At this time, the soul-eater is also a little confused. His understanding of Ye Zhang has reached a deeper level after that battle. Now, the three major rules conflict. Now, Zhang Ye’s strength and soul-eater have a good understanding of this. If Ye Zhang wants to collect some PK and fight something, the soul-eater will definitely report contempt.

In addition to fighting, there are other things, so the soul-eater suddenly realized that perhaps Ye Zhang’s main purpose today is to buy something that looks like a wonderful trick in the eyes of other players
And there are many such things as soul-eating and blood wolves.
"accompany me to longque imperial city"
Dan medicine is no longer in great demand for soul eater. Although his attribute has not reached 25 combat effectiveness, it is almost the same.
As soon as soul-eating entered the Dragon Bird Imperial City, in addition to having already heard about the players, soul-eating also saw several other well-known players who came to the blood wolf with him almost at the same time, and even behind them, there were days when they would run fiercely.
"It seems that at the end of the whirlwind, you are all enchanted."
No one answered the soul-eating words. It was foolish to express one’s mind at this time. Several of them smiled and walked towards the city together in a friendly manner.
Chapter one hundred and fourteen In a word for you
"Big whirlwind, can I exchange this thing for you?"
Suddenly, a sound suddenly calmed the boiling scene, and the blood wolf figure caused several players to watch, and this thing in his hand made Ye Zhang feel a shock.
It turned out to be a mending god jade!
The blood wolf actually got this thing. From the appearance and color, it should be Bibo Emerald, and this thing allows the player to have the flashy rule. Another rule will be that the player has not cultivated the strongest power before the triple force.
The theory of supplementing the attributes of the jade of the gods can be seen at the same time, so it is not an unknown thing, but Ye Zhang turned white in an instant
Maybe the blood wolf has more than one jade to make up the gods. Maybe he has already seen the charm value, and the charm value of 1 is not too far away during his running in Ye Zhang. That’s why the blood wolf will trade this thing.
Ye Zhang really didn’t expect that there would be a mending deity jade among the trading goods before setting up a stall, and this thing Ye Zhang has a sea hand and a blood wolf hand, and there may be two mending deity jade in this way. Is it that it has already appeared in the middle of weeping?
Ye Zhang hesitated a little, so that the blood wolf and many players turned their eyes to Ye Zhang. The blood wolf naturally knew that Ye Zhang also had a deep understanding of mending the jade of the gods, and at this time his mood was relaxed. Before he came, he was worried that Ye Zhang would refuse this thing as no waste.
"Ye Zhang, we are old friends. The blood wolf thing is not urgent. Look at me. I am also changing you!"
Tian Benlie came out, and this thing in his hand is called the Nine-Day Robe, and this is the first time that Ye Zhang saw the unique equipment in the Tears of Heaven, and this equipment is also hidden gold. In addition to the three attribute bonuses, Zhang Ye especially values the active effect of the Nine-Day Robe, and can gain an additional damage percentage bonus by releasing a certain amount of xuanshi in the battle.
Isn’t this active effect the courage of the three yuan!
In a flash, Ye Zhang came for nothing. In fact, the three-dimensional force has already appeared, but the performance is different. He has never been to a high-star deputy and the abode of fairies and immortals, and he has never seen the wild beasts such as road gods. Now it seems that there are still many good things in the tears.
The appearance of mending the heavenly jade and the nine-day robe has once again caused several players to be crazy, but many players have their own views on this transaction in their hearts.
Obviously, it can replace the nine-day robe with a ternary attribute after a charm value of 1, and it can’t be replaced by more advanced equipment in the future. However, the magical power is an intelligent cultivation, which will be real and will be used in every battle in the future. Its cost performance is beyond doubt
"What about you? Take out everything!"
Ye Zhang had already gone to glad you came at this time, and he set his eyes on several people, such as Leng Zui and Ye Arrogant I, and these outstanding people who also cried in heaven must have their own opportunities.
Leng Zui hesitated. He looked a little struggling. He entered the Dilong Universe too early, and his attributes were frozen. When he discovered this problem, it was too late. Now he needs more powerful external means to make up for the attribute gap.
Of course, Leng Zui doesn’t know that there are five attributes at this time to get higher attributes by killing opponents, otherwise it is estimated that he would have given up.
"Big whirlwind, I don’t know what this thing is. Look at it."
Leng Zui took out this thing, which made the blood wolf and soul-eater show surprise and vacant expression. This is a white stone, which looks a bit like some special metal material, and this material makes Ye Zhang stunned because he has seen too many of this material in Buddhist temples and the future scientific and technological world.
However, this kind of thing is also unknown to Ye Zhang. If Leng Zui needs Dan medicine, Ye Zhang can exchange Dan medicine with him, but Ye Zhang can apologize and refuse at this time.
At this time, Ye Zhang turned his attention to the fact that he hasn’t spoken. He grinned.
"Why do you eat your soul? Don’t you want to change something?"
After hearing Ye Zhang’s words, soul-eating hesitated a mouthful of way
"I don’t change things, but I need a word from you. If you promise to give me a definite answer, then this thing belongs to you!"
The soul-eating answer once again set off an atmosphere. He actually wanted to trade a word from Ye Zhang’s mouth. When several players turned their eyes to this thing in the hands of the soul-eating, even Ye Zhang was shocked this time.
Nine swords turned out to be nine swords, so he got nine swords, which he had never heard of.
Sword forgiveness
Soul-eating gets this peerless feat but doesn’t practice it by himself. It is because he lacks weapons that can launch nine swords, and nine swords need different effects to cooperate with each other, but it is difficult for a single nine swords to exert particularly strong strength.
"What do you want to know, soul eater?"
Ye Zhang agreed to the deal when he said that he was suspicious, but Ye Zhang hesitated to get it at the end and added.
"Your nine swords are also peerless in my eyes. You can match the final value. Don’t you really want to exchange them?"
Soul-eating shook his head and smiled, and then set his eyes on Ye Zhang’s face to see that he didn’t need the end. Maybe he had practiced a magic skill, or maybe he cooperated with the end. But at this time, Ye Zhang felt dignified. He knew that soul-eating would give him an answer. It must be not simple.
However, in the eyes of several players, the whirlwind is simply making a lot of money. What is the difference between this and getting a peerless feat in vain? At this time, the market scene has already set off a climax. When the players saw with their own eyes that Ye Zhang took over the sword forgiveness from the soul-eating hand, the crashing noise suddenly sounded one after another.