Ness can be said to be the real power. This time, he completely broke out his power beyond the ordinary demigods and inferior gods.
"The price is you! Ness! You, the soul betrayer of the Elves, will disappear completely in natural anger! !” Several elves and demigods are mixed together, and the sound vibrates in the virtual. At the same time, as the sound falls, the horror is more than the emerald light beam, and it goes directly towards Ness.
"Soul betrayer! I’m sorry, but I can’t afford this crime, because my body and soul are all human beings at the moment, not elves, because I am completely reincarnated and not possessed! You old idiot! !” Nais’s voice was turbulent in the void. As he roared, a large number of death forces emerged in front of him, blocking the bombardment of emerald light beams.
The fierce energy collision made several daring people try to get close to the sneak attack on God, and they were instantly blown to powder. In this battlefield, they didn’t even have the qualification to participate. Even the lower gods didn’t dare to intervene at the moment. Two horrors were fighting, while the Lord God’s level was disdainful. The attack seemed extremely lively. In the view of the Lord God’s rank, it was wave power.
There won’t be much fighting in the Lord God’s base, because once the battle is fought, it will definitely be in life and death, and there will be no magic. At the demigod level, it is to explore the rules of the world and gradually transport the rules. But at this stage of the Lord God, it is to master the rules, raise your hand and cast your feet, and all the rules are manifested. The more you directly attack the rules, the more the opposite it will be. It seems that the complicated attacks are scattered.
The Lord God will never have so much power to escape. Although Ness and’ Iluwata’ are fighting fiercely, they are actually playing house with children in front of the real Lord God, but even if they play house with children, Ness is already strong and almost unable to control the power to escape at the moment. Of course, although Ness is crazy at the moment, he is not stupid. He knows that he wants to turn over the power of several elves and demigods in front of him, so he must first cut off the other side’s power and he should do the same.
Actually, if the unreal body created by the elves and demigods has the ability to absorb the power of the realm world, then Ness needs a realm world to directly block the other side’s power transfer, but now he can do such a thing by other means. Fortunately, he finally did it.
When a huge purple magic circle spreads in an enveloped area, the whole virtual space seems to be stagnant at this moment. At that moment, I wanted to stimulate another round of attack. The expression of’ Iluwata’ was completely stagnant, and at the same time, it slowly swam around, and the evil gods also instantly fell into stagnation to be continued.
The first volume Chapter 94 Kendo Hart’s Day of Destruction (1)
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"Ness! One day you will fall! " When the pale flame stick completely sank into the chest, it lost its ability to move.’ Iluwata’ suddenly opened its mouth and roared angrily at Ness.
"yes! One day I will fall! Because even the Lord God can’t fall and fall into eversleeping, but I will definitely live longer than you, and that’s enough! !” Waving his staff and stabbing each other in the chest again, Ness’ face is full of peace. "I want you to see your own people wail in death and make all the elves disappear completely, and all this is because of you today! !”
"We will wait!" With the disappearance of the last sound, a huge green flash suddenly appeared in the void, and the huge magic circle that had been shrouded in the void was completely torn up at this moment. When the light dissipated, there was a little cloth left to cover the body. Ness looked at the world where the main material plane was located with an angry face.
At last, when everything disappeared, the whole emptiness was calm again. Those who swam around knew that some of their own kind were missing, but they didn’t get any delicious food at all. There was nothing left except more meteorite fragments.
They don’t know and don’t want to know about everything in the astral world. At this moment, they know that they have to leave this wasteland quickly. Fortunately, Chen Kai has a map of the wasteland in his hand. Although this map is not so clear, at least he can know his position and how much he needs to spend before he can get out of this horrible area.
Sticking out his tongue, Donnie is panting to be spoiled and get rest. Although he is not an amphibian, the hot sun still makes his blood hot. The most important thing is that he has been running for two hours. If he continues to run, his claws will be worn out, and he will also accuse Chen Kai of abusing underage dragons.
Of course, for the pain of the little guy, Chen Kai also knows very well that anyone who runs with hundreds of kilograms of weight for more than two hours will be unable to stand it. After all, Tony is not the only one who has Chen Kai, and there are two dwarfs with the same weight.
"Have a little rest?" Chen Kai looked up and asked Nero Aria not far away. For this wizard, he had to respect each other and was strong enough for him to look up and crush him easily with one finger.
"yes!" Nero Aria doesn’t want to talk more. In fact, she needs a rest more than anyone else, because she can restore her own magic. Although the horse is stable, bilal has restored her strength a little, but compared with consuming more physical strength, this recovery is almost the same. Chen Kai did not hesitate to ask her to agree.
However, although Nero Aria chose to agree, she didn’t stop, but continued to urge Lal to rush forward for nearly a kilometer before stopping near a hill. After stopping, everyone collapsed in the shade of the hill. Chen Kai, they didn’t know whether the battle in the sky was over or not, and they didn’t know who lost or won this terrible collision. But there is no doubt that they felt that Ness should not have the strength to find them in trouble for a short time. If he still had the strength, there is no doubt that Chen Kai and them would have been arrested at this moment.
This is good news for Chen Kai and others. In fact, it is because I feel that Ness will not come to trouble them that Nero Aria will agree with Chen Kai to stop and rest. Because Nero Aria knows that the demigod power in her ring lasts for half an hour at most, it has already passed two hours. For Nero Aria, Ness is either killed or injured. It is a pity that she is very clear that although the strong seal of the demigod in her family is strong in the ring, it is not strong enough to kill Ness at most, and it seems that it can hurt Ness at present.
However, after stopping for a rest, Chen Kai found a more serious problem, that is, they didn’t have much food. Although several elf wizards can make clean water, they didn’t carry any food. For several elf wizards, all the food was packed in wagons, which was to put magic food on their own. What would never be considered for those dwarves? Because their wagons are the biggest equipment, several people have a meal problem, and Chen Kai’s only thing to do now is to take out the remaining food in their backpacks.
"Do you have these things?" Nero Aria looks a little ugly. Actually, there is a lot of food in Chen Kai’s pocket, but he didn’t buy a lot because he was worried about food problems in the world of Ness, so Chen Kai didn’t have much food in his hand. Of course, Chen Kai actually had a lot of food in his hand. After adding Donnie, the king of big stomachs, and adding a few elf wizards and dwarves, food was a bit insufficient. Of course, it was really not enough. Because for Nero Aria, fruit was her food, and she stayed away from everything else.
However, Bartlett, an old girl with a smaller body who was also born as an elf mage, had an appetite closer to that of Feilong Donnie, and just grabbed a thick roast leg of pork and stuffed it into her mouth. It was even more frightening that this girl with an amazing appetite wiped out the leg of pork that was close to half her weight in a short time, and she was still wanting to wipe her mouth. If several elf magicians had such a horrible appetite, even if there was more food in Chen Kai’s backpack, they could not stand much consumption. Fortunately, other elf magicians had a normal appetite and a little more than ordinary people. According to Chen Kai’s calculation, their food should last for a week. Of course, this is to make the poor dragon reduce its food by one third, and as a result, it will be eaten by the little girl because of its reduction by one third.
The poor flying dragon Donnegan dared not have the slightest objection to this. On the contrary, he offered his own food to Bartlett on his own initiative, which was almost like flattery. Chen Kai estimated that if Bartlett recruited his fingers, Donnie would jump on the other side like a loyal dog.
"I just lost my face!" Ll crouched beside Su Xinghe and looked at buttering up Bartlett. Donnelly sighed and took a bite of the brown bread in his hand. Ll had to return from big fish and big meat to eating bread again because of food shortage.
"eh? Sue, why do you look at me like that? I didn’t educate you! Nnd, what are your eyes! " Ll be Su Xinghe eyes look a little hair, because he thinks each other’s eyes that is a kind of crooked eyes.
"Old Sue! Big brother! You know, I’m not that kind of person! Don’t think about it! " Ll wanted to hold Su Xinghe’s shoulder so firmly. Unfortunately, he knew that the explanation was to cover it up, and he simply chose to squat in another place. Before that, of course, he flew up and kicked Donnie’s ass to make the embarrassing dragon squat with himself.
There is no doubt that the clouds in the sky are constantly being shattered by the cold wind. Not long ago, two terrorists fought and caused a surge of air, which has not completely disappeared from the wasteland. On the contrary, the sequelae caused by the confrontation between these terrorist forces are gradually emerging.
The whole wilderness climate has become extremely strange because of the escaping power, especially the two horrors in the center of the confrontation. Instead of moving into the astral space because of the battle between Ness and’ Iluwata’, it has become more intense. In such an environment, a charred body was suddenly spit out from the middle, and then thousands of people were spit out from the virtual one by one.
"I will give it to you! Give you the most powerful weapon! I’ll kill Nero Aria for anything you want! I want her head! ! !” An angry figure in the virtual space roared toward the ground and fell to the ground. Among thousands of figures, a shadow with a huge bow on his back slowly got up. His face flashed with depression and anger because he wanted to kill Nero Aria at the beginning, but it happened that the figure in the virtual space overhead would not let him.
"but! Follow your choice, which is what I want! " Barbat would never fight Ness in a rage, because he knew that if the other party took him as a punching bag, there was no doubt that he would be wiped out by the terrible thunder in an instant.
"Sally! ! You follow him and chase those guys for me! " As Ness roared, two bones and skeletons were spit out from the void and slowly landed on the ground. After landing, two dog-headed skeletons slowly shook their claws and scratched their necks. Ness did not respond to Ness’ words, but Ness knew that his two pets would definitely do this.
"Please give me two giant war puppet! I want to rely on their flying ability to catch up with Nero Aria and others faster! " Barbat looked at the bones and heads around him and showed a little hesitation, because he knew very well the strength of these two monsters, but he also knew that he had to restrain each other, so the thugs might as well be replaced by more obedient war puppets, because at least the war puppets could be controlled.
"yes!" At the moment, Ness didn’t think much about reality. If possible, he would choose to kill himself instead of giving it to Barbat. However,’ Iluwata’ ended up mutually assured destruction. Although it didn’t make him seriously injured, it would be very troublesome for him to leave his own world in a short time. The most important thing is that he needs to stabilize his destroyed field and let it gradually recover. If he doesn’t recover his own world, Ness will really have a throne.
When the huge war puppet landed slowly beside Barbat, the dark knights behind him who had been spit out from the world of Ness had been lined up again. At the same time, Sabinin, who was included in the world of Ness, also rose from the ground again at the moment. Of course, his naked body has been completely changed at the moment to strengthen his combat effectiveness. The evil body captured by Ness was transformed into a layer of black and white bone armor, and Sabinin’s standard crab pliers were also transformed into two giants. The palm of your hand holds two huge weapons like combat knives, which are matched with Sabinin’s bone armor covered with bone spurs. An extremely fierce breath is quickly extinguished, and behind this bone armor is a bone tail that is constantly shaking for up to one meter, which makes Sabinin’s combat effectiveness rise again.
Armed to the teeth, Sabinin’s fighting capacity has soared twice as much at the moment. Even after the madness, Chen Kai and his estimate of chopping are instantly hacked to death. The ending needs a collision, and ordinary soldiers will instantly become meat residue. It is estimated that with the strength of two terrorist combat knives, a bloody rain can be instantly created without moving this ferocious bone tail. The most important thing is that after Ness’ adjustment, Sabinin’s fighting capacity level directly exceeds the original ninth order and instantly rises to the eleventh order, that is, the level of sanctuary. His strength has decreased by nearly one meter, but he has become Barr. Bart, a new killer, of course, compared with Sabinin’s body, the huge amount of pathogens was taken away by Ness, and he lost some strong resilience, so he may not quickly return to his original state after his body was completely smashed.
Fortunately, when Ness disappeared, Barbat was trapped in the same place by the raging thunder around him and lost track of Chen Kai, their best chance. Two huge war puppets can’t fly in this weather. Once they fly, there is no doubt that they will be completely turned into garbage by the dense thunder in the sky.
There is no doubt that Chen Kai and them are lucky to have a poor red bow. Barbat is the most unlucky because Ness was still eating when he found him. Of course, he was not extremely happy to eat, but he wanted to vomit. In the dining room where Ness protected Barbat, everything was extremely quiet as if it had never happened. Count Yadog still held up his glass to welcome distant guests, while the maid around Barbat kept repeating those words and ate up the food. Barbat, the food tray, was extremely unlucky. Even though he ate slowly behind him, he still couldn’t eat enough. Therefore, Barbat’s only feeling after being released was that he had escaped the end of being strangled. When Ness spoke, he was trying to clean up the excess stuff in his stomach, that is, spit it out as ugly as possible.
Of course, after fully recovering, Barbat will soon want to search for traces of Nero Aria. Now he is not only behind others, but most importantly, a demigod is asking him to act as a hatchet man, so his fighting enthusiasm is even higher. The only problem is that the thunder around him makes him know the direction, not to mention the sun, and there are no stars in the sky. The most important thing is that these thunder also bombard one by one with charred traces from time to time. There is no doubt that in the face of such an environment, Barbat’s tracking skills are extremely strong and can become blind and wandering around the wasteland.
It took them less than half an hour to escape from this thunder area, but it took Barbat nearly half a day to touch this terrible area. Therefore, the distance between the two sides can be imagined. The most important thing is that after touching even the thunder area, Barbat turned to a direction almost opposite to that of Chen Kai, so that it became almost impossible for Barbat to chase Chen Kai and them. Even if he turned around soon afterwards, the distance between him and Chen Kai and others has been pulled for a whole day.
There is no doubt that after more than ten days of bad luck in the underground, the journey has been extended for half a day, and there is almost no return ticket. After the world tour in the demigod field, Chen Kai has been shrouded in the aura of bad luck. At least for a short time, the group of people don’t need to worry about affixing enemies behind their buttocks. The most important thing is that after the magic has recovered a little, the fighting capacity of several elf wizards is finally not so bad. Actually, Chen Kai, they don’t know that these elf wizards seem to be covered with all kinds of magic, but in fact, they have been eroded by Ness death force, and
The terrible spells of several elf wizards can’t appear now unless their magic source is completely recovered after a long period of recuperation, which takes less than one year, and the trouble is that even the best medicine can make them recover in a short time.
For Chen Kai, another advantage of walking with several elf wizards is that he finally knows that those plants that cry and suck blood from the wasteland are magic plants. This is a magic plant that can permanently increase the health limit. Of course, before that, it absorbs enough blood, and when it absorbs enough blood, it will become an extremely beautiful red. Only then will it fully mature and be able to make that special health-increasing magic potion. Fortunately, with the help of the attackers in the wilderness, all the plants in Chen Kai’s backpack have matured completely. It is necessary to find a high-level magic pharmacist, so Chen Kai can get some drugs that can permanently increase his life limit. This is definitely good news for him to be continued.
The first volume Chapter 95 Kendo Hart’s Day of Destruction (2)
"Thank you, Nero Eluge!" Chen Kai holds a crystal-clear glass bottle in his hand. There are some elves’ life springs in this bottle. Thanks to Chen Kai’s gift, Nero Aria gave Chen Kai this life spring which can be added to the medicine to increase the power and increase the life value. Of course, it takes only one drop to make Chen Kai’s life completely restored. Of course, it takes a sigh of relief for the player to have a broken leg. Before the horse becomes alive and kicking, you can still stand the horrible pain when the body is reorganized.
However, for Chen Kai, these fountains of life are not for drinking, but for adding them to the pharmaceutical system. Those drugs that can permanently increase the life limit, Chen Kai will hide this bottle of fountain of life well, and he will not drink it even in dangerous situations.
Watching Chen Kai carefully put the fountain of life into his backpack, Nero Aria felt a little funny, because she felt that if she told Chen Kai that he had consumed several bottles of glass bottles of this size in the battle, she would probably jump up and beat herself several times.