Chen Kai, who was hit by a spell in the front, survived tenaciously. At the same time, Master Locks’ armor also protected him to a certain extent, which also reduced the loss of the swordsmen behind him. The power of the sacrifice was greater than that of the original spell. Therefore, Chen Kaike believed that if someone else stood in front of him, there would be more people who died or were seriously injured by the spell instead of two swordsmen wearing light armor.

"I must get a spell defense shell on my armor!" Chen Kai tried to breathe hard while covering the wound with a little burnt smell. Although the blow didn’t take his life, the appearance of the wound made his life value slowly drop.
Chen Kaishen always carries the most drugs. He has more life holy water than Lin Lei. He brought the holy water from Bishop Ron’s morning temple. He wanted to take out a bottle of healing holy water from his backpack and pour half of it into the wound.
When several other people protect Chen Kaike, he can handle the wound in a few seconds and quickly recover his combat effectiveness, but the paralyzing effect of the flash makes it difficult for Chen Kailian to raise one hand, even the holy water is drunk with the help of others.
Most players have more magic than their health, but if they keep releasing second-order spells to attack, even the wizards with the most magic will feel that their magic is not practical, even if they don’t cast spells continuously, floating magic at 1000 points is not enough.
One thing that makes all spellcasters collapse is that compared with their barren magic, the magic of those skeleton wizards seems to be exhausted, or they are not rooted in the magic bar, but cast their spells through the soul fire in their heads
Even if he lost his staff and left hand, the skeleton secret mage still kept casting secret magic balls or other spells that even the secret mage couldn’t name. Those spells may have been developed by himself in front of him or changed the structure of other spells to form new spells. After watching them for a long time, Wang Xuewen didn’t recognize any of them except the secret magic bullets.
With the roar of Su Xinghe, after being attacked by a spell, the spell barrier of the skeleton secret mage was split by Su Xinghe’s sword, and then there was a bone fracture and bone chips splashed out.
Everyone saw that half of the head of the skeleton secret mage had been tilted to the neck, but it was just a little bit attached to the black filth that made its head move again. Behind it, the skull was broken and the fire element skeleton mage suffered several rounds of spell attacks and was finally broken through the spell barrier.
Su Wanlong’s gun struck its head with a metallic friction spark, which chopped off a piece of its skull again, and the exposed soul fire was also taken away. The blood volume with less than 5% was instantly reduced by 1%.
"Hey!" Two consecutive pieces of wood hit the ground, and everyone saw the skeleton arcane master and another fire element mage hit the staff on the ground. The staff carved from wood was inlaid with magic spar. Chen Kai saw that the two pieces of magic spar representing arcane and flame suddenly burst into light.
A huge magic circle instantly formed on their two feet to form a huge magic circle with arcane luster and fire element light.
Even if Chen Kai doesn’t know much about spells, he knows that the appearance of this circle represents an attack that will be even more terrible. Chen Kai, when they saw that this circle spread to their feet, they thought of running away instead of rushing to stop it.
Their root method interrupted the casting of two skeleton mages, especially when the other two injured skeleton mages were swallowed up by the magic circle and became a part of it. They knew that what they had to do now was to run as far as possible.
"The virgin Mary! Tathagata Buddha Sanqing bless! A spellcaster crouched behind a low ore barrier, holding a staff and praying desperately.
"Stupid! You should say, Bless the Great God! Sanqing is not in charge of the game! No, it should be Aurora. God bless this is his territory! " Another mage squatted beside him and said, then he heard a huge shout, "get down!" ! !”
When he was in a daze, I saw ll jump over his head and lie prone quickly, and then I felt a huge impact of hot gas floating over my head, leaning against a stone-like ore from behind.
"Depend! If I had known it, I would have been embarrassed! " This is the only idea when the mage was knocked out by the stone behind him, and he was thrown out with him, and he was also safe by the ore
"Death shock wave! There are two different attribute interpreters who cast the combined magic array spell level 6! When the caster is not equal, he will usually sacrifice another caster to complete this spell! " This is a spell record that Chen Kai saw at that table in Reinach. He remembered the name of the spell, but he didn’t think that he would really be attacked by this spell with real power as high as order 7.
When Chen Kai climbed up from the ground that had been denuded for nearly ten centimeters, he saw that the floor was glowing with black bubbles, and dozens of pieces turned into gold-hating metal ore and were smashed to the surrounding teammates who kept moaning.
In the team management surface, Llewellyn saw the 47 black names and a lot of people with faint life breath. Llewellyn didn’t find clouds and Xuan Zhou in the list of raw players, and Wang Xuewen saw Xu Fei and Li Wen flashing red light.
"Bastard!" This is the first sentence that Chen Kai spit out at the skeleton mage when he got up with a weapon.
They are quietly there, leaning on the staves, holding the two wooden staves quietly, and at their feet are two dark bones, which were once of the same kind, and around them, they were directly hit by the death shock wave. The dark body of the player represents the situation of being burnt inside and outside.
"Death will be your destination! It is impossible for the gods to care for you low-level adventurers. It is your ultimate fate to be like us! " The archaeologist Zhang Pale Jaw uttered words that shocked everyone.
They never recognize a man who has no bones to talk. Those hoarse screams were once regarded by them as the performance of the wind blowing rapidly. Now this skeleton speech represents another fact. That guy is intelligent and can talk.
"that’s your destiny! Your whole body is made up of dog bones! " Ll growled at the skeleton mage.
"Low-level star knight! Even though your god is watching you from outside, now his glory will shine on you! I, Reinach Hopkins, will rebuild your flesh and blood and get revenge on that damn bastard! " The skeleton arcanist pointed to Chen Kai’s body and said something that surprised all the living spellcasters.
Chen Kai thinks that there is something wrong with his ears. The skeleton arcane artist may use magic to make sounds, although it is not very accurate, but it is very clear. However, Chen Kai is not sure whether he has misheard the name because the skeleton mage said that his name is Reinach Hopkins, the chairman of the Adolik Magic Association.
"It should not be the same person!" Chen Kai shook this sentence in his heart, but he couldn’t say that he had a Hopkins family according to the information he had received, and the only exorcist in this family was Reinach, the chairman of the Danadolik Magic Association.
"Is this guy the undeserving brother of Reinach exorcist?" Chen Kai flashed a magic picture in his mind. The guy named Reggie L Hopkins is said to have died in Doguerie, but Reggie was a junior arcane mage rather than a senior arcane master when he died.
"It seems that you already know your coming fate! Sad knight, remember to say hello to Antoro when you see him! Oh dear! I forgot how such good materials can be waved! How about making you a death knight? " The skeleton arcanist held a staff to cover the mask of Chen Kai so that it could not see Chen Kai’s expression.
"Fuck your fate!" Chen Kai’s giant sword roared loudly and chopped at the Bones Master, but it was struck off by a fireball halfway. His weak body needed strength to support the swing of the giant sword. Even though he was still full of quarrelling, his strength decreased by 1% after the injury. Now it is extremely difficult to lift the heavy giant sword.
"Resistance is in vain! Knight, face your fate! Give me your flesh and blood and I will let you get a happy death! " The arcanist who claimed to be Reinach’s skeleton continued to talk to Chen Kai and responded that he was a magical shock to others who were still alive.
"A group of reckless garbage! Asla, let them be your brother’s resurrection sacrifice! " The skeleton arcane master said to the fire element mage around him, but he turned to see that his own kind was hit in the head with a long sword, and a dragon gun gradually stabbed into its head.
"You this group of rubbish! This is a sneak attack! " The archaeologist roared angrily at it, and its sound became unstable and suddenly disappeared under the influence of emotion. Then it saw a pair of big hands shining with white light suddenly grabbing its head and touching it to the ground.
"Accept the fate! You should go back to hell now! " Chen Kai held down the skeleton arcanist intensely, and his hand followed the white flame and directly burned his head in the frightened eyes of the skeleton arcanist.
"Die for the old!" Ll left hand holding a common hammer force hit the skeleton arcane division head each with a white flame.
When it was all over, the head of the archaeologist who had intended to turn Chen Kai into a death knight turned into a pile of fragments, and his soul fire was red with eyes and started the furious mode. Chen Kai drew out the flame and burned it for 2 minutes. Everyone could hear the soul fire coming from the soul’s curse and curse.
"I will definitely come back, you rubbish! Damn it, junior starlight knight, I will definitely come back! I swear by the name of Antoinette that I will light your soul! ! Ah ~ ~ Reggie, I will definitely come back, you brother-killing bastard! ~ ~ "The soul of the skeleton arcanist finally dissipated in ll’s hands and accompanied by ll’s coma.
Note Bronze Skeleton Skull Defense Degree 4 Black Iron Skeleton Skull Defense Degree 6 Mage Type is reduced by 1 point on the secondary foundation.
The first volume Chapter 13 Thunder Knight
When Chen Kai woke up, he found himself sleeping in a mage’s room. This used to be Reinach Hopkins’ exorcist laboratory, but now it has become Chen Kai’s residence. There are many tents in the whole room, but the number of tents and players has decreased a lot. There are about 60 people in the room and almost everyone is injured.
Xu Fei woke up later than Chen Kai. His physical injury in the game was more serious than Chen Kai’s. A flying ore directly broke his thigh, and now his foot is still covered with bandages.
From time to time, there is a flash of green HP recovery figures in his head, but sometimes there is a flash of red blood deduction.
"34 serious injuries and 21 minor injuries! Forty-seven people died! The death shock wave is really terrible! " Ll look at the team management column, where more than half of his teammates have disappeared. His own team alone has hung up three, and the whole team base has been beaten, leaving only a few players who were first carried out intact.
In the whole team, the priest is the best in health. Most priests didn’t suffer much damage because Ji was hiding at the back in the battle, followed by thieves and rangers. Two thieves and a ranger were carried to the distance and escaped because of the Austrian flash attack.
When Yun and Xuan Zhou’s body were found together, Yun tried to press Xuan Zhou against his body. As a result, the two of them were blown up by a piece of ore and hit their heads. They became a pair of unlucky mandarin ducks in Wang Xuewen. He was the most unlucky one and was directly hit by the death shock wave. He directly became a pile of coke.
Chen Kaiyuan tried to put away the bodies of people who turned into coke again, only to find that those bodies turned into flying ashes as soon as they touched them, and the most painful thing for those players who turned into coke was that they were wearing equipment and this spell turned into a pile of garbage, which even the best craftsmen could not repair.
Fortunately, Chen Kai promised them to let them choose suitable things from the found mage equipment and other professional equipment. These things have been kept in the backpacks and equipment of several captains of Chen Kai, and almost all the fighting team members have survived this time, except for a few who are still being rescued by the priest. The injuries of others are not very serious.
A team leader always has one thing to do to save his life, such as lying in bed and being rescued by several priests. Almost every time, Hager Lanlanlu has to die, and his health has dropped to a little. As a result, a piece of equipment has regained its vitality at ten o’clock after a flash of magical stimulation.
The tenacity of that vitality reminds everyone of the Magic Association. Xiaoqiang was found in those cabinets to be even stronger than Xiaoqiang. Chen Kai didn’t have the magic equipment that made him so strong. That equipment was simply a life-saving weapon.
It’s a pity that no matter from which point of view, that equipment is as blood-bound as Chen Kai’s sword, and it is impossible to change to a new owner.
"That’s right! How about cleaning up our bodies? " Ll to hang his thigh on a high rope Xu Fei asked.
"Well! Most of the bodies have been collected, but there is no way to collect those in the garden. When we killed those four assholes, those bodies absorbed too much filth and were completely dismembered! " Xu Fei bit his bread and answered Chen Kai’s question. The so-called collection of bodies is to get all the bodies together and let them naturally become small urns.
Of course, the so-called urn is also a need for harmony. In the bloody mode, these bodies will remain until their original owners are resurrected. These bodies will gradually become light spots and disappear into the air. Of course, there will still be some bones left on the ground where they fought.
As time goes by, these bones will gradually disappear or be contaminated by foul gas and become new monsters, and the bones left by the players will become dead creatures.
The so-called corpse is a saying that the player’s body is contaminated with filth before being resurrected. Generally speaking, the corpse will not affect the player’s resurrection, but it will become a new monster, a skeleton creature or a zombie with flesh and blood.
Of course, most of the time, there are more creatures that become skeletons. After all, it takes a little more force to push the body to move than just push the bones to move. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the dead creatures will be weaker after covering the body, but the zombies covering the body are stronger than the skeleton creatures.
Even bronze zombies are stronger than black iron skeleton creatures. This is not only because they can benefit from dark forces, but also because they absorb dark forces for a long time and make their bodies hard.
Compared with skeletal creatures, zombies have two layers of defenses and fewer weaknesses, but the conditions for zombie generation are more difficult than those of skeletal creatures. The concentration of pollution required for their resurrection is enough to turn several corpses into skeletal creatures.
The best way to deal with the corpse of a player is to burn it, but then the player’s equipment may be lost after resurrection. If the player’s corpse equipment is taken and burned, the player may have no equipment after resurrection.
Therefore, Chen Kai, they can watch the bodies being further dismembered, and then the door panels removed from other mage rooms temporarily sealed the door. Those doors infiltrated with magic materials can prevent the foul smell from leaking out, which is why Chen Kai, they see a little foul smell outside the garden.
If Chen Kai had known what was going on inside earlier, their losses would not have been so great. The most important thing is that the death shock wave is intelligent, and the biological means of death is more vicious than Chen Kai’s expectation that he would directly sacrifice his own similar sacrifice to the source of spell display and then take away more than 40 lives at once.
Chen Kaili grabbed and found an emblem from the skeleton arcane master. According to the statement that there are only a dozen mages left, the emblem can only be obtained from the spell association when the senior mage is about to be promoted to mentor. Of course, it is not this point but the name of the emblem. After Chen Kai looked at it several times, he found that the emblem was written in vain, which made Chen Kai feel strange.