Zhang Songxi couldn’t help holding the hilt to prevent the woman in black from happening, but she suddenly turned round and round as if she knew that the palm routine of Shi Hongshi was generally extremely alert to avoid this palm, and then the backhand was a slap in the face and a crunchy palm in the middle of Shi Hongshi’s cheek to detain the high swelling.

Shi Hongshi ate this loss and cried with anger. Five Raytheons stormed, howled and twisted their waist, bowed their palms and fanned them to the other woman in black, but the woman in black was polite.
Shi Hongshi’s arm is round and strong, and she dances with great enthusiasm. She throws it over the sleeve of her arm and flips it with her fist for a while. Her hair is flying and her nails are dancing wildly, while that woman’s attire is graceful and graceful, her waist is slim and graceful, and she is smart and floating. There is a heroic beauty in her boxing.
This encounter between the two men, Shi Hongshi, was impetuous and increasingly saw the wind confrontation. Soon, she suddenly screamed, and her fingers were white, and her figure suddenly jumped up toward the black woman’s head. From a distance, it looked like a huge black vulture.
Qi Yufeng see this recruit is the trick in the "Nine Yin Bones Claw". How can she know this trick and be so vicious that she will kill people because of some bickering words?
Immediately, he looked up at the stone in his heart and saw that the woman in black suddenly turned round and round and turned left into a cold chicken. Her hands raised over her forehead, and the shadow of her hands fluttered in all directions. This move was dignified and the enemy’s move was incomprehensible. No matter which direction Shi Hongshi came in, it was shrouded in his "double-handed hand"
Zhang Songxi couldn’t help but "yi" at the same time. This move is the most prosaic one in Shaolin Boxing, but it has solved such a biting move, so it is necessary to have a deep understanding of this martial arts, and this woman in black makes this move. Although she can escape most people’s eyes, she can’t escape them.
This move of hers is a kung fu of Wudang Taiji posture.
However, when they saw that the two hands were handed over, they connected the four palms and shone a few lights. It turned out that Shi Hongshi’s hand was hiding iron nails.
And the woman in black is not a good crop, but she is wearing a pair of silver gloves.
The two of them were a little more than one point, but seeing that her gloves were impressively marked with several black scratches seemed to make people suddenly lose their minds, while Shi Hongshi was surprised but far better than the woman in black. Seeing that she stepped back three steps, she said in her heart, "This person not only knows that I have broken the law with ten hands, but also learned the nine yin and white bones and claws. Who is this person who is putting it against me?"
She really didn’t know that she had learned nothing but three or four palms, besides, the power was very low and uneven, and the wind palm method was 30%, while the nine-yin white bone claw kung fu was also because her skill was shallow and she occupied the fantasy all the way without the right path. Others knew the tricks and naturally broke the lark
At this time, both of them have tried out their opponents’ martial arts, knowing that the other side’s superb martial arts is by no means a good generation. Immediately, Shi Hongshi suddenly bent down and held a dagger in his hand. Suddenly, he leaned forward and pulled out toward the black woman.
The woman saw a flash of silver in front of her, and suddenly an iron plate bridge suddenly escaped the blow from upright to lying flat. A song on her legs and then a kick were kicked hard in the lower abdomen of Shi Hongshi, and she gently fell to the ground.
Poor Shi Hongshi failed to cheat, but she was kicked three steps back and landed on the ground. Several Beggars’ brothers helped her with pain. After touching her head, she saw blood all over her hands and cried a scream. Lala rushed in like a storm.
The black woman smiled coldly and twisted her waist slightly, so she fought in one place.
Zhenyuan showed a difficult expression and then sincerely said, "I naturally won’t be stingy if the Bodhisattva borrows something from me. This treasure of heaven and earth is different from ordinary things, and I can’t borrow it even if I want to."
After that, he didn’t explain how to entertain Guanyin Bodhisattva and Tianmen. "The Bodhisattva still has this friend and come with me."
Guanyin Bodhisattva walked beside Zhenyuan, just like a follower behind Guanyin Bodhisattva, but he didn’t look like a follower. When he walked, he secretly looked at it for a few days.
Heaven behaves like Guanyin Bodhisattva’s followers are well-known in the three realms of Guanyin Bodhisattva. Who are there in her door? Others can say that Zhenyuan does not remember that there is such a person in Guanyin Bodhisattva’s door.
Could it be that Guanyin Bodhisattva only recently accepted his disciples? Is it because this temperament doesn’t look like a god?
Zhenyuan secretly thinks about lining in his heart.
Guanyin Bodhisattva couldn’t help but ask Zhenyuan, "Zhenyuan Daxian, you just said that you want to borrow this treasure of heaven and earth, but you can’t borrow it?"
Zhenyuan heard Guanyin Bodhisattva ask Hehe and smiled, "I want to take the Bodhisattva to see the treasures of heaven and earth first. Since the Bodhisattva is curious, I’ll say it first."
Since Guanyin Bodhisattva wants to open his mouth to the other side, he can’t just perfunctory it. He will not only explain it, but also let Guanyin Bodhisattva see the treasures of heaven and earth with his own eyes.
"The treasure of heaven and earth is a fairy treasure, which can not only reveal the demons and ghosts, but also observe what happened in the three realms. Every time you want to play the treasure of heaven and earth, you have to offer fairy things."
"Heaven and Earth Treasure Mirror will leave the Wuzhuangguan not because it belongs to me, but because there are fairy places here, it will leave fairy things and spirits. It doesn’t want to go anywhere else, and no one can take it away, and neither can I."
Immediately, everyone couldn’t help but come up with the story of the two men in those days. In those days, Zhiyuan Fan Yao had many bad feelings, but he was wise to remember that Fan Yao saved Wen Ende. The two heroes made friends from then on. It is said that every few years, they will learn from each other in Wan’ an Temple in Dadu to prove what they have learned. Today, it is obvious that the two factions will send such characters, which must have been discussed by letter in advance.
Qi Yufeng couldn’t help but frown when he heard this, preaching and attacking the city, and secretly Yang Xiao actually hooked up with Shaolin Temple and didn’t put himself in his eyes, so I couldn’t help being angry at once.
But after a little thought, he calmed down again. He knew that Yang Xiao must know about the secret actions of Shaolin Temple, but even so, how could he indulge them so much?
Just then, they saw a yellow light and a green shadow leaping over the mountain side by side. The two men smiled at each other and gave their fuels.
Looking at the past, Qi Yufeng saw that Master Na Zhi was thin, thin and small, but his mouth looked sad, and he was short-lived and died, but his achievements were all achieved. It seemed that he was much better than that monk.
And Fan Yao, though old, was vaguely handsome in the past, but his square face was meaningful, but his eyebrows were a little longer and he didn’t look a little gloomy.
Immediately, he said in his heart that Fan Yao had to find out how to teach the enemy to paint his body and swallow charcoal, and he had to punish himself by removing his eyebrows and changing his makeup. The samurai sold himself to Ruyang Wangfu, a man worthy of making friends with this mind alone.
But this bogey medical skill is too amazing. He can’t see a flaw in his Zhang Jun face.
His side is thinking and daydreaming, and the woman in black in Shi Hongshi saw that the two men met at the same time and looked at each other, so she stopped and left, as if she was afraid of losing face in front of the first sect and the first sect on this day.
Fan Yao and his wife came forward hand in hand when they had never seen each other, but they saw that the major sects in the rivers and lakes had learned a lesson at this time, and Fan Yao and Zhi talked with each other like flowing water.
First, the influential sects in the Jianghu, then the castellans and door lords of the major gangs in the Jianghu followed the second generation of brothers from each faction.
Wisdom and Fan Yao rushed to answer Qi Yufeng’s questions in succession. When they saw, they couldn’t help sighing in their hearts that this Shaolin Temple harbors evil people and practices, and all kinds of confusions were deceived by that Cheng Kun. But it is the first sect name in the Jianghu. Even if it loses its prestige for a while, it is deeply rooted. It belongs to Dharma Academy, Arhat Hall, Prajna Hall, Discipline Academy and Sutra Pavilion. The division of responsibilities is reasonable. Other sects are far from being comparable to their own outbreaks.
Fan Yao was very busy, but he also caught a glimpse of Zhang Songxi at the door. Zhang Songxi smiled at him and said to the housekeeper, "I won’t rest until my friends come."
The housekeeper nodded and said, "Heaven’s hero has the honor to visit Bi Zhuang, and it’s a great honor to spoil Zhang Daxia."
Immediately, all the guests sat down and Fan Yao came to Zhang Songxi to talk. After he introduced Qi Yufeng and others, he couldn’t help but shine at the moment and laughed. "Sure enough, when heroes come out as teenagers, we have to be close and close."
And wisdom is nodded slightly but did not talk. Qi Yufeng looked at wisdom and nodded slightly without saying a word.
After a while, I saw a group of monks, there were always forty or fifty people walking on the mountain with long sticks, and there was another group of people whose horseheads were wrapped in white cloth, but they were taught to dress up and walked to the peak, but the Shaolin Temple Sect came to the mountain together.
At this time, when the noon arrived, everyone was hungry. Immediately, the White Tea Villa prepared wine and food, and a banquet was held in the squares of this villa. Everyone ate and drank for a while and heard someone slap two rows of horses and geese, and a girl dressed in light green clothes came out lightly.
They cried the eyes a bright to see the girl slim and elegant, graceful and graceful, and slowly came out of it.
This woman’s head is covered with a scarf, but she can’t see exactly what it looks like. Listening to her, she said to Fu Jiao around, "Today, Meng Yuan is raging and sinful. My master is the previous generation of heroes Guo Jing, and later generations can’t bear to destroy the Han family’s mountains and rivers. I specially invite you to look forward to the Wulin heroes to discuss the disposal strategy today and invite you heroes to serve tea in the back garden."
As soon as she said this, someone cried, "Okay, let’s go."
But the female figure did not move, but she continued, "But my house is narrow. In addition, the more important people there are in these days, the more difficult it is to discuss. Please invite one person from each house, and the rest of you please stay here and eat some cakes."
As soon as she said this, someone laughed at her. "Your white tea villa made a big sword test bag in the Jianghu, which made us restless. How many brothers have broken this sword bag and are not allowed to meet each other?" After that, he laughed and roared forward.
Immediately, the National People’s Congress strode forward, and the rest of the people also felt that there was a deep ideal when they heard this. How can a villa offend many sects at the same time and rush to rush in?
Qi Yufeng Zhang Songxi and Fan Yao saw that many people were so noisy that they immediately followed with a trace of doubt.
A line of people walked through the garden and saw a corner of the balcony hidden by flowers and trees. In front of the hall, there was a big hall covered with thick wool carpet, and colorful flowers were woven. Small coffee tables were arranged in rows. There were blue and white bowls with four-color snacks such as cheese and cakes beside each bowl. At the end of the hall, there was a platform three or four feet higher, and there was a light yellow carpet with a brocade pad stool.
Immediately, everyone thought that this stool should be the seat of Mrs. White Tea.
A bunch of people came to the front of the hall, but suddenly a dozen Han people flashed from the side. They were all tall, with long hands, long feet and intense eyes. Their appearance was very dignified
Qi Yufeng saw that he couldn’t help but praise the heart. It is extremely difficult to find these dozens of servants with such martial arts, especially these dozens of people look and dress alike. Martial arts is also a road, which is even more difficult.
Before seeing the first person coming to the hall, he bowed to the crowd and said, "We admire all heroes, Renxia, Gaoyi, Qunhao heroes, and your heroes have come to visit our White Tea Villa today. It’s a great honor. The master ordered the villain to come to meet you and rest here to show his admiration."