"Hairy children are also very powerful. Do you want to try?" Qi Yufeng replied with a smile that he was in contact with a cult figure in three mountains and five mountains, and he was once influenced by Ling Huchong, a character who made a witty remark!

"I heard that you are good at martial arts. Dare you compete with me?" The beauty eager to split mouth asked.
"Stolen martial arts learned so quickly? Your gang has a good learning ability. I have always been puzzled about one thing. When did your gang get the magical power of White Lotus? " Qi Yufeng asked.
"Last summer," the beauty casually said, "Are you scared?"
"Then what’s so special about me?" Qi Yufeng just a thought in the heart a surprised but the surface is invisible smooth and then asked.
"Because you have a secret!"
"Isn’t it a wave that this peerless martial arts in modern society falls into your hands?"
"Only organized people can achieve great things by getting this ancient martial arts. Do you also want to practice Jiuyang magic?" Fan Wan’s eyes revealed a trace of fanaticism and pride, and stared at his original clear eyes with a touch of red blood, which was quite rare.
Qi Yufeng smiled and looked at her dressed in a flute, glittering and colorful, but it looked vulgar and luxurious, as if she had just made a phone call and bought it from the shopping manager. She couldn’t help but sneer at the fact that there was no martial arts fan at all. It seems that this organization is very nervous.
The van wan see his sneer at face sank suddenly leap fit potential agile, such as from more than two meters high door jumped in and posted a foot in Qi Yufeng.
Qi Yufeng cried the heart sank, but half a year later, how did she practice this white lotus strength and aside light achievement to this point?
After landing, she smiled calmly at Qi Yufeng. "Why don’t we just stay here …?"
Qi Yufeng shook his head and took out the key to hit the door and turned back. "Don’t disturb my family. There is a forest in the back of the hill. Let’s go there to play." Then he took the lead and stepped out.
Fan Wan gave a slight ash and then followed him with a cold hum. Within two miles, they reached a mountain flat where people were separated by a forest. At the moment, few people were seen.
Fan Wan saw that Qi Yufeng’s steps were quite sluggish, and he knew that he was not healed. He was happy to say, "Don’t be too far away here."
Qi Yufeng turned around and nodded. "Well, let me see that you, a qualified kungfu practitioner, have been practicing for half a year and are stronger than me, a common people."
Fan Wan’s pretty face was gradually stained with ferocious lines. She sneered, "I heard that you saved your life, and Erbo exhausted his skill. Even if he walked to eat, he was afraid that today would be your death!"
Qi Yufeng smiled, "you and I can win me? Sit tight and watch the sky really bite off more than one can chew. "
Chapter 27 Step by step gives birth to lotus
Fan Wan saw that his feet were not fixed in front of his face, and he didn’t swing his fists. However, his eyes were fixed on himself and he was confident and full of psychology. Suddenly, he felt a sense of panic as if this person’s powerful breath could soak the bone marrow.
He is not very tall, and his appearance is not outstanding, but he seems to stand tall in the snow ridge, as if he had seen through the changes in the world, making people feel that he seems to be vaguely unable to see clearly.
"This is to throw forty or fifty people in a row in a beautiful master demeanor? No wonder he was so able to play "Fan Wan gritted his teeth and encouraged himself", but now he has lost all his efforts but there is nothing to be afraid of "
Immediately, she made up her mind to support her waist in the previous step, turned around and punched nimbly, and played out with a "cloud-flying sleeve"
"Is that all?" Qi Yufeng sneered at a left hand in his pocket and a right hand raised his arm and gently turned to use a trick. If the "air bearing wind is scattered" in Xuangong Boxing is soft like a snake, it will turn her this trick into a rotating soft strength and disperse in all directions like the wind.
This move of his seems to be relaxed and enjoyable, but it is already the essence of Hujia Taiji, Zhao Banshan Wenzhou Wangshi Taiji, and it also contains the opinion of chong Xu Dao Long Boxing. In it, it can be said that it is better for Putian Tai Ji Chuan experts to sigh when they see this move.
However, the "Extreme Xuangong Boxing" was created by Zhang Sanfeng in his later years, which was the source of the world. And the combination of extreme truth and exquisite perfection is another level of exhaustion.
He was instructed by many Taoist masters and practiced the Taoist "Zi Xia’s magical power" to the extreme. At this time, he had a new understanding of Tai Chi.
Fan Wan consciously felt that this fist was like a meteor’s foot and a drill. When he was complacent, he suddenly saw that he grabbed his fine fist and twisted his arm involuntarily to detain his figure. He couldn’t help but suddenly turn several times with the rotation before he was freed.
This she cried again surprised again afraid in the distance holding his wrist stare big eyes looking at Qi Yufeng heart is full of alert.
Qi Yufeng is dark sigh, after all, my skill is not pure, otherwise, why don’t you turn her around ten times and fall into a seven-meat dish?
"Well, I didn’t expect your boxing to be practiced to this point." Fan Wan’s face suddenly and solemnly bends like a willow swaying in the wind, and the whole body gently swings with a palm to attack Qi Yufeng’s chin like a flower.
Her palm seems soft, but in fact it fluctuates like a spring, and the layers are stacked and the strength is endless, which is the "step by step lotus" in the magic of white lotus.
This move is continuous, skillful and crisp, and every half inch forward, the position is changeable. It is actually a thousand-year-old Shaolin martial arts sideline martial arts move, which is strong, fierce and delicate, and it is like a wind and a cloud.
Qi Yufeng thought to himself, "I haven’t practiced this White Lotus Kung Fu, but the moves are clear. How did she get to this point in more than half a year?"
Although Tai Ji Chuan said it was "four or two strokes of a thousand catties", he had to have a thousand catties of strength before. If an old man with a hemp pole can raise his hand and raise his foot, it is still more difficult than even if the moves are wonderful, how can he defeat a great man?
Although your strength is clever, you can’t do it with your eyes, but you should respond to it.
Immediately, his mind flashed on the seven-flower footwork, and his legs twisted and twisted for two times, avoiding her palm and raising one finger, which just bounced to Fan Wan’s eyes.
Fan Wan realized that this trick was broken by "Tai Ji Chuan". When he was complacent, he suddenly felt the pain in his black eyes at the moment, and he couldn’t help but force himself to turn outward and evaded Qi Yufeng’s finger. After that, he was like a white snake rolling over and kicking the snow like a broken jade flying all over the sky
After landing, she couldn’t help but change her face and waver, and her eyes showed fear. Just before the wind stepped on her flaw together, it seemed as if she had hit herself. Moreover, he didn’t move quickly and was very slow. This kind of eye knowledge is by no means his enemy.
Qi Yufeng couldn’t help sneering at Fan Wan’s shrinking sleeves. She was just about to learn the Tao. The population taught her a few words, but she suddenly screamed in a low voice, like a night owl crying. Then she saw her eyes as red and her bones clicked, and her arms suddenly punched.
This van wan figure like crazy eagle dance speed than instant came to his eyes Qi Yufeng suddenly a surprised heart, how can so fast? Immediately without much thought, Tai Ji Chuan blocked Fan Wan Boxing Road.
However, seeing Fan Wan display the skill of Bai Lian’s dominating the sky, his hands are dancing like flowers and butterflies, and his strange tricks are stirring one after another. A series of high winds are flying around with snowflakes, such as white lotus flying all over the sky.
Qi Yufeng takes his time and turns his hands constantly, and he is as carefree as an old man in street health, but every palm can just wipe Fan Wan’s frantic tricks aside.
Fan Wan is not discouraged despite all the tricks. Her eyes are sharp-edged, and it seems that there is a deep red light flashing like a tarsal maggot, chasing and attacking sharply. One trick is more biting than the other.
Qi Yufeng looked at her face while disassembling the tricks. "Is this person crazy?"
Although he was physically strong for a while, he was not afraid. Every time he hit a palm, his arm was sore and a little sour. Immediately, he made a move and looked at Ling Killing, Flower Butterfly Dance, Big Sun Wheel, Bloody Dance and Snake Chaos. Every move was indeed recorded in the magic of the White Lotus. But after this woman made it, how did it get a spooky smell like madness?
It’s a pity that this female almond-eyed peach cheeks, but at this time, her eyes are as sharp and vicious as a sharp knife, which makes Qi Yufeng unwilling to see more.
After fighting for more than 50 rounds, Qi Yufeng couldn’t help but smile, "I can’t take her easily without hurting her life, but if she wants to hit me, it’s even harder. What’s the point of this fight? Alas, beauty, let me go. I’m the one who is about to have dinner."