Wei Yixiao ha ha a smile "but chivalrous but also need martial arts excellence".

Peng Yingyu nodded. "Yes, I think that’s why Zhang Zhenren likes this little thing."
Now that they heard Qi Yufeng say so, the banquet was stopped immediately, and they all went out to prepare for the rotary barracks to implement the plan of standings.
The cloth bag monk couldn’t help but jokingly ask, "What are you thinking about, Mr. Shi?"
Shi Naian laughed. "King Wuwei’s extraordinary bearing really surprised me. If I were to govern a big country, it would be a piece of cake to make the country compete for profits and make the people enjoy their food. We can have a saint to rule the day and peace, but we have forgotten that since ancient times, the emperor has never failed to defeat the dynasty. Everyone will be the most special one, even I, a self-proclaimed hermit from Jiangxiang Sect."
The cloth bag monk nodded hard and said, "It’s true that people are often sober when they are in difficulties and hardships, but if there is a beautiful country in front of them, they can recognize that they can’t rule this country for generations. It’s really too rare for a young man."
Shi Naian laughed. "Are we awake? In recent years, the momentum has been good. I think all the generals in the army have also made plans to promote themselves to a higher position and make a fortune. "
The cloth bag monk couldn’t say, "It’s human nature, but it’s understandable …" He walked out of the hall and looked up at the high hall and sighed, "I’m really looking forward to how far I can go in Wuwei to rule China."
Everyone joined the army camp field and then darted a good soldier to practice in front of Qi Yufeng. This Xiliang army has Yang Yuanhai’s practice and a Sanshou lance. After many years of fighting, it is the first tiger and wolf soldier in the world
And Qi Yufeng’s previous small hair theory is hot air balloon or canned or clay pots and black powder grenades, etc. At this time, the troops are also assigned to make the Xiliang army March and fight even more powerful
Immediately after the drill, it was already in the evening, and everyone was burning the midnight oil to play the marching map, so they thought about cracking most of Li Siqi’s plans
Yang Yuanhai was ready for this, and immediately gushed out a set of plans. He told Tian to dart, Shi Zong, Shi Xiu, Duan Sixie, Du Bai and others at this time, and they all became a party. They said that they were in full swing.
Qi Yufeng has been fighting in that place in the west for hundreds of years, and he has also learned a lot of Persian methods of fighting. At this time, the Persians will be guarding the city, shelling the ranks and disposing of the army together, and everyone can’t help but applaud when they hear the beauty.
They said it until the early hours of the morning, and repeatedly pushed the whole plan, and felt that they could push it again before they scattered.
Qi Yufeng, accompanied by Tian Zaibao, slowly walked back to his bedroom, only to find that none of them appeared on this day, whether it was Cao Cai Xiao, Han Yuniang, Duan Qiang slave or Shi Xiangling, whether they were greeted or sent to the temple, and none of them saw him as if they had an appointment.
He looked back at Tian Zaibao behind him and thought for a long time. After all, there was still no exit until he came to sleep. He shook his head with a wry smile and said, "I don’t want to see you."
But after sleeping for more than half an hour, Qi Yufeng got up early and didn’t disturb others, so he came to Chang ‘an market.
After the Xiliang Army conquered Yinchuan, it went all the way eastward. When the Chang ‘an garrison heard about it, it fled overnight. Chang ‘an was not destroyed. After the Xiliang Army arrived in Chang ‘an, it was hosted by five people, including Yang Yuanhai and Agai, and the old city destroyed after the Tang Dynasty was gradually rebuilt.
At this time, the Chang ‘an city wall is more than four feet high and the thickness is greater than the height. It can be said that it is as stable as the top of the gable. There are four gates: Changle in the west, Anding in the south, Yongning in the north and Anyuan in the north. Each gate tower has triple gates, arrow towers and main buildings.
The main building is more than ten feet high, resting on the top of the mountain, with three layers of double eaves and cloisters at the bottom, surrounded by antique and magnificent.
The city wall includes a series of military facilities, such as moat, suspension bridge, gate building, arrow tower, main building, turret building, watchtower, parapet wall, crib mouth, etc. There are corner walls at each corner of the city wall, a moat is built outside the city wall, and there are more than 5,000 cribs for archery and a low wall on the lookout side to prevent soldiers from falling when walking.
The city wall is built with an enemy platform every 40 feet, and the top of the city wall is flat. This is designed to shoot enemies who climb the city. The distance between the enemy platforms is just half of the effective range of the bow and arrow, which is convenient for shooting the siege enemy from the side. There are 90 enemy platforms in the city wall, and all of them have garrisoned enemy towers.
Qi Yufeng couldn’t help secretly nodding his head when he saw this, saying that the army of Xiliang could have such ability. The monarch of Agai was really talented, and it seems that these people did manage Chang ‘an as the capital city in the future, making it like an iron drum.
His tower returned to the market, and the sun was rising at this time, but he saw the houses, the buildings, the streets and the shops, and the splendid scene was stronger than what he saw all the way, not only a few wars, but also like the prosperity of later generations.
See the Red Chamber Painting Pavilion embroidered with Zhumen Carved Cars competing in the steeds to compete for high cabinets, paving all the foreign bodies of Chen Qi goods; Tea house and wine shop, but seeing huazhu shoes is really full of flowers and drums; Jin Cui Yao ri Luo Qi Piaoxiang
There have been several resplendent restaurants on both sides of the very wide road, and there are people at the door who can’t stop greeting guests for dinner.
Qi Yufeng strolled to the strip for half a day, and suddenly he heard the noise and applause from the people in front of him. He looked around at a lot of people who didn’t know what they were looking at. He was curious and looked into the crowd, but he saw a car that couldn’t stop coming in and strolled around. The whole lane was blocked up, and it took a lot of trouble to lift the car off the street.
Qi Yufeng, but seeing that the small car is surrounded by a large group of colorful girls, he can’t help but be curious and say that this family can afford so many beautiful girls?
He didn’t ask each other when he heard a cold noodle vendor in a corner nearby saying, "Did you hear that Wang Wuwei has returned from overseas? We are going to establish a country in Xiliang. These women are all selected from good families and sent to the palace as maids?"
When he heard this, a seller beside him curled his mouth and said, "I don’t know what’s so hot about these people. Aren’t the four nuns in Xiliang who are skilled in martial arts and as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade? Can their daughters find favor when they enter the palace?"
A bacon seller around them heard here and put a long knife to cut the donkey’s leg and walked over. "Let’s four empresses say that it’s really beautiful and kind, and it’s even more rare. So belle doesn’t envy sisters for being happy. She often spins around our market like sisters and buys our bacon. Did the ancients say that Qi Renfu should be here? Really envy me. "
There used to be a sugar-coated gourd vendor walking around me. When I heard this, I laughed. "Anyway, your surname is Qi Xiang, and you didn’t do so much."
Selling bacon is not angry and smiling at this. "I don’t have that blessing. You see, our report didn’t come back yesterday, and today it recruited so many people into the palace? What does this make the four Empresses think? "
"Let’s this a few empress that’s not a good photo generation, if you want me to say, it’s the historian empress’s nature and some other three, which are all hot-tempered. Not only can Ma Zhimin kill the enemy in an array, but how many times have he played in this street? Speaking of it, our Qi Wang Ye is also very poor."
He said that he could not help but shake his head and sigh, and then continued to pick up the knife to cut the donkey leg on the chopping board.
The more Qi Yufeng listened to it, the more Xuanji said that I was not at home. In recent years, you four have given all your birthrights? And is there anyone who recruits maids into the palace and into that palace?
So you’re thinking about how to be a queen without fighting the country?
He thought of this in his heart, but he was unhappy. Who bought these women from poor places there?
Just then, I heard a tofu seller ask, "The king of Wuwei is said to be greedy. He sat in the temple yesterday and thought of eating oat noodles before waiting for the civil and military officials to shout for three years. He said that people were so hungry that they couldn’t sleep when they thought of the smell of oat noodles in the middle of the night when they were fighting overseas. Do you think that the four empresses often come to the people to enjoy themselves? Will he come here these days?"
After he said this, several people around him cried and became alert. A pair of eyes whirled around in front of him. The candied haws sold sneered, "Boss Yang, what are you doing looking for the whereabouts of King Wuwei? Your daughter is somewhat beautiful in our streets, and she is looking forward to climbing the branches to be a phoenix?"
"I said, don’t be wishful thinking. Look at how many beautiful girls circled in front of King Wuwei just now. With you … Hum!"
Yang Lao da hey hey smiled. "I don’t have the mind to pay taxes lightly, and I can’t afford to keep a girl. Besides, this matchmaker in my Chinese cabbage has stepped on the threshold. I still worry that she can’t get married." When my parents find an honest score for their daughter, how can they push her into the fire pit? "
"And I heard that the king of Wuwei brought back a Persian beauty when he returned from overseas. It is said that what taught the daughter of the Persian patriarch to be a bigwig in the future? Well, who might it be?" He shook his head here and added, "The Korean empress also praised my tofu flower for being tender. This is going to kill you."
"I’m not worried!" Suddenly, a sharp woman came to the side of Hele, which startled all the vendors.
Qi Yufeng turned to look, but saw a teenager wearing a gray cloth and linen shirt with a black fur hat on his head. "He" bowed his head and ate noodles, and no one noticed. At this time, he put the sea bowl up and pointed to several people and shouted, "You guys do business well and talk about what other people do. If that surname Qi hears you, don’t you cut your tongue?"
They carefully identified her appearance, her lips were red, her teeth were white, her eyes were delicate and charming, her eyes were dark, and she showed two rows of shiny white teeth. Who was it but Han Yuniang?
The vendors recognized the man and panicked, "I don’t know if the empress is a villain here."
Han Yu Niang impatiently said, "What’s the death penalty? What’s the crime? Everyone is an old acquaintance. I can still kill you. How can you say that it’s not a fake family? It’s not like being an emperor. I have forgotten my old friend for a long time." Here, her face was bitter and flat, as if she were about to cry.
Boss Yang, who sells tofu, hurriedly scooped up a bowl of tofu flowers to please Han Yuniang and said, "I heard that King Wuwei fought a lot of hard battles in the past, and he was also a man of iron and steel. How can this be?"
Han Yuniang said angrily, "What does this have to do with the clanking of iron bones? He welcomed a Xifan girl back in front of so many people. Do you think this is ungrateful, morally corrupt and abandoned?"
Boss Yang heard that he couldn’t help choking, but looking at Han Yuniang’s eyes and looking at himself, he could crustily skin of head and nodded and said, "Is it a bit …"
Han Yuniang patted the console table and said, "What do you mean a little? Isn’t this the same as singing Chen Shimei in the opera? It’s time for Bao Longtu’s dog head hay cutter to click and click, don’t you think? "
Boss Yang saw four people chasing and talking about the sedan chair, and too many people immediately nodded "Yes" here.
Han Yuniang looked at several other vendors one after another and asked, "Don’t you think so?"
Other vendors look at me and I look at you, and you all nod, "Yes, King Wuwei is really sorry for the girl."
Han Yuniang sighed faintly and said, "It’s a pity that his eyes have won wu-tang clan and Zhang Zhenren. I can’t beat him."
The seller looked at Han Yuniang’s clothes carefully, but she was dressed as a man and carried a package. She quickly asked, "What is that girl?"
Han Yuniang said, "I can’t afford to hide if I can’t provoke him. Now I’ll leave so that his generation can’t find me!"
Qi Yufeng couldn’t help frowning when he saw Han Yuniang talking in the street. "Where are you hiding from me?"
Han Yuniang’s eyes looked at him, and tears welled up in her dark eyes. She cried, "Listen to this. Just now, people said that you are cruel and heartless. We waited for you for three years. You came back and brought back a delicate girl, Qi Yufeng, without asking …"