Didn’t LeBron James score 5 points just to say that other players didn’t contribute?

At the same time, it is not surprising that Dadan also believes that the Cavaliers’ opponents in the first two rounds are not as easy and comfortable as themselves, but what about their opponents behind them?
The Cavaliers’ line problem is not obvious when most teams play, but Brand is stable, but he is a little too stable. He can contribute 17 points stably to any opponent, but the Cavaliers’ line is often defeated by opponents in several popular matches recognized by the league.
Throw away the last Celtic game in the regular season (the one in which the Green Army made preparations for the playoffs). The Cavaliers Clippers, Lakers, Magic and Celtics fought against each other. 3. Two of them lost to the Lakers, Clippers, Celtics and Magic, and whether they won or lost, they scored less than their opponents.
In this game, everyone bet on James’s large triple double, but no one noticed that there was also a guy in the Celtics who completed the same triple double data without saying a word. That guy was Rajon Rondo.
Rondo scored 14 points, 1 rebound and 15 assists in this game. Unconsciously, this young point guard, who has been hiding in the wings of the Big Three, has got twice triple-double data in the playoffs, and Rondo has had four triple-double data performances in the regular season. He is the player who has got the most triple-double times in the league except Ji Guo Chou He James and tied with Kidd for four times.
Kenny Smith believes that Rondo, a young point guard, has wisdom that doesn’t match his age. In the eyes of excellent players, basketball is like slow-motion playback, and that’s what he has seen since the first day Rondo became a point guard.
In the first scene of the Eastern Conference Finals, Gatt moved a chair in front of Rondo and kept saying …
Rondo is staring at kg or nodding his head. He greedily absorbs the wisdom of the game.
Kenny Smith found it hard to imagine that such an excellent student should be labeled as untraditionable in college?
Rondo himself is hard to believe, but that’s the way it is. In Kentucky, Rondo’s style of play has been incompatible with the coach’s strict tactical requirements for two years. Many people accuse Rondo of being untrained before the draft, and Rondo has to answer this question for every manager.
"I don’t even know where this concept came from. Maybe I played as a substitute in a game, maybe because of that game, but in fact, our team has two sets of starters. The day before, we were badly beaten by another team, and then I was replaced from the starting lineup. I don’t know if my ranking was affected by this, but many teams asked me this question during the interview."
This is Rondo’s own explanation, but many teams agree that his personality will make him difficult in the nba. No coach likes disobedient brother.
However, the Celtics did not hesitate. Danny Anji, the best manager, bought the No.21 draft from the Suns and chose Rajon Rondo.
Angie said, "I heard his story and watched his game. I can see that he had differences with the coach. In college, he didn’t listen to the coach’s instructions, but I don’t think it’s just because he was a disobedient child. Rondo did it because he was stubborn, because he couldn’t play the ball the way he wanted. I don’t think it’s irreversible. Rondo is very talented. After meeting him, we firmly believe that we will get along well. Doug trained Rondo very well. Rajon has matured a lot. He understands the difference between being trained and being criticized."
"They say I don’t learn from discipline, in a way, but I agree with those really great players and coaches, such as Lei kg and PP. I learned a lot in Celtic."
Rondo answered the reporter’s questions very frankly, and he also expressed his attitude. He was willing to listen to the teachings and opinions of the real strong.
Ps’s new "I am a God-level avatar" has a style similar to a relaxed and humorous route with some blood. This is the first time that a still life has tried to classify the inadequacies outside the competition. Please come out.
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Chapter five hundred and thirteen This is strategy
On May 22nd, the Los Angeles Clippers and Spurs will play each other in World War II and be interviewed by the media before the game.
The whole fourth quarter of a game is like a nightmare for the Clippers. The Clippers barely shot without rhythm in the fourth quarter. Old Deng Liwei called these shots "very stupid decisions" after the game.
Obviously, we didn’t grasp the opportunity ourselves. We got a good chance to win this game in the first three quarters, but from the end of the third quarter, we suddenly became unable to play ball. We have never encountered such a situation, as if we suddenly fell into hell.
Old Deng Liwei played a game like this. "I have always stressed that we must play more purposefully when attacking. It is really not good to learn from the opposite side, but many times our offensive irregularities have not shown the integrity that a mature team should have. Those poor shooting choices cost us the game."
Ji Guoqiu said, "I went back to watch the video of the game. We have always maintained a very positive attitude, so we took the initiative. At that time, we thought we should win because we had physical strength in the fourth quarter, but in the end we lost. We should not be too optimistic. Today, we will correct our mistakes and never relax again. We will come back for the game today! We will work hard! Work hard! Try harder! "
Spurs Ginobili said before the game, "We seized the opportunity. My ankle is still sore. Maybe I can’t play for long, but I won’t have surgery now. After that, we will be eliminated or win the championship. Finally, I want to say that I am glad that our opponent is the Clippers. Our team has been waiting for this day for a year."
Ji Guo was ashamed of burying his face in silence before the game, but the more he buried his face, the more the reporter felt that something was wrong. Finally, the reporter missed the trail. The reporter found that Fox’s face seemed to have a paw print similar to Yao’s original scar …
"You asked me what happened to my face? Of course, I was scratched by a cat. You should know that I like cats. They are cute. "
"Your girlfriend didn’t come to watch your game today and this wound doesn’t look like a cat scratch?"
The reporters didn’t believe him, saying that the dead fox was full of doubts.
"My girlfriend didn’t come here and I was scratched by a cat? If it wasn’t the cat scratching, was it my girlfriend scratching? "
As soon as Ji Guo’s voice fell, the reporters nodded and said that’s what happened. Do you still want to play dumb?
"For the last time, this is the cat scratching me and refusing to answer this question."
Ji Guo was ashamed to face the reporter’s question, and soon he played a dark scold in Lai Xin’s heart. "That smelly bitch is really old and handsome. If she broke her face, wouldn’t she be able to hook up with a little girl again?" Bitch must think so. "
Taylor Swift didn’t come to watch the game today, except for yesterday, when she found out that he had secretly stolen many island movies, and she was furious.
"Bastard, I’m Jian Huang. Recently, there are a few movies on my website, and I have to check what they are."
Ji Guo feels very embarrassed. What’s wrong with watching two blockbusters to study?
Where do you usually get those difficult moves if you don’t learn posture?
How can you forget the digger when you are draught?
"I support you!"
Ji Guoqiu replied in his mind that learning posture is normal.
The clippers came out today, and the fans are more enthusiastic than yesterday. They agree with Ji Guo’s shame that the first game was just to increase suspense, and they will definitely beat the Spurs again to reach the finals.
Before the game, the old Deng Liwei players on the sidelines finally mobilized-
"In the past five years, everyone knows that the style of the Spurs has not changed much. The next game is not only a contest between our two teams, but also a battle in which one of us won’t make mistakes. If we can’t play our best, if we can’t reduce our mistakes, we will go further. Defense is the most important thing. In the first quarter, we will defend firmly and then speed up the offensive pace."
Old Deng Liwei knows that this round of the series is definitely not easy to play the Spurs to restrain them. If Ginobili is not injured, they will be more passive.
Therefore, their own advantages must be fully exerted, that is, "defense". The defense of the two brothers must withstand the attack of the Spurs, which is the key to their victory.
The fans are enthusiastic, and the Clippers players are also very eager to win today. The first unexpected fiasco made the defending champion lose face.
So after the game, the Clippers quickly entered the state, and Chou He Billups respectively attacked and won the Clippers’ 5 lead.
Ji Guo’s shame game 1 was the same as yesterday’s Wolf King. The defensive end hit Duncan’s basket fiercely and took the stone Buddha to the floor.
This dangerous move almost caused a conflict between the two teams. The referee awarded Ji Guoshi a technical foul, which was his third technical foul in the playoffs.
Duncan fell to the floor and was not injured. This year, the stone Buddha lost weight, and this knee can still resist. After Duncan took a deep look at Ji Guo’s shame, the fox just died and made Duncan feel very dissatisfied.
Ji Guoqiu knew that the dead fox was in a bad mood today, and he was probably still angry. Taylor Swift didn’t come to the game because of a little thing.
Duncan hit a penalty, and then hit the national enemy in the low post and scored 3 points. The team played a round of 6 counterattacks and the Spurs took the lead.
Billups was in good shape today, then hit a strong three-pointer, then broke through the basket and scored five points, and the Clippers led the Spurs by four points.
Jamison’s left wing hit a 3-point mark, and Ji’s national humiliation was shaken up. The former made an easy shot.
Old Deng Liwei doesn’t feel right either. It’s not like a dead fox to defend like this
However, Ji Guo’s shame was not quite right, but other Clippers players played well today. Billups finally missed the shot after hitting three goals in a row, but Ji Guo’s hatred pulled the basketball out. Afraro received another three-pointer from the basketball and hit it firmly this time.
The Spurs fell into a scoring drought in the middle of the first quarter because Vicky called a timeout and scolded the team for defense.
As a result, after the game resumed, the Spurs’ defense was a little better, but suddenly they didn’t score points, and * * Vicky roared on the sidelines.
Ji Guo was ashamed of a foul in the middle of the first quarter when he was fighting for rebounds, which made him have to rest in the frontcourt for two fouls. Today, he played really badly.
Old Deng Liwei didn’t criticize him or take a reason. He let Ji Guo shame himself to adjust.
Jeffries, the Clippers, changed his discipline and humiliated the country. The old new york general did a good job. It didn’t take long to build Parker, and an offensive foul showed his value.
However, in the face of jamison’s attack, jeffries did not have much way to bully jeffries, who frequently fell to a low position and stormed the first quarter and scored 12 points for the Spurs’ highest scoring player.
Billups scored 1 point in the first quarter, and the national enemy scored 1 point. The Clippers still led by 242 at the end of the first quarter.
After the second quarter, the old Deng Liwei directly changed discipline and national humiliation, and the little Jordan line combined two teams to attack several times each.
Spurs Finley hit Uduka’s corner with two free throws and hit a 3-pointer. Spurs’ substitutes once again dominated the wind, and soon 226 chased the difference to two points.
Crawford finally broke out. Today, the Clippers did not perform well. Crawford broke the basket twice in a row, and his speed and breakthrough ability hit the Spurs’ uncle array.